Love is for fools~

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Time Out

You won't know how delighted I was when you whipped out the condoms, and how much my hands were shaking while I tried to rip open the box (your fault, your inquisitive tongue was exploring my pussy inside out), nor how impressed I was when you tore open the pack and rolled the plastic on in one swift motion. Mini-you was all ready to get acquainted with my lovely lady part ;) Perhaps you held yourself together for too many days, perhaps of my nimble tongue dancing over and sucking on your erection, or maybe because of our passionate kiss as well as mouthful of my cheeky nips, you came apart and cum shortly in the car.

We were reluctant to get dressed, so I laid back on your stomach and gazed upon your face while I stroke the edge of your chin. Although you were enchanted by my large soulful eyes, you couldn't help but shift your attention to my body. You aimed to please, so you had your hands full of me - left hand massaging my boob and a finger of your right sending me over the edge with its experienced strokes. I was also stroking your still-hard dick, which was strategically next to my ear. "Aaahhhhghghaaaah" was an understatement.

Great time-out before we recharged and went for round two! x

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Legs in Air

Although there wasn't much room at the back of the Baron's car, it didn't stop us from jumping each other. His swift hands pushed my legs apart and relieved me of my lacy panties and his tongue did what he promised me he would do - lick me crazy x

His tongue flicked across my clit and over the fat folds of my pussy, sending pleasurable shivers from my centre to the rest of me. He also inserted his tongue further up my pussy while his hands busied themselves with cupping and kneading my ass cheeks.

His finger found its way to my pussy and slipped in and out of my increasingly wet lady part while his tongue focused on teasing my clit. Eventually, I felt my pussy being stretched by two fingers because those two were flicking and rubbing against the inside wall, the feeling so intense that I trembled and moaned as the sensation ripping through me.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Back By Popular Demand

Blood boiling
Temperature going through the thermometer
Stressed to the max
Clothes hit the floor x

Sunday, 18 November 2012


You walk into the living area of the suite we shared, wanting to go through some paperwork. You stop in mid sentence, noticing I am not at my usual spot on the couch. The door to my room is ajar and curiosity got the better of you. You step into my room, only to find files and paper scatter across the king size bed, which is slightly unmade, suggesting I have been snuggling under the thick covers at some stage. The sound of water catches your attention, so you tiptoe towards the bathroom and peeped inside.

The shower curtain is transparent therefore you can still see my silhouette amidst the steam and the water vapour clinging onto the curtain - my wet dark hair, curvy body and perky ass. You continue to observe while I work up the lather and rub it all over my body, the nape of my neck, the swell of my breasts, the small of my back down my firm butt cheeks and not forgetting the folds between my legs. I lean forward to reach my feet, hitching up my bottom and the move brings more blood towards your groin, not that it hasn't come to life within your pants.

Your mind drift off and you subconsciously unzip your trousers and whip out your growing member. While you continue to stroke yourself, I turn off the shower, wrap myself with a crisp towel and step out into the bedroom, only to come face to face with you - my cleansed skin glistening with moisture, wet hair still plastered to the edge of my face, cheeks still blushing from the heat in the shower, or maybe it is due to the fact that you are standing in my room with your tool in your right hand and the look on your face, as if you want to devour me there and then ;p

What will you do, lucky bastard? x

Sunday, 11 November 2012


The Baron was definitely up to some mischief last night. He came to pick me up and as soon as I was in his car, he leaned over for a kiss. His lips and hands didn't stop there, but continued exploring other areas, even my unexposed flesh. As his lips travelled down my neck, his expert fingers had already found their next target, my nips. He had slipped his right hand underneath my top and pulled down my bra to expose the perky little thing. He began fondling my left boob and kneaded the attention seeker. He wanted to meet my boobs hence he pulled up my top and admired them, which had fallen out of the cups, with the nips standing at attention and staring back at him. He took the left breast into his mouth and played with nip while he cupped the other with his hand. I leaned my head back and thrust my torso towards him while I run my fingers through his stiff hair, not that I have a lot of boobs to let him bury his head in.

All these while he had been vigilant and kept and eye out for passersby. Not that anyone came close to where we were packed in the brightly-lit lot, but since I was hungry (for food), he released my tits, rearranged my top and pulled out of the lot. We grabbed a beverage and some munchies at an eatery next to a park while we chatted about everything and anything.

The self-professed nerd took my hand and wanted to go exploring the dark park after he'd satisfied my tummy. Time to satisfy his burning desire, which he could barely contain while he was talking. He was always touching my thigh and had his chair close to me so that he could whisper into my ear and inhale my scent. We were surprised at the number of people still at the park at that hour, hence we retreated to his car parked close to the eatery. We picked up from where we left off - his hands immediately went for the pair of boobs while his lips took mine. He leaned down to eat my nip and he began massaging my thigh.

"What are you doing?"

"You said there's an ache between your legs. I am trying to relieve it."

The gentle massage was just a beginning. He didn't mind that I was still menstruating a little so he unbutton my jeans and found my clit. God, that man was experienced. Although he started off a little too harsh, but he lightened his pressure and the circling on my sensitive spot made me purred with pleasure. I showed him a little of my savage side and sucked on his lips hard when he hit the right spot, without much directions! I mirrored him and undid his bottom in order to say hello to his crown jewels finally. Time to give the set of fat balls and reactive rod a tour of my mouth. I scooped his balls and dick out of his pants and underwear and ran my hand up and down the shaft. He surprised me by inserting his thick finger into my pussy and that brought a yelp put of me. That feeling was sensational... I was sure he only had one finger in my love hole, but it felt like he had filled me up completely. He sped up and I was momentarily lost in the world of pleasure, so much that all I did was moan and dig my nails into his strong shoulders and held on to the base of his tool.

He brought me back to earth by pulling his finger out of my pussy and went back to massaging my clit. I remember what I wanted to do to his dick before the mind-boggling distraction and did it - put mini-Baron in my mouth. He's made of steel so he didn't really verbalize his feelings. But he did reciprocate and popped his finger into my pussy again. "Ah!!" I released his dick from my mouth and moaned loudly before I went back to sucking him, much harder. It had become a competition to see who could make other party cum first. We shall see who wins the next time we loose our clothes completely ;)

Friday, 9 November 2012


*cough* *sniff* *argh*

It isn't a fun combination, coughing like my lungs were about to fly out of my chest with a blocked and occasional-drippy nose and the cloud passing over the moon...

But while I endure the untimely and periodic sufferings, my libido kept up. I continue to conduct stringent reviews on men to identify those who deserves a title on my blog and no exceptions are made for The Baron, despite the identity of his current employer. Sure, his employer scrutinizes all men to ensure they are mentally and physically fit for their roles, but nothing is foolproof; he could turn out to be a serial killer for all I know! Things look quite positive - the impression I have of him, the chemistry between us and the sexual draw that is boiling just beneath the surface...

I was reading erotic stories yesterday and the tingling and ache between my legs became overbearing... It actually kept me up while I imagined how things will be like if he cuffs me and takes me roughly. Or how he will react if I cuff him up while he focused on smooching me and I milk his white soldiers dry xx

Sigh... I may just about combust if this continues.. Or I may just be coming down with fever? Haiz...

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Still Ticklish

I still suspect that Sir Helmet's goatee was the source of my ticklish reactions, but he begged to differ ;D Continual attacks on my nips while assaulting my pussy concurrently x

Thursday, 1 November 2012


Oooooo! Sir Helmet's cum spurted across my belly and breasts! The warmth of the creamy substance shocked me when it hit my body... Any warmer I would see vapours emitting from the cum ;p I wonder if the little soldiers mind the heat heh x