Love is for fools~

Monday, 30 December 2013

A Familiar Scene

Absolutely familiar, because that was how Lord Crimson propped me up while he ate me out under the stars at a certain park earlier this year~~~ Of course, I expressed my gratitude and gobbled up his angry-looking bird, by which he was pretty impressed and was still reeling from the encounter after several days. What a turn on... Oh my, I'm wet again *blushes* 

Haha, awesome finding this picture because a picture speaks a thousand words... x

Fallen off

I thought I could end the year with a bang (with Lord Crimson), but...

I seemed to have fallen off the wagon... I still swore loads in the office, but I seldom had the inspiration to pen my thoughts and feelings down these days. There were still inappropriate comments flying across the room full of men (I still enjoy being the only female in the office, so I will continue to bar any newcomer who is female!), but I guess the Ang Mohs were too much of a (gentle)men to discuss it further in front of me :(

So one of my New Year Resolution is: while I continue to seek The One worth straddling, I will get back onto the Horse and bring you my ernest thoughts and comments! 

Have a wonderful new year ahead!! Happy 2014 x


Tuesday, 24 December 2013


And then things went from hot and intense to cool and distant...

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Bells & Champagne

Office Xmas parties let colleagues unwind after a year of hard work.

Booze and emotions were in the air, and so were electrifying stares.... There was enough current in the eyes and touches from the blond and blue-eyed bulky colleague of mine.... Omg I nearly melted when he exclaimed that he liked my defined pole-dancing arms and tried to wrestle with me. I actually felt shy like a secondary school-virgin with him starring at me when I managed to wrestle out of his mighty MMA grasp :$ 

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Surprise - Part 2

How would you feel if a naked girl lay beneath you with her legs spread open, arms tucked behind her back and moaning? Bam! If you are a hot-blooded male you would be turned on of course. At least Lord Crimson was not insensitive. My arms were starting to loose their feeling, hence he turned me to my left side and released the bright orange strips. Phew now I could breathe easier! It was not easy being tied up :p

With my arms freed, I could lie on the bed properly, but it's improper to not have my dripping hole filled. With the Pink Monster up my pussy once again, my juices was flowing all over the place, so much so Lord Crimson was amazed by how wet the tool was when he inspected it after pulling it out. 

It's time for pleasing me proper and I wasn't disappointed. His huge cock tried to enter my supposedly lubricated hole, however, he was still stuck. I still need some warming up done despite having been drilled by the battery-powered tool. The Lord was gentle with me so he slowly continued to ease into me until the tip of his cock reached my cervix. He pulled out slowly and pushed himself into me, again and again, picking speed as he went, until he was slamming into me, hard. I held on to him and our lips found each other. It was the exact opposite of what was happening down south; we were exploring each other's lips softly, sucking on each lip lightly before engulfing each other. All these while he had been banging me hard and I had been moaning with pleasure whenever I wasn't busy kissing him. 

Now, it was my turn to shower the eager cock with undivided attention while he watched on. I liked giving him a blowjob because he did not smell and he was even neatly groomed on most occassions. The problem was, he's so thick so there's only so much I could eat before gagging. He encourage me to go deeper, but I gagged shortly after. I reckon other stimulants played a part hence I focused on sucking him hard and twirling my tongue around his shaft. 

My saliva was dripping off his angry-looking manhood while I wrapped my wet fingers around him and stimulating him while I tightened the grip of my lips around the mushroom tip. That brought out a series of moans from The Lord; he hadn't cum for a while hence his cock looked even thicker and angrier than usual. I continued sucking on him, with my head bobbing up and down and my left hand giving him a tea-bag. That must have felt really good because his moan suddenly got louder; I liked that response so I continued on and I was rewarded with an explosion of warm, sticky cum that flowed down his shaft. I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of strange smell and stinging taste, so I swallowed his soldiers gleefully and began licking off the rest of the substance from his still erected manhood. 

Yummy ;)

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Surprise - Part 1

Who doesn't like one? Unless it's a nasty one, like shit blowing up in your face at work or something going sour with that someone who mattered.

Lord Crimson had something in store for me, however, I needed to collect it in person. I did not have a problem with it, given I knew it revolved around a toy heh... The thing was - he lived in the basement and it kind of freaked me out... What if he left me in the cupboard after he tied me up or something worse...?

My fears were unfounded. He said hello by lifting up my skirt, slapping my bum and playing with the string on my cheeks. Cheeky huh

We wasted no time and he removed my dress while backing me up against his bed. I flopped onto his bed and wanted to undo his bermudas, however, his focus was clearly on pleasing me first. 

