Love is for fools~

Monday, 6 October 2014

Poley Surprise

Trust my brain to be still wondering back to the scene that played out in the car of a guy whom I went out with recently; the office is on fire already because of the horrible results collectively, yet I am still daydreaming...

I remembered his mesmerising eyes... Although we Asian rarely have eyes that are as colourful as our Caucasian counterparts (unless you are a mix), his big round eyes are just as hypnotizing as mine... His black pupils shone bright whenever he is talking about things that he is interested in, or whenever he is looking at me, before he caresses my arm or pulls me in for a kiss... His lashes, thick and long, as if they are curtains to his soul...

His lips, his full pink soft lips... Never would I thought I would describe a man's lips this way. But from the kisses I have received gently and hungrily from him, and from the kisses that I have given voluntarily, to those that I have taken forcefully, I have to say I enjoy seeing those lips red, swollen and thoroughly sucked by me. 

Whenever he smiles, he seems so happy, so much like a young boy, so tender. He seems that way because he is fairer than me, despite for his love for diving and outdoor sports. He is quite slim too (his height makes him seem even slimmer), compared to my stout and bulky frame (because of pole dancing). 

"You are a good kisser." He told me after our first kiss. I also remembered the torn look on his face during the next time we met, just because he wasn't sure where we are going with this - the intimacy we have is electrifying; we test our boundaries every time we see each other and we ended up deeper in the water. 

We were at the back alley getting his car after settling the bill when he pulled me into an embrace. He released his arms that were wrapped around my upper body when I tried to wriggle out of his grasp but moved his hands to my waist, holding them in place to prevent me from slipping away. 

I eventually did, taking refuge in another vessel that he eventually locked me in; not that I was an unwilling party. He made a detour to the multi-storey car park and we began talking, but the only sound we made were grunts or gasps. He leaned over and claimed my lips, which I willingly presented to him as well, my hands running through his hair and pulling him to me, despite it being physically impossible for us to be any closer. He began undoing my belt and trousers and slipped his hand down the contour of my perky butt. I wondered how he would react should he see my WW tan lines...

He hands were busy fondling my fleshy butt while I slipped mine down his front and above his manhood. I was curious and thought to myself, "Am I fondling the right area? Is he excited to be touched by me??" That's when he pulled his trousers and briefs down to reveal his erection. He sure was excited to see me, just that I had been used to feeling up big cocks that I couldn't wrap my head around the package I had been feeling. So when he asked what do I like, I simply said, "I like shaven men."

He apologized for not being shaven, but I didn't mind it because his groin seems quite tidy anyway. He took my lips with his again and while our tongues entangle with each other up north, I slipped my fingers beneath his balls and began tea-bagging him. He broke our kiss with a groan and the look on his face was very encouraging. Our eyes locked momentarily before he threw his head back and moaned with estacy. I moved my left hand to his erection and stroked him, bringing my hand upward and in circular movements, taking him to the edge of earth, pushing him off it. 

He exploded quite violently, with the thick load landing on my hand, on his pubic hair and oozing down his shaft. He apologized again because he said he didn't usually cum so fast. I didn't mind it, he either enjoyed it so much that he lost control (he had never been tea-bagged before!) or he hadn't released for a while. He was quite cute, him being so apologetic. I should have given him more assurance while I could, because I didn't know when will I be seeing this mirror-image of mine again. We looked similar yet were very different; the mirror reveals our true selves but we are directly opposite of ourselves, just like how poles apart we are in terms of interests. 

Monday, 15 September 2014

Someone Whom I Used to Know

I have been reminded recently of the men I used to date, bonk or hangout with. The nostalgic, bitter-sweet, painful betrayal, ridiculously laughable, plain confusing and stupid moments...

Why am I being reminded about them? So that I can put things in perspective and realise that I have come this far? Or face the cruelty truth that I am still at square one? Grrrrrr :S

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Sunday Blues

With Sunday coming to an end, my Monday-blues (sad to say, it lasts throughout the whole week and even intensifies towards the end) starts... What does the week hold for me...? 

