Love is for fools~

Friday, 31 August 2012

In Conference

*unlock* *slide* *click*

"How's it going?"
"Is the coast clear enough?"
"Is your boss gone for the day?"

I put down my handheld mirror and got up from my seat, making my way to the glass door with a little spring in my steps.

A press on the exit button released the catch and I pulled the glass door back to welcome Prince Al. He looked unsure of where to go so I lapsed into the usual routine of showing visitors to the respective rooms. He picked the conference room (over my desk!) and we headed to last the room at the end of the corridor. Coincidentally, he chose to sit down at my usual seat at the end of the conference table and that certainly brought a smile to my lips. I leaned in for a kiss that resulted in us attacking each others' lips. He began removing his trousers and I knelt in front of his erected crown jewels, taking his swollen dick into my hand and mouth. While I eat his sausage, he moaned softly with pleasure.

"I am ready." We looked down at my attire - I was wearing pants! So I had to kick off my heels and pull off my trousers and pink lacy panties. He immediately reached for my already-wet pussy before I even removed my trousers completely. Sigh, that feels very good...

What's even better was him plunging his dick into my pussy from behind. I was still quite tight so although he was very keen to pump me hard, he took a few moments to thrust into me slowly and picked up speed gradually. That felt so shiok and I reached behind with my right hand because I wanted to massage his butt. But he held on to my wrists instead, but that felt quite kinky as well haha

He guided me forward and I leaned on the table top while he continued ramming himself into me. The speed picked up and so did my moans. Eventually he ejaculated, but I would have liked the session to be longer ;p

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Menu for Lunchtime Quickie

I didn't have any vegetable dishes yesterday; I was no vegan! Gone for all-meat courses that included a long, thick sausage and two meatballs ;D

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Lunchtime Quickie

Some midday romp ;)

More Giddyup

My stallion let me do most of the work - riding and bouncing off him while he enjoyed the view and the piak piak sound x

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


I want to be fucked like that... So first, I must master the art of doing splits! I was nearly torn in half just now during dance class... Gota start stretching everyday x

Sunday, 19 August 2012


Having battled the ridiculous long queue at the monorail and tram station, endured the fickle-minded weather, starred down the resident pervert at the beach and tolerated the wandering gaze of the foreign talent crowd, it's time to get down to business and get a tan :D

But I have forgotten my armour against stray frisbee discs and volley balls :'(

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Shit has hit the roof. Those who didn't need to leave the business has left a while ago. Those who needed to leave has recently been hinted nicely to do so. More changes to come but I am happy that the world continues to revolve and I can still suck cock. I've got to be an obedient slut to earn the hard fucking I so desired and deserved from Prince Al, and to keep Master happy x

Life couldn't be any better, assuming I don't get sacked too ;) Oooo the anticipation of hard, warm and throbbing dick filling my hungry and wet pussy up... The hard thrusting and the feeling of cock ramming against the wall of my cervix...

Monday, 13 August 2012

Beach Part 3 - Facial

It was a great start to a sunny day - sitting by the pool sipping light sparking wine, reading a book and admiring nice-looking bodies (admittedly my eyes were more or less on a certain someone lying by me). Prince Al used the tip of his fingers, or his feet if his fingers weren't within range, to gently caress my arm, waist or hip from time to time. I couldn't help but sneaked peeks at his tanned and defined torso, lickable nips and noticed a bulge underneath his blue-and-white stripped berms. "What is that bulge?" I asked as innocently as I could and all he did was laughed.

Perhaps that bulge couldn't wait anymore and also because it became slightly overcast, we finished our drinks and snacks and headed towards the parking lot with him slinging his toned arm around my shoulders. Once we got to the room, Prince Al stripped to nothing and unleashed his cock from its hiding place. I was still in my skimpy red mesh bikini that leaves nothing to imaginations, but I walked to where he was sitting and kissed him. We've always enjoyed kissing each others' thick lips so of course our tongues said their hello and I knelt in front of his open legs.