I thought he was going to buy a rod to tie my limbs to, that wasn't the case because he pulled out straps he used for training instead. He rolled me onto my stomach and proceeded to tie my wrists behind the small of my back. It was quite funny about how he moved me around, because I was just rendered useless after he tied me up. So he had to scoop me up from the side of the bed and moved me to the centre and placed the bolster underneath my chest to ensure I could still breathe. After he made sure I was comfortable (as comfortable as a girl can get having her wrists tied together around her back), he pushed my legs and butt cheeks aside and licked my pussy from the back. I could feel his tongue flicking around and it started out as pleasurable. It got better when he inserted his fingers into me and started stimulating me; then inserting two finger(s) and oh the rhythm... It stopped for a while and I didn't know what was going on, until I heard some buzzing and something touched my clit. It's his present to me! 

The bad-ass tool (it's pink!) was rolling over my clit and pussy lips and he slowly inserted it into my pussy, where it continue rolling around inside me. The sensation cannot be described... Maybe this was why girls masturbate instead of fucking a man in person... But not me, I assure you I would rather fuck a man and not a toy, but I'm sure it would be a very good companion as well (man it's not cheap!)

I started moaning and so he sped up, and I moaned even louder because there was a lot going on down there; chicken and egg situation here, magnified by the fact that I could not squirm, I could only arch at best and that gave him even better access to my pussy so he took it as an invitation and stuck the monster even further up my vagina, which prompted more moans... 

Oh my, I went on being lost in it when he decided to pull the toy out and flipped me over. Wow, it's nice to not be on my stomach and great to have my Lord kissing my lips. Not just the lips on my face, but he kissed my nips and fondled them too. Mmmmm that felt wonderful when he placed the vibrating tool into me again while he busied himself with my breasts...

Thursday, 21 November 2013

A Peek

Of what I'd shown Lord Crimson x 

And I have in mind some very naughty things that I'd like to do to him, and his boner... Slurp 

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

AM Controversy

I guess I have screwed it up with him, sigh...

And it stings to realise that I am actually my own worse nightmare. 

I would sign up with Ashley Madison, but I am wary of married or attached men... Seriously, all those talks about wanting the government to ban its launch or block it is a waste of efforts; there has been and will be a million and one ways to stray, should the individual wants to. 

So, will you be impressed if the supposedly-normal girl you meet through online dating website turns out to be as open and daring as I am...??

Monday, 21 October 2013


"That chick is hot!", "Is she married?", "This sounds like a wrongen, *guffaws*", "Fucking cunt!!!"

The above would be an abstract of the nonsense I have to put up with on a daily basis, with the exception of the last one, because I am the one with the swearing record :p

You may think that I'm terribly lucky to have a sausage fest in the office (I am the only female left in the office), but... I cannot seem to work up my enthusiasm, given all of them are either married or attached. I have struck a balance between being slightly flirty and regular, so they can barely feel the difference. However, there has been a change in the availability (and mentality) of some of the guys in the office, and it is becoming more of a concern for me. 

I thought I have seen most of it given this is not my first time being the only girl in the office. However, the recent exchanges on the office are making me feel nauseous and uncomfortable... 

I thought I love exhibiting, but being an animal on exhibition is a different matter altogether. I hate the way he looks at me, the way he circles me, and the gaze that sweeps over me... The way he describes women ("the bum, oh I love bums") turns my stomach too (you can be sure that he has been checking my buns out). Most of all, I hate his ugly face and round body and stubbornness, and his every glance in my direction makes my skin crawls. 

The other one is more bearable, he has just suddenly turned into a complete jerk and just want women for fun. I just want to shake his round form (getting increasingly in shape, because he needs to impress in bed now) until the old self comes back, but I realized he is just reverting to the primitive self. 

Oh my, I don't know if I should continue hating this newly evolved workspace (without the fucking mirror) or stab myself in the eyes and embrace it?! 

Friday, 4 October 2013

Sunday, 29 September 2013


I caught some sun this weekend, but I've got a burnt on my back :( With my arms being increasingly inflexible (over stretched myself during dance classes), I have difficulty rubbing sunblock evenly all over my back. But I have gotten burnt in other areas as well, but that's for another day. 

I'm curious though - do men mind if their ladies are more sexually exposed and experienced than them?