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Damn Anal

And you are right!

But I HATE it... I hate it with passion!!!

When the foreign object was inserted in me, I felt it has disturbed my bowels and I had the queer sensation of wanting to poop... He assured me it was fine, but the more conscious I was of the silver tool sticking out of my butt hole, the more I squeezed my muscles, up to the point I actually felt the pain. The alarming feeling spreaded from the area around the handle of the damn tool to the surrounding quickly, so quickly that I had to yell in pain. The Lord told me to relax and as he slowly pulled it out, but my muscle continued to clutch while I maintained in doggie position. As the thickest part of the heart-shaped tool stretched my skin, the seething pain spreaded and I yelped in pain. The rumbling in my anus finally stopped after the god-forsaken thing left my body.

I didn't think that tool had affected me that much until I started shaking and tears pooled in my eyes. The Lord noticed something wasn't right with me so he stopped sorting out the straps and approached me. His hand on my arm triggered something in me and the dam simply broke. Tears started rolling down my cheeks and my sobs got louder when he tried to put his arms around me awkwardly. 

Since the embrace was so awkward, I pulled back and head to the toilet to collect myself. I might as well take a leak and when I looked at toilet paper after dragging it over my butt hole, it came back bright red, just like when I had mensus. My eyes misted up again and more tears rained on my cheeks. 

I had enough of any anal action. Fuck off if anyone one of you are thinking of suggested anal sex to me. I will rip your intestine out from your anus so you can experience loosing some blood too. 

Monday, 4 August 2014


I haven't been writing because I cannot find the words anymore; most of the sentences do not flow and words become excessive. Taking photos become a hassle; there are only that many angles I can take photos from, and also because I have put on weight. Opinions and comments of strangers do not matter anymore and I simply do not have the time nor the will to put in extra effort to draft my adventures. 

However, in the light of recent tragedies (planes crashing, wars raging on and natural disasters), the urge to write tinkled at my fingertips. 

So I shall leave you with a little something - my 50 Shades of Grey tied me to the bed and oiled me up with yogurt... I was in a bit of a giggly mode that time, but if I wasn't, it would have been more serious and intense... Perhaps the look on my face would mimic AS's expression on the "50 Shades of Grey" trailer... Can't wait for the movie!!

Thursday, 3 April 2014


I was conscious of my nakedness initially, but I got over it eventually after he backed me against the bed and pinned me down. His right hand slid underneath my towel and his fingers danced across my stomach and cupped my left breast. His fingers began working on my nipple while he nudged open my legs and he helped himself to the sweet spot between my legs. He licked and sucked my petals and even poked his tongue into my vagina. The sensation was overwhelming because he didnt stop assaulting my boobs; I was gasping and arching my back the longer he continued. He used part of the towel to cover my eyes, but that would be something we have to revisit another time.  

He stopped eventually, not because he was done, but he wanted to be in me. So pushed my towel off me, propped my open legs against his crotch and inserted his erected beast into me. Very slowly, because I was very tight. He had to remind my body of his size so he had to take it easy, else he would rip me apart. He even teased me, "Virgin?" I grinned, "Yeah, April virgin." 

I started to warm up to him so he could pick up the pace. He leaned down to claim my lips and I was distracted from what was happening down south. Our tongues would tease each other and we would suck on each others' lips while he caressed my breasts. He wanted up enter me from behind so he broke the kiss and flipped me over. He held my legs closed and knelt over the back of my thighs. He parted my butt cheeks and inserted his thick shaft into my pussy. Although I was already warmed up, my closed legs ensured that my vagina was still quite tight. When he entered me, I could felt his thickness acutely. He slipped his hand underneath my body and continued fondling my breasts while he pumped my pussy. And I was rewarded with a load of warmth on the small of my back. 

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


I stretched my arm above the blanket and reached for a piece of tissue. As I surveyed the streaks of blood in the disgustingly-large amount of mucus I blew from my nose, I remembered that the doctor was not alarmed. 

