Love is for fools~

Monday, 31 December 2012

Cum Hit Me

Cum hit me on the ass cheek! I could feel the warm substance roll down the back of my legs... Heh courtesy of Helmet x

Have a Happy New Year! May all of your 2013 be smooth and your wishes come true! Have a blast tonight!

Sunday, 30 December 2012


Shopping is probably the next best thing that can lift up the mood of a girl (other than a hard romp between the sheets, and possibly a few magnificent stones) x

And among the numerous items I purchased post Xmas, I am especially delighted by a few - intimate wear!

Here's a sneak preview - I hope you guys like purple and a triangle back strings x

Thursday, 27 December 2012


How I wish we are like the diamonds in the sky
Bright and ever-lasting
But you might just be a shooting star
Swift and blinding
You are a beautiful dream
One that I cannot bear to wake up from

Thursday, 20 December 2012


Not that I am a bottomless pit (on occasions I am haha), but I am panty-less when I had breakfast with Baron earlier on. We were seated in the middle of the restaurant so we can't do much... A different story when we are back to his car heh - his fingers are perpetually buried between the sweet folds of my centre x

Off to the neighboring islands, Merry Xmas x

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Scandals & Anniversaries

2012 is full of scandals... Racy and sexual ones as well!! Perhaps Singapore is not as oppressed as we thought... So gentlemen, dont be surprised if a girl seems like she is grinding against you on the crowded MRT, or when you look up the buns of the lady in front of you on the escalator (mind you, not everyone's butts are as shapely as mine ;p), she has gone commando x

December is my favourite month! It is the festive period and there's lots of anniversaries! Thank you for spending the past 8 months with me xxx

Let's see if there will be another scandal blowing up in our faces to round up the year! ;)

Friday, 7 December 2012

Silent Night

Silent night, moonless night
Dancing lights illuminate the darken sky
Flakes descent from the chilly heaven
Falls gently on my moisture-stricken face
Chilly gust picked up my naked curvy form
Swept me into solitary

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Time Out

You won't know how delighted I was when you whipped out the condoms, and how much my hands were shaking while I tried to rip open the box (your fault, your inquisitive tongue was exploring my pussy inside out), nor how impressed I was when you tore open the pack and rolled the plastic on in one swift motion. Mini-you was all ready to get acquainted with my lovely lady part ;) Perhaps you held yourself together for too many days, perhaps of my nimble tongue dancing over and sucking on your erection, or maybe because of our passionate kiss as well as mouthful of my cheeky nips, you came apart and cum shortly in the car.

We were reluctant to get dressed, so I laid back on your stomach and gazed upon your face while I stroke the edge of your chin. Although you were enchanted by my large soulful eyes, you couldn't help but shift your attention to my body. You aimed to please, so you had your hands full of me - left hand massaging my boob and a finger of your right sending me over the edge with its experienced strokes. I was also stroking your still-hard dick, which was strategically next to my ear. "Aaahhhhghghaaaah" was an understatement.

Great time-out before we recharged and went for round two! x

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Legs in Air

Although there wasn't much room at the back of the Baron's car, it didn't stop us from jumping each other. His swift hands pushed my legs apart and relieved me of my lacy panties and his tongue did what he promised me he would do - lick me crazy x

His tongue flicked across my clit and over the fat folds of my pussy, sending pleasurable shivers from my centre to the rest of me. He also inserted his tongue further up my pussy while his hands busied themselves with cupping and kneading my ass cheeks.

His finger found its way to my pussy and slipped in and out of my increasingly wet lady part while his tongue focused on teasing my clit. Eventually, I felt my pussy being stretched by two fingers because those two were flicking and rubbing against the inside wall, the feeling so intense that I trembled and moaned as the sensation ripping through me.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Back By Popular Demand

Blood boiling
Temperature going through the thermometer
Stressed to the max
Clothes hit the floor x

Sunday, 18 November 2012


You walk into the living area of the suite we shared, wanting to go through some paperwork. You stop in mid sentence, noticing I am not at my usual spot on the couch. The door to my room is ajar and curiosity got the better of you. You step into my room, only to find files and paper scatter across the king size bed, which is slightly unmade, suggesting I have been snuggling under the thick covers at some stage. The sound of water catches your attention, so you tiptoe towards the bathroom and peeped inside.

The shower curtain is transparent therefore you can still see my silhouette amidst the steam and the water vapour clinging onto the curtain - my wet dark hair, curvy body and perky ass. You continue to observe while I work up the lather and rub it all over my body, the nape of my neck, the swell of my breasts, the small of my back down my firm butt cheeks and not forgetting the folds between my legs. I lean forward to reach my feet, hitching up my bottom and the move brings more blood towards your groin, not that it hasn't come to life within your pants.