Monday, 23 September 2013

F1 Fever

Courtesy of a follower x I had a wonderful time watching the cars roar by (and underneath; our seats were at the Bay Grandstand where Daniel Ricciardo crashed at Turn 18) and attend Rihanna's concert!! Wohooo~~

Now I am at work feeling like shit, and it sucks that the mirror didn't relocate with me to the new office :S no more office photos urgh

Sunday, 8 September 2013


Lounging on bed, enjoying the new mattress, reflecting upon things, detesting life.

Friday, 30 August 2013


Why does men like threesome? I tried to open myself to that idea, however, I cannot bring myself to like the idea; there's only one dick, so what would the other girl do, sit around n wait for her turn?? I have no interests in stimulating the other girl's clit as well, so I really do not know what I can do during the session...

Call me a fool, but if a guy do not even see me as a Friend with Benefits, then I find it hard to embrace his fetishes.

Sunday, 25 August 2013


I have not seen Lord Crimson for a while so naturally we needed some time to warm up to each other again; he is not the PDA-type anyway, so he only took my dainty fingers into his large palm while we made our way to dinner after the movie.

Sake nearly became the main course and alcohol seemed to be the consistent theme throughout. We popped over to a karaoke-bar and I had to face the dices - I am never good with bar games because I am usually a mess after having a few drinks. True enough, I was ahead with my Erdinger because I kept loosing! The first glass was gone pretty quickly, but I started to get a hang of the game when we progressed to the second beer; Lord Crimson was even leading at some stage! However, Lady Luck wasn't with me after that.

A bet was wagered and my lilac g-string with the butterfly sitting above my ass was at stake. The dices rolled to a stop, however, the winner might not have been decided because it depended on our respective strategies. But he called my bluff and damn! I was caught and sent to the toilet to remove my strings :(

I came back with the strings in my hands, a proof that I did removed them, and I eased myself back onto my stool. It seemed slightly airier, but the differences were not distinct to begin with. Perhaps the airiness made me fearless, or it could be the beer, but the next wager was my lilac bra. I didn't care if I lose it, honestly!

I did lose it though (Hahahaha), but I made the wrong decision for being a smart Alec and slipped the sports bra i had in my bag from my aerial dance training earlier the day over my head. Actually, it would have been ecstatic to have Lord Crimson trying to see the outlet of my nipples pushing against the dress, or him slipping his hand down the collar of my dress and fondling my breasts while we were in a taxi heading to the hotel (I refused to do outdoor during the seventh-month; who knows who might be watching), or even me slipping the off the dress to my waist and have The Lord gazing at my contours at the back of the taxi.... Urgh it got me fired up now!

The sports bra and dress didn't last long anyway, because I'm totally naked within 10 seconds of stepping into the room. He pulled both the bra and dress above my head in one fluid move and since I'd already lost my strings back at the bar, nothing hid my slightly tanned body with bruises and abrasion on my legs from dance classes from him. His clothes didn't slow him down as well; we were rolling around on the bed in no time and kissing and devouring each other up.

I took the condoms out of my bag and tried to roll it over him erection. But it got stuck at the centre! I didn't want my fingernails to hurt his rod, so I tried harder to roll the rubber down but the rubber clearly is too small for him. He lifted himself up with his elbows to see what the commotion at his crotch was about. Since this should be a problem he is used to solving, he rolled it back up his dick, stretched it (wow, I'd forgotten how stretchy rubber is) and pulled it down his throbbing manhood. I climbed on top of him, easing him into my eager pussy. The petals were pushed aside and I could feel the rock-hard rod moving up my vagina. I felt very tight, so I stopped him from wanting to speed up his pace; I reckoned he enjoying savouring the sensation of having his dick wrapped up by a tight pussy, because he let out an audible moan when my pussy consumed his whole length.

I usually start with missionary, hence he rolled over me and pinned me down, edged my legs above his thighs and started fucking me slowly. He held me down tightly; not that he was crushing me until I could not breath, but just holding me in place, so that I wouldn't get pushed into the headstand when he entered me completely. I tried wriggling a bit, but I didn't get anywhere. I actually like being held like this; the man whom I give the privilege to bonk me exercising "control" over me, and I could kiss and moan into him while the action is going on down south, and I could wrap my arms around his neck or shoulder, and he could fondle and kiss my breasts! So yeah, you may find the position boring or conventional, but it has its merits x

His favourite position could be cowgirl; when it was my turn to take control, I guided his hardness into me once again and that earned a moan from him. Same for reverse cowgirl heh. It did seem like he liked my fleshy buns too, for he grabbed on to them when I was bouncing on him. With all the alcohol and thrusting, we were both worn out hence he pulled the sheets aside to welcome me into his arms and wrapped it around us, where we fell into a fitful slumber.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Oh my, oh my
I love you so, I give you my time and I put in efforts
But why do you repay me with such hateful gesture and leave me with angry marks?