"So I should not be alarmed as well." Hence I threw the ball of tissue into the rubbish bin in a corner of my room and willed myself back to sleep after turning off the lights.

Good night...

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Downward Arc

That refers to the WW tan I have on my butt cheeks, as well as the shape of my mouth. He is totally not as into me as I am into him; I have had an enjoyable date with him, however, there is simply no follow up on his end. I have pathetically comical images of me trying to thaw him in my head, but to no avail. He is really a dead horse that I should stop flogging. 

More changes loomed over my head at the workplace; we will be significantly altered very soon... A part of me died when we got wind of it, looks like more of me will wilt when those changes are implemented......

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Blooper 2

My boobs have not grown bigger still, however, food (popcorn this time round, not fries) still get stuck at my bra! 

I was going through my older posts earlier on and I thought they were pretty enjoyable and good. Where is that girl now...?

Monday, 24 February 2014


Out of the close to 600 views on my previous juicy (but hugely unpopular since NO ONE posted amy comments) post, I would like you guys to tell me which age group you belong to please, kindly enlighten me, thanks.

The Wolf - Part 2

Lord Crimson and I made our way to the local pub after the blood-pumping movie (or should I say, "fluid-pumping"?). Neither of us want the night to get out of hand so we only had a beer before we get to the main act x

Alcohol and desire fuelled my blood while we made our way to the park. It was awfully chilly that night so I altered my course and scooted closer to him. I took right his arm hoping he would take my hand, but he didn't. He actually did the opposite by stuffing his rolled-up shopping bag underneath his right armpit after I took his hint and released his arm. 

The temperature of my blood dropped a notch, but I didn't let that affect my mood. I willed myself to stay on course and followed him to scout for a suitable location for what I had been wanting to do for a long time and since we met close to a year ago. 

Although the park was lit, there were some areas that were dim hence my eyes took some time to adjust. I had a creepy feeling ever since I started walking towards the park, but I felt more at ease after seeing there were other people in the place as well. Since they were at lower ground fishing/catching whatever, we went higher ground further up the slope. We tested some of the paths and eventually selected a bench quite far away from the entrance of the park and a distance from the group of men who were fishing. The area in front of the bench was cornered off by makeshift metal dividers that you'd see at a worksite, so we figured it'd be quite private. Lord Crimson set his stuff down and flopped into the bench. I put my handbag down and placed one of my hand on his thigh and another on the side of his face while I leaned in for a kiss. He shifted his hands from the edge of the bench and cupped my face while he deepened the kiss. In order to be as close as two pieces of rice sticking together, I moved to straddle him because my back was about to break being 90 degrees from my legs which were planted firmly on the ground. Now that I have a good seat on his thighs, I continued with the kiss while I run my fingers through his hair. He had better access to my bum now that I was on his lap, therefore he didn't waste any time so he began kneading my ass cheeks. 

I wasn't wearing any panties so he could tease my petals while I continue smooching him. I pulled back because I was in for some mischief. I unhooked my bra and pulled it from the hem of my dress. There - pantyless and braless! Now the attention was on him; I urged him to let me access his package and squatted (like a lady, of course) in front of his open legs. I guided his long shaft into my wet mouth, wrapped my lips around it as tightly as I could and sucked, exerting pressure around his dick. I started to move his tool in and out of my mouth and I could hear him groan audibly since the surrounding was filled with creaking of insects only. I had always liked to spend some time flicking my tongue at the tip of the mushroom head, especially the hole where semen shoots out, and I got the response that I was looking for. However, I could not teabag him because his jeans was in the way.

Time was of essence therefore we had to get down to business. I climbed onto his thighs once again and guided his throbbing dick into me. I could feel his manhood parting my petals and pushing against the walls of my tight vagina, fighting against the gates to my inner center, filling me up. My senses were heightened by the stillness of the night; all I could feel was the coolness wrapping around us, leaving a coat of moisture on the surface of my skin, and I could only hear the creaking of insects and our shortened breathes. 