Your mind drift off and you subconsciously unzip your trousers and whip out your growing member. While you continue to stroke yourself, I turn off the shower, wrap myself with a crisp towel and step out into the bedroom, only to come face to face with you - my cleansed skin glistening with moisture, wet hair still plastered to the edge of my face, cheeks still blushing from the heat in the shower, or maybe it is due to the fact that you are standing in my room with your tool in your right hand and the look on your face, as if you want to devour me there and then ;p

What will you do, lucky bastard? x

Sunday, 11 November 2012


The Baron was definitely up to some mischief last night. He came to pick me up and as soon as I was in his car, he leaned over for a kiss. His lips and hands didn't stop there, but continued exploring other areas, even my unexposed flesh. As his lips travelled down my neck, his expert fingers had already found their next target, my nips. He had slipped his right hand underneath my top and pulled down my bra to expose the perky little thing. He began fondling my left boob and kneaded the attention seeker. He wanted to meet my boobs hence he pulled up my top and admired them, which had fallen out of the cups, with the nips standing at attention and staring back at him. He took the left breast into his mouth and played with nip while he cupped the other with his hand. I leaned my head back and thrust my torso towards him while I run my fingers through his stiff hair, not that I have a lot of boobs to let him bury his head in.

All these while he had been vigilant and kept and eye out for passersby. Not that anyone came close to where we were packed in the brightly-lit lot, but since I was hungry (for food), he released my tits, rearranged my top and pulled out of the lot. We grabbed a beverage and some munchies at an eatery next to a park while we chatted about everything and anything.

The self-professed nerd took my hand and wanted to go exploring the dark park after he'd satisfied my tummy. Time to satisfy his burning desire, which he could barely contain while he was talking. He was always touching my thigh and had his chair close to me so that he could whisper into my ear and inhale my scent. We were surprised at the number of people still at the park at that hour, hence we retreated to his car parked close to the eatery. We picked up from where we left off - his hands immediately went for the pair of boobs while his lips took mine. He leaned down to eat my nip and he began massaging my thigh.

"What are you doing?"

"You said there's an ache between your legs. I am trying to relieve it."

The gentle massage was just a beginning. He didn't mind that I was still menstruating a little so he unbutton my jeans and found my clit. God, that man was experienced. Although he started off a little too harsh, but he lightened his pressure and the circling on my sensitive spot made me purred with pleasure. I showed him a little of my savage side and sucked on his lips hard when he hit the right spot, without much directions! I mirrored him and undid his bottom in order to say hello to his crown jewels finally. Time to give the set of fat balls and reactive rod a tour of my mouth. I scooped his balls and dick out of his pants and underwear and ran my hand up and down the shaft. He surprised me by inserting his thick finger into my pussy and that brought a yelp put of me. That feeling was sensational... I was sure he only had one finger in my love hole, but it felt like he had filled me up completely. He sped up and I was momentarily lost in the world of pleasure, so much that all I did was moan and dig my nails into his strong shoulders and held on to the base of his tool.

He brought me back to earth by pulling his finger out of my pussy and went back to massaging my clit. I remember what I wanted to do to his dick before the mind-boggling distraction and did it - put mini-Baron in my mouth. He's made of steel so he didn't really verbalize his feelings. But he did reciprocate and popped his finger into my pussy again. "Ah!!" I released his dick from my mouth and moaned loudly before I went back to sucking him, much harder. It had become a competition to see who could make other party cum first. We shall see who wins the next time we loose our clothes completely ;)

Friday, 9 November 2012


*cough* *sniff* *argh*

It isn't a fun combination, coughing like my lungs were about to fly out of my chest with a blocked and occasional-drippy nose and the cloud passing over the moon...

But while I endure the untimely and periodic sufferings, my libido kept up. I continue to conduct stringent reviews on men to identify those who deserves a title on my blog and no exceptions are made for The Baron, despite the identity of his current employer. Sure, his employer scrutinizes all men to ensure they are mentally and physically fit for their roles, but nothing is foolproof; he could turn out to be a serial killer for all I know! Things look quite positive - the impression I have of him, the chemistry between us and the sexual draw that is boiling just beneath the surface...

I was reading erotic stories yesterday and the tingling and ache between my legs became overbearing... It actually kept me up while I imagined how things will be like if he cuffs me and takes me roughly. Or how he will react if I cuff him up while he focused on smooching me and I milk his white soldiers dry xx

Sigh... I may just about combust if this continues.. Or I may just be coming down with fever? Haiz...