Oh pole oh pole, why do you reward me this way?

I am so going to ache for the next few days from the abrasion, on top of the pulled muscles on my legs when I attempt to perfect my split @_@

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Who said a holiday helps to recharge oneself? I am even more tired, especially after back-to-back classes...

Hitting the sack, good night x

Saturday, 3 August 2013


Do you know the difference between porn sex and real sex? The distinction explained here:

The experience with me, I guess it will be more real than the staged ones, though I do try to clear my lady bits and I like big guns hehe x

Have a great weekend x

Sunday, 28 July 2013

An Appeal to Caucasians

Reaching out to my sexy and hot Caucasian supporters - do you like tall, slim, dark, athletic girls with long black hair? Tap me up for more details x

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Post Mid-Week

It's Thursday. It's ONLY Thursday... Someone got laid off, would it be my turn soon?

I'd settle with getting laid x

Monday, 15 July 2013


It's been months since the new brothers and sisters invaded the office, MY office. So much that I cannot walk around naked or invite anyone to my office for a quickie anymore, much less touch myself. The trespassing does not stop here; there will be more to come. After the process is completed, I really doubt how much of my company we would be left with.

And with more people in the office, there is more gossips, more talking behind each others' back, stiffer competition between each one of us. From the looks of it, my odds against them ain't looking good, not great at all. I really wish I could bury myself in some hole and not go to work tomorrow.

Unlikely for that to happen because I don't have a tool to poke anyone and I am the one with holes :(

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


It could refer to something straight or curved, it could also come in many sizes, all sorts of material as well, or even refer to a person.

Regardless, a stiff rod would be an excellent rod x

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Turquoise Delight

Me in my lil turquoise shorts, swinging around the cold hard steel, hands wrapped around the pole, butt jutted out while I caressed the rod and my body moves fluidly along, like a wave...

What would you be doing? x

Friday, 21 June 2013


Funny that Lord Crimson asked if he could use my bra as a mask... That the padding would suffice as filters :p And my scent would keep him "up" x

It would be interesting to see couples sharing a bra while walking through the hazy streets. Adding that to the already creative string of masks.

Stay indoors, people!

Monday, 10 June 2013


I planned to indulge in some fun time with Lord Crimson at the cinema (even though it was the afternoon show and it's a regular cinema!). But I didn't tell him in advance hence he couldn't comprehend why we were seated at the very last row and at the corner of the cinema. When I whispered into his ear that I actually wanted to be naughty with him, he immediately wrapped his arm around me and slipped his hands down my side, exploring my clothes and trying to find a zip or the hem of my clothes. He pulled my chiffon top up and cupped both my breasts while the movie continued to run on the screen. I moved my right hand up his thigh and rested my fingers over his crotch.

When he moved to pull my bra aside to expose my left nipple, my breath caught. He then cupped the side of my face and pulled me in for a kiss. The light twirling of our tongues (trust me, his tongue is agile!), sucking on each others' lips... Mmmmm worthwhile to miss a few scenes x

The laughter that erupted in the theatre caused me to broke the kiss, but he didn't stop with the fondling. He even unhooked my bra so that my boobs were freed from their restrain. I leaned into him and he resumed kneading my soft breasts. He even tried to slip his hand into my underwear, but I had to remind him that the area was out of bounds; my mensus just started so unless I want the seats to look like a murder scene, we had to behave ourselves. So his fingers stayed at my clit and that was a major distraction - the alternating pace, the occasional shift to my nipples, the wet and gentle kisses... x

Thursday, 6 June 2013


It was incredibly hot, waaayyyy to hot... So much that I turned red and burnt a little rather than tan well.

So I sat at the pool bar most of the time, sipping beer and cocktail, squinting at passersby and the company at the pool ;) Would you still approach me if you see me dehydrated and red, like an unglamorous lobster? x

Friday, 31 May 2013


The butterfly is jetting off through the drizzly night x

Hopefully the island will be sunnier!

Monday, 27 May 2013


Long weekend, where have you gone?!

