Love is for fools~

Monday, 30 December 2013

A Familiar Scene

Absolutely familiar, because that was how Lord Crimson propped me up while he ate me out under the stars at a certain park earlier this year~~~ Of course, I expressed my gratitude and gobbled up his angry-looking bird, by which he was pretty impressed and was still reeling from the encounter after several days. What a turn on... Oh my, I'm wet again *blushes* 

Haha, awesome finding this picture because a picture speaks a thousand words... x

Fallen off

I thought I could end the year with a bang (with Lord Crimson), but...

I seemed to have fallen off the wagon... I still swore loads in the office, but I seldom had the inspiration to pen my thoughts and feelings down these days. There were still inappropriate comments flying across the room full of men (I still enjoy being the only female in the office, so I will continue to bar any newcomer who is female!), but I guess the Ang Mohs were too much of a (gentle)men to discuss it further in front of me :(

So one of my New Year Resolution is: while I continue to seek The One worth straddling, I will get back onto the Horse and bring you my ernest thoughts and comments! 

Have a wonderful new year ahead!! Happy 2014 x


Tuesday, 24 December 2013


And then things went from hot and intense to cool and distant...

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Bells & Champagne

Office Xmas parties let colleagues unwind after a year of hard work.

Booze and emotions were in the air, and so were electrifying stares.... There was enough current in the eyes and touches from the blond and blue-eyed bulky colleague of mine.... Omg I nearly melted when he exclaimed that he liked my defined pole-dancing arms and tried to wrestle with me. I actually felt shy like a secondary school-virgin with him starring at me when I managed to wrestle out of his mighty MMA grasp :$ 

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Surprise - Part 2

How would you feel if a naked girl lay beneath you with her legs spread open, arms tucked behind her back and moaning? Bam! If you are a hot-blooded male you would be turned on of course. At least Lord Crimson was not insensitive. My arms were starting to loose their feeling, hence he turned me to my left side and released the bright orange strips. Phew now I could breathe easier! It was not easy being tied up :p

With my arms freed, I could lie on the bed properly, but it's improper to not have my dripping hole filled. With the Pink Monster up my pussy once again, my juices was flowing all over the place, so much so Lord Crimson was amazed by how wet the tool was when he inspected it after pulling it out. 

It's time for pleasing me proper and I wasn't disappointed. His huge cock tried to enter my supposedly lubricated hole, however, he was still stuck. I still need some warming up done despite having been drilled by the battery-powered tool. The Lord was gentle with me so he slowly continued to ease into me until the tip of his cock reached my cervix. He pulled out slowly and pushed himself into me, again and again, picking speed as he went, until he was slamming into me, hard. I held on to him and our lips found each other. It was the exact opposite of what was happening down south; we were exploring each other's lips softly, sucking on each lip lightly before engulfing each other. All these while he had been banging me hard and I had been moaning with pleasure whenever I wasn't busy kissing him. 

Now, it was my turn to shower the eager cock with undivided attention while he watched on. I liked giving him a blowjob because he did not smell and he was even neatly groomed on most occassions. The problem was, he's so thick so there's only so much I could eat before gagging. He encourage me to go deeper, but I gagged shortly after. I reckon other stimulants played a part hence I focused on sucking him hard and twirling my tongue around his shaft. 

My saliva was dripping off his angry-looking manhood while I wrapped my wet fingers around him and stimulating him while I tightened the grip of my lips around the mushroom tip. That brought out a series of moans from The Lord; he hadn't cum for a while hence his cock looked even thicker and angrier than usual. I continued sucking on him, with my head bobbing up and down and my left hand giving him a tea-bag. That must have felt really good because his moan suddenly got louder; I liked that response so I continued on and I was rewarded with an explosion of warm, sticky cum that flowed down his shaft. I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of strange smell and stinging taste, so I swallowed his soldiers gleefully and began licking off the rest of the substance from his still erected manhood. 

Yummy ;)

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Surprise - Part 1

Who doesn't like one? Unless it's a nasty one, like shit blowing up in your face at work or something going sour with that someone who mattered.

Lord Crimson had something in store for me, however, I needed to collect it in person. I did not have a problem with it, given I knew it revolved around a toy heh... The thing was - he lived in the basement and it kind of freaked me out... What if he left me in the cupboard after he tied me up or something worse...?

My fears were unfounded. He said hello by lifting up my skirt, slapping my bum and playing with the string on my cheeks. Cheeky huh

We wasted no time and he removed my dress while backing me up against his bed. I flopped onto his bed and wanted to undo his bermudas, however, his focus was clearly on pleasing me first. 

I thought he was going to buy a rod to tie my limbs to, that wasn't the case because he pulled out straps he used for training instead. He rolled me onto my stomach and proceeded to tie my wrists behind the small of my back. It was quite funny about how he moved me around, because I was just rendered useless after he tied me up. So he had to scoop me up from the side of the bed and moved me to the centre and placed the bolster underneath my chest to ensure I could still breathe. After he made sure I was comfortable (as comfortable as a girl can get having her wrists tied together around her back), he pushed my legs and butt cheeks aside and licked my pussy from the back. I could feel his tongue flicking around and it started out as pleasurable. It got better when he inserted his fingers into me and started stimulating me; then inserting two finger(s) and oh the rhythm... It stopped for a while and I didn't know what was going on, until I heard some buzzing and something touched my clit. It's his present to me! 

The bad-ass tool (it's pink!) was rolling over my clit and pussy lips and he slowly inserted it into my pussy, where it continue rolling around inside me. The sensation cannot be described... Maybe this was why girls masturbate instead of fucking a man in person... But not me, I assure you I would rather fuck a man and not a toy, but I'm sure it would be a very good companion as well (man it's not cheap!)

I started moaning and so he sped up, and I moaned even louder because there was a lot going on down there; chicken and egg situation here, magnified by the fact that I could not squirm, I could only arch at best and that gave him even better access to my pussy so he took it as an invitation and stuck the monster even further up my vagina, which prompted more moans... 

Oh my, I went on being lost in it when he decided to pull the toy out and flipped me over. Wow, it's nice to not be on my stomach and great to have my Lord kissing my lips. Not just the lips on my face, but he kissed my nips and fondled them too. Mmmmm that felt wonderful when he placed the vibrating tool into me again while he busied himself with my breasts...