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Still Ticklish

I still suspect that Sir Helmet's goatee was the source of my ticklish reactions, but he begged to differ ;D Continual attacks on my nips while assaulting my pussy concurrently x

Thursday, 1 November 2012


Oooooo! Sir Helmet's cum spurted across my belly and breasts! The warmth of the creamy substance shocked me when it hit my body... Any warmer I would see vapours emitting from the cum ;p I wonder if the little soldiers mind the heat heh x

Monday, 29 October 2012


It might have oozed, flowed, or even gushed... But it didn't change the fact that I've creamed, on my own... It's not even Sir Helmet's cum heh ;p Of course, it was with intense coaxing and stimulation from him - the lip-lock, the feast on his meat and the licking of my lady parts :$ Such care and attention he exercised when he explore my petals thoroughly with his tongue and taking the skin between his lips and teasing it with his tongue... I'm sure my labia minora fitted his closed lips just as snugly his sausage fitted my naughty lips...

Saturday, 27 October 2012


Bounded, blinded, at the mercy of Sir Helmet. As I have become more cannibalistic, I was fed a sausage, his sausage, made of 100% fresh meat with heated blood pumping in the veins. My sensitive ears, one of the senses I was left with, picked up his ecstatic moans. He explained that Sir Helmet relished being in my teasing mouth, especially when I sucked on the reddish-looking tip, hard.

Friday, 26 October 2012


My middle has become, and remain sensitive to touch, so much that I squirm and erupt with laughter ;p

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Fair Play

Work continues to be a bitch. If it was a real person, she better fucking watch it; I have a lot ideas that I'd like to execute on her that will definitely land me in jail.

And because I was trying to fuck work instead of letting it fuck me, I was late in meeting fair-skinned Sir Helmet. While he waited for me, he made good use of every second to think of ways to punish me. I couldn't quite take him seriously, because he seemed to be such a Nicey Nicey heh.

I headed to the toilet to freshen up and emerged in my undergarments. He could be admiring how my buns moved while I walked over to the dressing table, I wouldn't know because I'd already bent over leaving my ass in the air when I reached into my bag; he's an ass man too like the rest of you ;)

When I straightened up, I turned towards him to give him a kiss, the kind where we feast on each others' lips and tried to devour each other up. He backed me towards the bed and held on to my back while I fell back onto the bed. He withdrew from the lip lock and continued his assault southwards. When his face drew near to my left breast, I let out a giggle; I was unusually giggly, partly because he has facial hair the likes of a goatee and the thought of the hair brushing against my skin gave me shivers and giggles! I nearly coiled into ball and he tried to unroll me in puzzlement. I finally stifled my laughter and let him continue his quest towards my pubic area.

The licking began and it felt heavenly... His tongue dragged across the surface of my clit and rotated back to the starting point. While he circulated his tongue around my clit, his fingers pushed aside the petals and he continued to lick faster, and faster, and faster... My breath caught in my chest and I was no longer giggly. I could feel my petals flushing and my toes curling. I could bear no more hence he inserted a finger into my increasingly wet pussy to further stimulate me. I whimpered softly while he picked up speed as well as sucked on my clit. Such agonizing pleasure!

Good things doesn't last forever; it was my turn to please him! We switched positions and I laid between his widespread legs and took his manhood into my right hand, watching it grew to life. I wrapped my hand around it gently first, then slide along the shaft and subsequently held it by the stem, shaking it to encourage blood flow within the rod. It was fascinating watching the tip peeked shyly from the layer of skin, gradually gathering courage and emerged looking red and furious. I kissed him lightly while holding Sir Helmet's gaze, before claiming his manhood. He let out a moan tinged with ecstasy as I continued to alternate between sucking on his erected dick and the large pair of grapes connected to the rod.

He could not hold off the desire to put himself into me any longer so he ripped the package apart and rolled on the plastic. Despite having a pillow propping my bottom up while he pumped me missionary, he kept slipping out of me. Perhaps I was too wet? But he probably enjoyed it much more slamming into my curvy cheeks doggy-style, where he released his load eventually x

Now, who received the punishment? ;p

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Chasing Away the Blues (Part 2)

Prince Al's fingers were still sliding in and out my lovely holes, and I was still subjected to the mixed feelings it brought me - the friction in my pussy sent blood rushing to my intimate lips and my back arched backwards but the same motion caused my muscles to cringe around his finger and I couldn't help but want to ball myself up. Such contradictions!