Suddenly, the Lord's voice brought me back to the present; he heard commotion from the lower ground so the wanted me to get off his lap. I complied and true enough, the group of men fishing at the pond appeared around the makeshift dividers just as my butt touched the edge of the seat next to him. My eyes were wide open, eyeballs rollings around in their sockets, legs closed together, blood rushing to my heart! It appeared that they didn't catch us in action nor paid any attention to us, but just continued on deeper into the completely-dark park, so my inner goddess came out from the hidding place and wanted to jump into him again. But alas, the Lord wanted a change of scenery... I wondered how he managed to stuff his dick into his jeans without jamming it at his zippers.

Alright, fine by me. So we gathered our stuff and headed back to where the group of men came from. It sure looked serene (and well lit by the row of lamps by the lake), however, there was actually a couple seated by the lake on closer inspection. Oh well, not quite the scenery he liked, so we headed back to higher ground but we settled at a different bench next to a tree and closer to the  entrance of the park instead. The structure next to me gave me more creeps so I refused to bonk while holding onto its wall; who knew who/what would spring out from its boarded up windows (on second thoughts, the windows were still functionable, just that eveything on it was made of wood, hence it looked like it was boarded up)?? 

So we set our stuff down on the bench once again and I hopped onto his thighs again. Like a battery-operated bunny, I started humping him once he took his dick out. I was jumping up and down his shaft in my eagerness and feeling his hardness slipped in and out of me while I hanged on to his broad shoulders and he cradled my ass. But he slowed me down because he didn't want to cum so quickly. He had to roll on a condom anyway, so I slipped off his dick and waited for him to tear open the wrapper. I was perked up once again when he was done and he turned me around so that he could enter me from behind. After I managed to balance myself on his thighs by wrapping my legs around his, I reached between my legs and guided his dick into me. I had his dick in me earlier, however, I still felt that I was very tight so I had to stop him from ramming himself into me (probably due to the introduction of the condom). He was understanding so he let me warm myself up again at my own pace. I started to feel my petals wrapping around his sausage and he was accepted by my girly bits. So I sped up, bobbing up and down his erection and he lift up my skirt to see his manhood disappearing into me. I was a little moist from the dew and the rising body temperature so there was the familiar "splat splat" when my butt cheeks landed on his thighs. I love that feeling so I couldn't help myself but let out a few estatic moans.

His manhood kept sliding out of my pussy (because of the angle and probably because I was gradually well lubbed) no matter how much I arched my butt so I might as well turned around and anchored myself onto him, facing him, so that I could see his expression when I pumped him. I straddled him and guided his throbbing pole into me and bunny-mode kicked in; I went into high gear quickly and in no time were we both struggling to breath normally. I was so high (definitely not from the alcohol) that I decided to pull my skirt over my head and removed my dress. I was completely naked and loving it so much that I didn't even notice of The Lord liked it or not. I asked him to fondle my breasts and he massaged the pair and sucked on them as well. That propelled me to the next level; it felt so good when I pumped him as fast as humanely possible while he continued to knead my boobs. However, all that action prompted him to cum first so he moaned in pain and stopped me from continuing to jump him. I was really disappointed but I complied. 

That was not the worse part of the evening; I sat down on the bench after climbing off him, still reeling from the excitement, however, The Lord broke the silence and told me to quickly cover up. An Indian man had emerged from the tree and was walking on the path heading towards us! I only had time to reach for my dress, covered my breasts and crotch and leaned forward while he tried to shield me halfheartedly. The man actually said "don't do this in public ah, I could report you!" while The Lord told him that we are leaving soon. The continued his way, only then did I straighten my back and pulled the dress over my head. We picked up our things and I felt odd holding my bra in my hand so I stopped The Lord and asked him to hold my bag while I tried to hook it up standing next to the creepy structure.