Such a magnificent sight... I couldn't wait to get my hands on the magical tool that brought me to peaks of pleasure. I could hardly wrap my small hand around his thick shaft, haha omg actually his dick is thicker than my wrist! My lips were drawn naturally to the tip of the throbbing cock while my right hand continued to stroke the whole length and my left cupped his balls. While he helped to hold my hair and caressed my face, he let on how pleased he was by sighing audibly. I tried to take as much dick as I could but I couldn't because I didn't do deep throat, he didn't want me to do that too because it is just impossible haha. So I attacked his balls instead and I thought he quite enjoyed being tea-bagged. Though a few strands of pubic hair got in the way, but I like to see him immersing himself in the sensation.

Since he had ideas earlier the day about cumming on my face, he didn't turn me around to stuff his big cock in my lil pussy. He wanted me to increase my frequency of stroking his shaft. He did fuck me very hard every time so he didn't think my strokes were fast enough. He took over and went into a frenzy. I could almost imagine him banging me that hard and fast and I felt my girl parts stirred but before I got caught up in my own imaginations, he ordered me to "Open your mouth." I did as I was told and even positioned myself in an angle that I was sure will catch his load. I'm sure that must have turned him on even more than he already was, because I didn't have to wait long before the warm thick cum exploded from his crown jewel! It came in a few sprays, some of it went straight into my mouth, others landed on my face. While I used my fingers to wipe those on my face off and licked it off my fingers, I hungrily reached for Prince Al's cock and finished off whatever was left dripping from the mushroom tip. Lovely dessert xx

Friday, 10 August 2012

Beach Part 2- the Prince and Aal

The Queen of Bunz has asked me for my thoughts of our trysts so far, and lying by the beach by her side this Friday afternoon, I have to admit its not too hard to turn my attentions to how shapely her ass is, as well as how much I'd like to pull that bikini bottom to one side and slide my thick hard rod in.

But first things first- perhaps i'll share how I'm going to fuck her in a few moments time..

Now, I've had the great pleasure of having my cock sucked by her, and I must admit its quite a pleasure- watching her worship my rod with her lips, tongue and hands is really quite an experience, and I'll expect her to do the same again in order to earn the hard fucking she wants from me later. In fact , I might even let myself cum on her face, given I'm sure looking at how that looks will get me quickly hard again..

I'll leave it to her to tell you more about how she rode my cock after that..

Pleasant reading, boys and girls
Prince Al

Beach Part 1 - Red Strings Bikini

At the beach... In my new strings bikini xx

Part 2 soon ;)

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Yin and yang
Indoor and outdoor
Cool processed air and humid breeze
Soft springy bed and hard tiled floor

I didn't think a certain hotel chain would boost an outdoor shower area, so I was pleasantly surprised. A pity its decorations were minimal and the concrete wall was too high, but Prince Al thoroughly enjoyed our reflections in the sliding glass door to the balcony. It would have been much more thrilling to be bonking over the balcony while there's still daylight and perhaps have the neighbors in the nearby building gawking ;)

Though there were no neighbors in sight, I do have my sights on Prince Al. He's already naked on the far end bed and his thick shaft already standing at attention when I emerged from the toilet in my black bra and black strings. I padded across the bed like a cat and I leaned into him, kissing his lips. While we attacked each others' lips, his sneaky hand went around my back and unclasped my bra, releasing my breasts from the cups. It feels so good to have him playing with my erected nips.

Time for the gentleman to stop being gentle... He pinned me underneath him and started ravaging my cheeks, ears neck, nips and doesn't mind slight shadow between my legs... While his magical tongue worked its magic, his hands continued to fondle my tits and nips. All I could do was to subject myself to such pleasurable tortures and my expression told it all... He was certainly incentivized enough to pull me upright and led me by my hand to the chair outdoors. Time for me to show my appreciation to his swollen dick xx

Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Backseat

Not that I have taken a backseat, but Prince Al do have very nice backseats :)

A pity the sky was overcast; a fuck under the shining stars would have been really appealing :'(

But the lack of scenic setting did not slow Prince Al down - dived to the backseat, pulled down his bermudas, whipped out his thick, long shaft while my hands automatically went for the hard rod and my lips went for his.

He turned me around to doggy me, but because I needed more time to warm up, I climbed onto his lap, pushed aside my strings and shoved him into my soon-to-be slippery wet pussy.

"Oooo, aaawwwww, aaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!" Oh my, such rapid and strong rhythm that gradually picked up speed, fast and furious banging that led to the cumming of the climax... And me wanting more xx