Now I lay on my bed wondering what's in store in the week ahead... x

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Gone are the curls, as well as the rage. I guess the new team (I have many new brothers and sisters now btw) has a soothing effect on me ;p More boys in the office (mostly white boys), but they are all either married or attached; I don't eat and sit at the same place anyway, so that doesn't bother me.

One of the white boy's relationship may be coming to an end soon. Although I empathize with him, I reckon he should still try out Asians, only because he has not given them a shot before! There is a supply of SPGs out there anyway and given he is a genuinely nice guy (the kind who kept his hands wrapped around the beer bottle even at shady bars, unlike the industry dirty bastards who slept with their secretaries and got fired, or blabbered about their FBs), it shouldn't be difficult for him to find an Asian love ;)

Yawnz, however, I have ran out of steam to continue chasing the bloody KPIs.... Needa big doze of boost!!! Needa get a doze of vitamin D, protein and wear my WW!!! Purrr... Roar!!!

Sunday, 5 May 2013


I realize I haven't whinged about work for a long time. Does it mean I am starting to enjoy my work? No!! I am not one of the lucky ones who resonate with their jobs, but those who are overwhelmed by the workload (nah, it's just me who is not efficient) and have become numb... Sure, there are scandals in the industry (a married woman seducing a married ang moh but i am not involved), however, such news do not keep me excited for long...

Oblivious. Zombified. Solidified. Crystalized. Uninspired.

Inspire me please.

P.S. Hmmmm, the guy in dark blue t-shirt and off-white shorts who sat next to me on the MRT earlier on looks yummy... Dark and long defined legs, heat radiating off his arm, the waves jumping off his elbow... Could I be thawing already?! Jeez

Sunday, 28 April 2013


Lord Crimson came with smelling like barbecue meat while I smelt like Chinese medicine. The aim of popping into a room for a romp was to wash off the queer scent but we started by rolling around on the bed (minus the clothes; we stripped and were about to hit the showers). That didn't turn out to be a good idea... He dived in for tickles and my terror for tickling had me screaming, laughing and wriggling. While he wrapped his long arms around me, I tried to break his embrace (his fingers were wriggling, all 10 of them!!!) and the back of my head knocked into his face... He still tried to pin me down after that, but we rolled around some more before we moved to the showers. I was rubbing lather onto the back of his neck, moving on to his chest when I saw blood on his teeth!!! Turned out my head was pretty hard to have drawn blood...

Good thing was, he didn't take offence in that and we continued scrubbing away our strange odour. He didn't taste bloody either, so that's good. I sat on his tummy and leaned in for a kiss while he pulled on my nipples with his fingers. I shifted and fed him my nipple, which he gobbled up swiftly. His hands were not idle; they were exploring my curves and my butt, as well as my petals (long arms could reach a lot of places heh). I felt like a koala bear when he held on to my waist and flipped over, resting me on the pillow and sheets. His finger caressed my lady bits, focusing on my clit. Then he slowly pushed into my pussy with one of his finger, then two! Now it was my pussy gobbling up his fingers x

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Happy Anniversary!!

Lord Crimson made my lady bits blush with all the angles he pumped me in! We covered almost all corners and surfaces of the bed, by moving around together, literally! I was lying on the front of his body with my butt cheeks plastered to his pelvis while he fondled my breasts and stimulated my clit. His torso was quite long hence I could barely reach for his thick meat rod :s I did want him to enjoy this as much as I do, hence I stretched as far as possible to wrap my fingers around his manhood. My joystick was already erected and his audible sigh brought a smile to my face ;)

And off we go, rolling on top and over each other, switching positions and angles and taking turns to pump each other!

Happy 1-year anniversary! Many thanks guys for your support for the past year xxx

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Upside Down

Would be interesting to get licked while I am hanging upside down from the hoop x


Friday, 5 April 2013

Iron Dick

The stage was set when the stroll at a park accompanied by a bottle of white wine sipped using plastic cups developed into a mutual licking session with me propped up over a bench by his arms. So there I was - arms stretched across the edge of the bench, body planked parallel to the ground and Lord Crimson's large hands supporting my buttocks. He was between my wide-opened legs of course. Such an exhilarating feeling, staring at the trees and stars above me while I tiptoed on the bench, enjoying his slurps of my dripping pussy. He was very sweet to shield my exposed breasts when he heard people walking past behind us. I only had the opportunity to unzip his jeans and return the favour by savouring his thick iron dick briefly.

