Love is for fools~

Sunday, 28 April 2013


Lord Crimson came with smelling like barbecue meat while I smelt like Chinese medicine. The aim of popping into a room for a romp was to wash off the queer scent but we started by rolling around on the bed (minus the clothes; we stripped and were about to hit the showers). That didn't turn out to be a good idea... He dived in for tickles and my terror for tickling had me screaming, laughing and wriggling. While he wrapped his long arms around me, I tried to break his embrace (his fingers were wriggling, all 10 of them!!!) and the back of my head knocked into his face... He still tried to pin me down after that, but we rolled around some more before we moved to the showers. I was rubbing lather onto the back of his neck, moving on to his chest when I saw blood on his teeth!!! Turned out my head was pretty hard to have drawn blood...

Good thing was, he didn't take offence in that and we continued scrubbing away our strange odour. He didn't taste bloody either, so that's good. I sat on his tummy and leaned in for a kiss while he pulled on my nipples with his fingers. I shifted and fed him my nipple, which he gobbled up swiftly. His hands were not idle; they were exploring my curves and my butt, as well as my petals (long arms could reach a lot of places heh). I felt like a koala bear when he held on to my waist and flipped over, resting me on the pillow and sheets. His finger caressed my lady bits, focusing on my clit. Then he slowly pushed into my pussy with one of his finger, then two! Now it was my pussy gobbling up his fingers x

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Happy Anniversary!!

Lord Crimson made my lady bits blush with all the angles he pumped me in! We covered almost all corners and surfaces of the bed, by moving around together, literally! I was lying on the front of his body with my butt cheeks plastered to his pelvis while he fondled my breasts and stimulated my clit. His torso was quite long hence I could barely reach for his thick meat rod :s I did want him to enjoy this as much as I do, hence I stretched as far as possible to wrap my fingers around his manhood. My joystick was already erected and his audible sigh brought a smile to my face ;)

And off we go, rolling on top and over each other, switching positions and angles and taking turns to pump each other!

Happy 1-year anniversary! Many thanks guys for your support for the past year xxx

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Upside Down

Would be interesting to get licked while I am hanging upside down from the hoop x


Friday, 5 April 2013

Iron Dick

The stage was set when the stroll at a park accompanied by a bottle of white wine sipped using plastic cups developed into a mutual licking session with me propped up over a bench by his arms. So there I was - arms stretched across the edge of the bench, body planked parallel to the ground and Lord Crimson's large hands supporting my buttocks. He was between my wide-opened legs of course. Such an exhilarating feeling, staring at the trees and stars above me while I tiptoed on the bench, enjoying his slurps of my dripping pussy. He was very sweet to shield my exposed breasts when he heard people walking past behind us. I only had the opportunity to unzip his jeans and return the favour by savouring his thick iron dick briefly.

Finally, we managed to meet again and I was happy that not-so-mini him was eager to see me; look at those veins popping up on the sides! And he was waxed... Nice ;)

Happy belated birthday x

Monday, 1 April 2013

You Fool

The spark - have you ever experience it going out? It certain felt that way, has been for a while. The flesh continued its usual function, but if one looks closely, my beautiful made-up eyes are like black holes.

Actually, the flesh might have died a little as well; the cycle of life spares no one.

"You fool" - is what someone used to say, not to me directly (not always, but at times heh), but it is what hit me today. Boy, I really miss the past; I had a fire within me, I was much more playful, the people around me were good people. I have turned into a pile of sticky watery goo since then, with the moisture putting out sparks and discouraging any from forming. The internal compass has confused itself and the rage I felt was undirected and destructive. I was not as fun as I used to be.

But change is the only constant and time waits for no one. No one likes a miserable bitch, and I was close to being both.

It is not easy digging myself out of this, hopefully the biggest sex organ in us can help maneuver me out of this mess.