We made our way to the entrance of the park, not believing we have been told off by a man! He didn't look like he was there for work and he didn't seem to have enjoyed the show (assuming he was there throughout the process, while The Lord thought so). It was certainly an odd outdoor bonking experience :/

Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day x

Penis Xmas pairs up well with Heart-shaped butt x

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! x


Monday, 3 February 2014


The Monday after a long weekend sure is hard to overcome... True, with less people congesting the train (and my brain), I was in a better mood, however, I still felt bored. Surprisingly, Prince Al contacted me after falling off the radar months ago. I sure miss romping after work (at the office or the toilet!) and constant texting... Jeez, no one can have their cake and eat it too :/

Sunday, 2 February 2014


Happy Lunar New Year! May you guys and gals find the right One(s) to mount in the year of the Horse!

Happy Valentines Day in advance as well x

Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Wolf - Part 1

The night started as per usual, just that I had not seen Lord Crimson for a long time so we needed more time to warm up to each other. The movie started the ball rolling so he put his right arm around my shoulder and let it travel along my arm, waist and hip. I shifted onto my left buttock and inched closer to him in order to make room in the couple seat for his hand. He fondled and squeezed my springy cheek before moving on to my crotch. He lifted the hem of my flowing dress and found what he was looking for, and there it was - my slightly stubbled pussy. But he was bewildered at first, then it occurred to him; he got to the sweet spot pretty quickly, all because I wasn't wearing any panties ;)

"Hmmmm? No panties??" "Yeah." I replied with a sweet smile. 

He cut to the chase and continued to stimulating my clit while the movie rolled on. There were swearwords flying around (not unlike my own office), a number sex scenes (does not happen in my office) and loads of naked/topless women with nicely shaped tits... Ooooo yummy breasts spilling over corsets, boobies with stickers on them and the free-hanging ones with light brown nips... 

I must have been so turned on by the tities that The Lord commented that I became very hot (between my legs); he hadn't stop rubbing my clit all these while (almost throughout the entire movie! I applaud his dedication x) and his left hand had started searching for my breasts. The collar of my dress wasn't low enough hence he had difficulty accessing my boobs. But there was no problem finger-fucking me in the back of the cinema; I was so inspired by the fucking onscreen and between my legs that I couldn't wait to release his cock and let him meet my hungry pussy. He would either stimulate my clit from the front, rubbing his finger over the sensitive spot in circular motions before inserting his fingers (yes, 2 fingers) into my wet lady bit, or shift his hand underneath my butt cheek, cupping my buns before entering me from the back. The latter would turn my body towards him and I could sneak a kiss with him in between scenes while enjoying the sensation. I was probably too immersed in it so he had to place my left hand onto his crotch, but damn his jeans, where the zippers obstructed my touch!! Obstacles or not, our fingers were dancing on each others' palms from time to time while being partially intertwined, which I understood to have meant "I want you to have sex with me", so that was pretty sweet x

I wondered if the couple to our left knew what was going on while there was all this action over here... Heh x

Monday, 13 January 2014


"You waddle like a duck when you walk." I teased.

"But I fuck like a stallion!!" He claimed. I actually agreed :)

However, I think I have been flogging a dead horse. I do not mean anything inauspicious, with the year of the Horse around the corner, just pointing out that I have been wasting time doing silly things. I should stop it.

Time waits for no one. 

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Double Dicks

Woah! Is this some kind of sorcery...? A man with two functioning dicks and in a relationship with both a man and a woman... Another twist - the man and the woman used to date! While women has varying reactions to his double crown jewels, straight men became curious about his packages!

Credit: Photo by DDD

I wonder what my reaction would be if I am presented with such an... opportunity? Hmmm

Friday, 3 January 2014


How open are you in admitting to strangers or acquaintances that you are a swinger? Someone did just that, as well as drag his wife into the scenario! The boys in the office were buzzing over the update but no one volunteered how experienced they were in this particular area :p 

Could it be true that none of them are active in this area?? Hmmmmm... 

Not that I am anyway, so I couldn't judge ;p