Finally, we managed to meet again and I was happy that not-so-mini him was eager to see me; look at those veins popping up on the sides! And he was waxed... Nice ;)

Happy belated birthday x

Monday, 1 April 2013

You Fool

The spark - have you ever experience it going out? It certain felt that way, has been for a while. The flesh continued its usual function, but if one looks closely, my beautiful made-up eyes are like black holes.

Actually, the flesh might have died a little as well; the cycle of life spares no one.

"You fool" - is what someone used to say, not to me directly (not always, but at times heh), but it is what hit me today. Boy, I really miss the past; I had a fire within me, I was much more playful, the people around me were good people. I have turned into a pile of sticky watery goo since then, with the moisture putting out sparks and discouraging any from forming. The internal compass has confused itself and the rage I felt was undirected and destructive. I was not as fun as I used to be.

But change is the only constant and time waits for no one. No one likes a miserable bitch, and I was close to being both.

It is not easy digging myself out of this, hopefully the biggest sex organ in us can help maneuver me out of this mess.

Saturday, 30 March 2013


Gotta stretch... Gotta be flexible... I have turned into an old bag of bones after my island getaway! How am I gonna do well in the showcase?!

*wriggle* *scratch* *wriggle*

Even the sun is against me... Sure, I have a decent tan, but it has brought tinkles to my skin... Or it could be the oil at the spa... Argh...

Sunday, 17 March 2013


Prince Al's balls were screaming for attention, so I took the slightly hairy pair into my mouth (one at any point in time; my dainty mouth ain't that big), sucking them hard while twirling my agile tongue round and round.

He pulled me to my feet, put his hands on my hips and spun me around. I knew I would have difficulties inserting himself into me if I rode him straight away, hence I leaned forward, giving him access to my lady bits. He took the cue and pushed his thick shaft into me from behind.

"I could feel your pussy spread aside by my cock." He groaned. I mirrored him because I felt that as well! His dick slowly entering me, filling me, withdrawing from me, and reentering me, pushing against the tight walls to get reacquainted with the deepest part of me, again and again.

When he felt I'm much more lubricated, he pulled us back and he rested his bottom on the outdoor furniture and I began moving myself slowly up and down him, controlling the speed and the depth of our contact. While I enjoyed his harden rod moving within me, he grabbed my (tiny) sensitive boobs and mmmmm that certainly propelled me to new heights.

Why waste the air-conditioning? He told me to go inside, which I happily obliged. He sat on the edge of the bed and I mounted onto him, stuffing him into me, wrapping my arms around his neck while he pushed into me. In order to reminisce our past, he had me laying flat on my stomach and he entered me straight away with my legs closed, just like how he entered me the very first time; I'd come a long way and grown accustomed to his thick dick quickly.

Given his circumference, I felt the bulk entering me and that brought out a few yelps from me... The momentum brought pleasure yet a little pain as well, but not as painful as what's in store!

I came to the doggy position, interestingly, his finger was quick to busy itself with my asshole while his curious dick was roaming between my aching pussy and shy ass...... It was a confusing sensation - the familiar friction where a dick rightfully belongs and the strange thrusts behind it... Anyway, true enough, his naughty rod tried to pry himself into my asshole!! Although he tried to be very gentle, I still felt strong resistance against his entry. While he slowly but surely penetrate me, the initial thrusts felt raw but manageable. However, after a certain point, the sensation tipped over and the amount of pain just skyrocketed; I was squealing not with delight but agony, because it kinda felt like my ass was torn opened. Sharp pain seized me, but he mistook my squeals as pleasure so he continued on... I had to slap his hand which was on my waist to get him to stop!

Cherry popped :'''(

Friday, 15 March 2013

... Pop?

It certainly sent a warm buzz through me when I laid eyes on Prince Al again; not all surprises are nasty, this is delicious!

Maybe sizzling was a better word, or maybe bangz was the right word! He was already naked and hard when I emerged from the toilet. I stripped to my newly tanned skin and crawled between his legs, wrapping my hands around the thick shaft and licked the tip of his dick, where precum and protein oozes out, with the tip of my tongue. It was just wonderful to get reacquainted with Prince Al (especially his manhood, who is always excited to see me) after so long. That was the catalyst that set off the bangz and the boomz thereafter!

He got to his feet and led me out to the balcony, where daylight was slowly fading. I knelt in front of him and continued with what I was doing - trying to devour his manhood!

Monday, 11 March 2013


Apparently not minx-y enough. Guess I just gotta know my place; of course the married men ain't going to make any changes to their lives for me.

