Love is for fools~

Sunday, 5 May 2013


I realize I haven't whinged about work for a long time. Does it mean I am starting to enjoy my work? No!! I am not one of the lucky ones who resonate with their jobs, but those who are overwhelmed by the workload (nah, it's just me who is not efficient) and have become numb... Sure, there are scandals in the industry (a married woman seducing a married ang moh but i am not involved), however, such news do not keep me excited for long...

Oblivious. Zombified. Solidified. Crystalized. Uninspired.

Inspire me please.

P.S. Hmmmm, the guy in dark blue t-shirt and off-white shorts who sat next to me on the MRT earlier on looks yummy... Dark and long defined legs, heat radiating off his arm, the waves jumping off his elbow... Could I be thawing already?! Jeez


  1. I wonder if it was me sitting next to you...i was wearing that outfit the other day

  2. if u need further thawing, even upping the fahrenheit to boiling point, i think i can bring the heat, aal! much love and kisses your way! hot bod! zumba much? hw do u keep tt bod lkg for fine? honestly?