Love is for fools~

Friday, 30 August 2013


Why does men like threesome? I tried to open myself to that idea, however, I cannot bring myself to like the idea; there's only one dick, so what would the other girl do, sit around n wait for her turn?? I have no interests in stimulating the other girl's clit as well, so I really do not know what I can do during the session...

Call me a fool, but if a guy do not even see me as a Friend with Benefits, then I find it hard to embrace his fetishes.

Sunday, 25 August 2013


I have not seen Lord Crimson for a while so naturally we needed some time to warm up to each other again; he is not the PDA-type anyway, so he only took my dainty fingers into his large palm while we made our way to dinner after the movie.

Sake nearly became the main course and alcohol seemed to be the consistent theme throughout. We popped over to a karaoke-bar and I had to face the dices - I am never good with bar games because I am usually a mess after having a few drinks. True enough, I was ahead with my Erdinger because I kept loosing! The first glass was gone pretty quickly, but I started to get a hang of the game when we progressed to the second beer; Lord Crimson was even leading at some stage! However, Lady Luck wasn't with me after that.

A bet was wagered and my lilac g-string with the butterfly sitting above my ass was at stake. The dices rolled to a stop, however, the winner might not have been decided because it depended on our respective strategies. But he called my bluff and damn! I was caught and sent to the toilet to remove my strings :(

I came back with the strings in my hands, a proof that I did removed them, and I eased myself back onto my stool. It seemed slightly airier, but the differences were not distinct to begin with. Perhaps the airiness made me fearless, or it could be the beer, but the next wager was my lilac bra. I didn't care if I lose it, honestly!

I did lose it though (Hahahaha), but I made the wrong decision for being a smart Alec and slipped the sports bra i had in my bag from my aerial dance training earlier the day over my head. Actually, it would have been ecstatic to have Lord Crimson trying to see the outlet of my nipples pushing against the dress, or him slipping his hand down the collar of my dress and fondling my breasts while we were in a taxi heading to the hotel (I refused to do outdoor during the seventh-month; who knows who might be watching), or even me slipping the off the dress to my waist and have The Lord gazing at my contours at the back of the taxi.... Urgh it got me fired up now!

The sports bra and dress didn't last long anyway, because I'm totally naked within 10 seconds of stepping into the room. He pulled both the bra and dress above my head in one fluid move and since I'd already lost my strings back at the bar, nothing hid my slightly tanned body with bruises and abrasion on my legs from dance classes from him. His clothes didn't slow him down as well; we were rolling around on the bed in no time and kissing and devouring each other up.

I took the condoms out of my bag and tried to roll it over him erection. But it got stuck at the centre! I didn't want my fingernails to hurt his rod, so I tried harder to roll the rubber down but the rubber clearly is too small for him. He lifted himself up with his elbows to see what the commotion at his crotch was about. Since this should be a problem he is used to solving, he rolled it back up his dick, stretched it (wow, I'd forgotten how stretchy rubber is) and pulled it down his throbbing manhood. I climbed on top of him, easing him into my eager pussy. The petals were pushed aside and I could feel the rock-hard rod moving up my vagina. I felt very tight, so I stopped him from wanting to speed up his pace; I reckoned he enjoying savouring the sensation of having his dick wrapped up by a tight pussy, because he let out an audible moan when my pussy consumed his whole length.

I usually start with missionary, hence he rolled over me and pinned me down, edged my legs above his thighs and started fucking me slowly. He held me down tightly; not that he was crushing me until I could not breath, but just holding me in place, so that I wouldn't get pushed into the headstand when he entered me completely. I tried wriggling a bit, but I didn't get anywhere. I actually like being held like this; the man whom I give the privilege to bonk me exercising "control" over me, and I could kiss and moan into him while the action is going on down south, and I could wrap my arms around his neck or shoulder, and he could fondle and kiss my breasts! So yeah, you may find the position boring or conventional, but it has its merits x

His favourite position could be cowgirl; when it was my turn to take control, I guided his hardness into me once again and that earned a moan from him. Same for reverse cowgirl heh. It did seem like he liked my fleshy buns too, for he grabbed on to them when I was bouncing on him. With all the alcohol and thrusting, we were both worn out hence he pulled the sheets aside to welcome me into his arms and wrapped it around us, where we fell into a fitful slumber.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Oh my, oh my
I love you so, I give you my time and I put in efforts
But why do you repay me with such hateful gesture and leave me with angry marks?

Oh pole oh pole, why do you reward me this way?

I am so going to ache for the next few days from the abrasion, on top of the pulled muscles on my legs when I attempt to perfect my split @_@

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Who said a holiday helps to recharge oneself? I am even more tired, especially after back-to-back classes...

Hitting the sack, good night x

Saturday, 3 August 2013


Do you know the difference between porn sex and real sex? The distinction explained here:

The experience with me, I guess it will be more real than the staged ones, though I do try to clear my lady bits and I like big guns hehe x

Have a great weekend x