Need to get my act together.

Saturday, 9 March 2013


Why would anyone think it is offensive for girls to wear Wicked Weasel bikinis?? This idiot was ranting about going to the beach and seeing a group of Asian girls wearing bikinis that barely covered their parts, even saying that they look like prostitutes prancing around.

I saw red after hearing that. So much that I feel like smacking him on the side of his head and put him on a plane to send him back from the village he came from. Fucker!!

And for those of you who think I am selling myself via this channel, go fuck yourself. If you can't spark my interest, you ain't worth my time and attention. If you are successful, you will float with ecstasy x

Thursday, 7 March 2013


The pressure, the resistance, the confusion, the whingeing, the dissatisfaction, the bleakness, the silence. Such is life, at least that is a snapshot of mine.

It didn't get any better; I look like a poodle now. F-U-C-K.

It all adds up and I would love to expel the negativity out of my body, in one way or the other. I need to. I'm near tipping point; I need to execute instead of being inflicted upon. At least I am certain that I won't be fired. But I certainly feel like throwing the letter every other moment :p Or I could shave away the hideous curls, like how I shave my pussy. Or I could just fly away to a deserted island and create my own kingdom woohoooo

I just need to get my head around things and stop having naughty thoughts about the possibly lonely married hunk in the office who's wife brought their baby back home for visiting, or the fact that I'll be running into the wife of the ang mo whom I fucked in the office a year ago for work purposes. Arghhhhh

Wednesday, 27 February 2013


... of the festive season - flubby thighs and thicker waist! Time to work out, harder!! (s)exercise is a must!!! Else I will do terribly in the upcoming showcase ;p

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Shopping Mall

Master had been busy with work but finally get to see him earlier on ;) I had been very icy initially (come spank me heheh!) but I was a puddle of happy mush by the end of the night x

We were cruising around for a place to bonk after picking up a few items when he thought of an outdoor place in the far east where it was rumoured to be a spot of like-minded adults. We were scouting around the locations (heh we spotted some stationary vehicles but some were tinted so no luck catching any actions) when I needed to answer the call of nature (I know, it's quite an anti-climax).

Thankfully Master was quite understanding hence we drove to a mall to use the ladies. After I was done straightening up (why I bothered I dont know ;p), he gave me a meaningful look. Both of us looked around at the same instance and we moved towards one end of the deserted mall, checking out the positions and number of security cameras.

I'd never look at a mall through such a perspective, but this was quite refreshing! We moved towards another part of the mall and I was impressed with the size of it; it didn't seem that big when I pass by it on the MRT. The other part of the mall overlooks the centre stage and there were many restaurants on the floor we were on. From time to time, there were some voices (the security guards) and light drilling (renovation works) going on from the other end of the mall, but once we were certain that they would not be moving towards where we were, we got down to business.

We picked a Japanese pasta restaurant and sneaked in through it's side entrance. Master began undoing his khakis and I pulled up my dress while leaning over the machine waiters used to key in orders, pulled aside my lacy panties and stuck out my butt. He rubbed the tip of his hardened dick around my lady bits before zeroed into the spot. When he pushed himself into me, I felt a slight sting as my petals parted forcefully, but my pussy gradually welcomed the thick rod that was seeking to be reacquainted with her. I pulled my panties through my legs while he was still thrusting into me, heh multitasking!

"Do you like this?" he asked. I arched back (I tried not to break the momentum of the thrusts) and grinned at him, "Mmmmm" was all I could managed x

The counter was a tad too high for me to lean on, so Master led me to the dining area, turned around a chair and asked me to kneel on that instead. That created a better angle and view for him to enter because now my ass was arched high up towards the air. It felt much more comfortable this time round when he pushed the hungry member into my gapping hole and he sped on, slamming into my cheeks while I moaned louder than before. He adjusted his grip around my (thicken, yes, the new year goodies got to me!) waist and I slipped my fingers through his and held on while he banged me harder, and faster, and harder, and even faster. That feeling was soooooo exhilarating! So much that I groaned loudly and that coincided with his eruption all over my tanned cheeks x

While he used his fingers to trace the trail of warm cum, I turned around and opened my mouth. He dipped his finger into my mouth and I sucked on it while gazing at him ;) He pointed his still-harden dick towards me and I licked him clean. He squeezed another droplet of cum and I devoured that too without hesitation. He helped me cleaned up his cum which had dripped all over the back of my legs and after we straightened our clothes (my panties were still in my bag), we left the restaurant, leaving the chair in the position which I had knelt on earlier on xx

