Love is for fools~

Sunday, 29 July 2012


Ooo! 91 followers in 3 and a half months! My sincere thanks to all the guys and girls for your support xx

My cheeks are blushing from all the attention... So is my pussy ;) Well actually, they are red from Prince Al's intensive banging. But I think she still looks thirsty hehe x

Saturday, 28 July 2012

My Dark Knight

Broad shoulders.. Dark skin.. Wind-ruffled black hair.. Full of smirks.. A dick that is very enticing..
My Dark Knight - Prince Al, asked for my right hand and placed it on him crotch. That was my brief encounter with his manhood while he continues driving effortlessly. This certainly created a good setting for our next meeting x

I hopped onto Prince Al's tall car (I am petite so I like large cars, and big dicks too btw hehehe) after having a few pints the following evening and was feeling very friendly. And I really liked how he began licking and sucking my fingers when I fed him a mint. I like my man smelling and tasting fresh.

We alighted from the car and went condom hunting because the sex shops that he knew of had shut down. Reminded me of the time I had to do the same with my American stallion and realised nothing available in singapore fits :S

Finally the room was ready and while I moaned about the lack of large mirrors in the room (both of us love mirrors), he pulled me in for a deep kiss... The kind where our tongues fought gently and we sucked on each others' thick lips where he caressed my face and I ran my fingers through his hair. He was quick to drop his pants and popped to the toilet. So I flopped onto the bed, fully clothed ;p

He looked amused that I'm not naked yet by the time he was done, so he told me to strip. Well, I prefer not to use my own hands at all, but we reached common ground and I took off my skirt myself. And he wasted no time unhooking my bar, pulling it down, finding my left nipple and sucking, hard.   That WAS ecstasy...

We got right down to business after that. Black bra off, chiffon top thrown over the edge, action begins! He stood at the side of the bed and flexed his Big Tool and I licked his angry-looking, vein-bulging dick gleefully while running my hand up and down his shaft. I tried a new trick - use my mouth to suck his balls rather than use my hands, I think he loved it ;)

"Are you wet?" I didn't know if I was, so he gently pushed himself into my tensed pussy to warm me up. He started to pick up speed, but before either of us start hitting the high notes too soon, we changed positions. I took over the driving seat and rode him. "You are very wet now", he commented while he looked at me with those bedroom eyes... It has become relatively slippery moving my pussy up and down his rod. I leaned forward to kiss him again, since he said I had such kissable lips x

There were a few positions that I have not tried before, but some of the details became fuzzy because by then I'm fucked till my brains have turned into mash ;p What I did remember was him entering me from behind, but not like doggy with my ass up in the air; I was lying flat on the bed. Ooooo that brought some loud yelps of pain and pleasure... xxx

But we ended off with a doggy, and I think he enjoyed the view of my cheeks very much. Prince Al and Queen of Bunz, nice ring to it eh? ;)

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Dicks Dick Dicksss

Ooooo soooo many dicks! Makes my girl parts tinkle and increasingly wet xxx OMG how am i going to stay focus at work today?!

Courtesy of D. Lim ;)

Friday, 20 July 2012

Not-so TGIF

It's supposed to be a good day, but it's totally ruined by preparation of reports, answering to management and shitty comments from those above. Cannot stand him......

I would love to sit on his face and show him who's boss!! Fuck him! :(

I hope you guys had a good Friday ;p

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Rained Out

I'm starting to look too Chinese! But my sun-tanning session was rained out :(

I can't really tell if I'd soaked up enough rays because the lights were out in the showers, but I will show you my tan lines next time x

Too bad it's too awkward to tan topless in Singapore, because my girlfriend commented that my bikini top looks too big on me. Damn my flat chest!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

What is My Race?

Generally people think I am Chinese because of my flat nose and chest. But others reckon I might be Malay because I have big eyes and curvy ass. There's a group who guess I am a mix instead because I am not as dark as most of the Malays. I may be exotic-looking to some, but it is too far-fetched to think I might be Eurasian.

Thank you to the 3% who thought I am that exotic (that's for next life, or if I marry an ang moh and my kids will be a mix). I have no Malay ancestry any where in my family tree; my dark skin is the result of the frequent trips to sun-tanning so I am not even a mix of any other Asian races (not quite the right guess for the 23% and 34% who guessed I am a Malay or a mix). I am lucky to get big eyes, thick lips and perky ass from out of nowhere even though I am 100% Chinese! The 39% is spot on!

But of course, I am still your fantasy, I can be whoever you imagine me to be xx

Friday, 6 July 2012

Cut To The Chase

"Photos that speak a thousand words" won hands down, naturally. What was I thinking when I created the post..?

Even a few of you suggested videos. I never liked the sound of my voice on tape though. We'll see.

Cutting to the chase - happy ending x

Monday, 2 July 2012

View From the Top

Missionary, with my legs up his shoulders. Thighs tight shut, to give him that tight feeling... ;)