Monday, 11 February 2013


That's the colour - Red! Have a prosperous Year of the Water Snake x

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Burnt out from work, low energy level, totally DO NOT feel like we are 3 days away from CNY, falling asleep as I type... zzzz

Sunday, 27 January 2013


Hellow tan lines!! Although I am a little burnt (part of my shoulders, back, forehead and nose), my tan lines are back! I don't mind being a Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer for a bit this week ;p

Hmmmm but my tan is a little uneven... Gotta head back to the beach in my WW soon x

Saturday, 26 January 2013


Dismount and push? I wouldn't follow the advice blindly!

That was the sign that greeted Batman and I after we zipped around in his limited edition Batmobile. Strolling in the relatively brightly-lit park (NEA did a great job of keeping the whole place illuminated like a Xmas tree) in the middle of the night is refreshing - the breeze, the splashes of the waves and the silence... I don't mind the occasional creaking crickets and the laughing lizards ;)

We were roaming around the park when we thought we came across a sacred bush; there were railings and lights built around the bunch of leaves so the area actually looks formidable :p

Turns out to be nonsense! It was just an area laid with stones and the railings were for poor folks to hold on to when they walk on the stones!! I did not enjoy the impromptu foot reflexology session and Batman only lent me morale support! :(

But he did pull me towards him and clamp me down when I finally finished the agonizing walk for a long wet kiss. He is very tall so my neck ached after a while! He probably anticipated it so he cupped the base of my neck while his right hand engaged in a tour of my body. He slid his palm down the contour of my back and u-turned at the bottom of my peachy cheek, groping it, squeezing it while he enjoyed my inquisitive tongue swirling around his mouth and me sucking on his lips, hard x

Why limit the pleasure using only one hand while he has two? Batman released my head and attacked my bum using both hands! Cupping them with his large palm and pushing them together.

He pulled back and led me to the stool behind the railings and I flopped down onto his lap. We continued kissing while he slipped his hand underneath my skirt and found my lady lips. He went for my clit and hmmmm that distracted me from eating his lips, but the real diversion was his finger slipping into my love hole. The rhythm of his finger rotating in circle at the petals and then entering was pleasurable, but I was confused by the aftermath when he returned his attention to my clit; my pussy started burning... I thought I was burning with desire, but that sensation is more than mild... Then it hit me - we had buffalo wings with beer, that could be the reason for the spiciness down south!

It was getting late hence we adjourned to the washroom to freshen up. While I was washing my hands, Batman appeared at the entrance of the ladies room.

"I'd never been in the women's room." He confessed in his deep yet bright voice.

Before I could come up with something intelligent, he took big strides towards me and pulled me into one of the stalls and started kissing me wildly again! Haha I gladly returned the kiss and my hands stopped at his groin and explored the rod within, which has started to harden. I wanted to pull his member out from the zip area but he shrugged out of his trousers and briefs and out pop his dick ;)

Just then, we heard people coming into the toilet, so we hurried to straighten our clothes. I had to reclasp my bra hence I unzipped my dress. Batman took the chance and dived towards my nip and sucked on it! Haha such an opportunist x

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Duchess of THOSE

I have been relatively disobedient sometime ago - going out there and trying to strike out on my own. I have plenty of men writing in to me, a couple whom I find intriguing enough continue communicating, but only a handful who were blessed with my presence. Most of them are genuine gentlemen whom I think I will stay in touch with, only one lying bastard, whom I learnt a lot from.

Actually, thanks to them, I'd progressed quickly and Master is impressed with the results - I'm much more confident about my sensuality and sexuality, receptive to wilder ideas and I can hold my own (of course, with my pool of supporters heh).

So, I have evolved from a trainee Slut, to a new title that Master bestowed me with: "Duchess of THOSE" ;D

He's also very pleased that I have converted my grandma undies to the new collection of strings ;)

And I am happy to be reacquainted with Master's throbbing hard on at the staircase of where I live after so long! That long that I couldn't believe how thick he is... xx

Watch this space x

Friday, 18 January 2013


What if you meet a beautiful woman, she sheds her clothes to reveal her sexy lingerie and full breasts, only for you to find out there's something extra at the centre of her.....

What's your thoughts?

My ex colleague's (i once toyed with the idea of stringing him along, but his marriage was close so i didn't want to rock the waters) thoughts? "Oh yeah, baby!"