He withdrew his magical fingers and wanted me to return the gestures but even when we switched position and I laid underneath his open butt cheeks (seeing his hairy butt was a first for me, in fact, any butt would be a first!), I still could not bring myself to lick his ass hole. So I only traced my finger around the entrance and giggled. Hopefully there will be a next time reciprocate. He might not have been pleased but time was ticking.

He picked himself up and extended a hand to me, pulling me up to my feet. I was told to face the mirror on the dressing table and reach for my toes. Well well, he's a PE teacher now?? I had no worries about not being able to reach my toes so I bent forward and pointed my ass to the ceiling, legs apart. Then I felt his protruding organ poking into my gaping lips and pushing into the narrow canal. She was still trying to get her bearings after the double-hole assault so she needed some warm up. He had no problem with being gentle initially because of the pot of honey that awaited him. It got increasingly easy with every thrust; the familiar feeling of him sliding in and out of me stimulated juices and it took us from gentle motions to intense bonking. I rocked forward sharply every time he slammed into me, so much so that I had to hang on tight to the sheets and dig my heels into the mattress to prevent myself from being pushed over the edge. Mind you, that wasn't easy because I had all my four limbs on the mattress, my ass was still in the air and it threw my balance off a little. It helped that he was still holding on to my hips with both hands, with his palms traveling across my bubble cheeks from time to time, but me pushing back into him when he thrusted forward probably propelled him even more heh. Blood started to leave my peachy cheeks and rushed to my head, which was very close to the surface of the bed because I am quite flexible. It would be difficult to walk the medic through what mischief we were up to that resulted in me collapsing hence he gave me a break and pulled himself out of me.

He sat at the edge of the bed and motioned for me sit on his lap, facing him but with my legs open. I was quite wobbly by then, so my motions were calculated and slow, just in case I fell off the bed or something along that line. He gave me a hand and I leeched onto him, not forgetting to guide his tool into my petals. His soft gasp suggested that his manhood enjoyed the moment it returned to the warm and narrow cave. My girl parts probably blushed upon contact, given the blood should have gone back to where it should be. Now it's my turn to rock, which I did with my hands around his neck. Back and forth, in and out, our pelvis meeting, our eyes catching and our breathing laboured.

I loved being bonked this way and he knew this of course, so he put his hands on my fleshy buns and pulled my bottom towards him while he forced himself all the way into me, repeatedly. Ooo that really got me trembling with pleasure and my moans ringing across the room ;) His earlobe was within reach hence I caught it between my lips, where I tucked, licked and sucked on it mercilessly. My own moans, the intense friction between my legs and his groans drowned out all other thoughts. All these while I dug into the muscles on his shoulder with the fleshy tips of my fingers because I was careful not to leave any marks; it was as if a beast was unleashed within us and we held nothing back.

Before we went sailing over the tipping point, he paused and that brought me back to earth. He instructed me to stand up once again and I was bewildered; I thought we were excellent in that position. Apparently he wanted to fuck me in one of his favourite position. He held my hips while I rearranged my feet to face the mirror once again and leaned slightly forward to give him better access to my throbbing pussy. Strangely, his tool started poking around my nether region and I wondered if it was that difficult to find my pussy. She could wait no longer so I tried to shift myself but he stopped me - his member just wanted to have a tour around the area ;) He finally hit bull's eye and slid into me with much ease and picked up speed right away. I liked looking at us rocking in unison and the look of ecstasy on his face, so much that I had to twist around to set my eyes at his sun-kissed face. He ran his fingers along my chin when he noticed me gazing at him and grabbed my left arm while he thrust forward, hard. That drew another loud moan and I turned my body to face the mirror once again in order to enjoy the pumping thoroughly. I felt even more alive when he cupped my right breast and pinched my nip while he kneaded the boob. His breathing became more intense and he pulled himself out, spraying his soldiers all over the linen, my back and perhaps my hair as well. I turned around and knelt in front of him, sucking on what's left on and in his rod. He reciprocated by taking a fierce bite out of my curvy butt. Such a cannibal xx

Happy 6th month anniversary guys and gals, thank you for all your support thus far ;D

Monday, 15 October 2012

Chasing Away the Blues (Part 1)

My Monday blues usually start on Sunday evening. It still started as usual, but it dissipated by Monday lunchtime because Prince Al tapped me up for a quickie. This is the first time he didn't drive but I didn't mind; he showed up in his running gear where its bright colour cheered me up, or maybe it was him who lifted my mood.

There was a slight disappointment though, because the room didn't come with the large mirror which I thought it would. But it certainly would not deter us from pushing each others' limits. Seconds were precious hence he popped into the shower while I shivered in my bare and smooth brown skin because it was chilly in the room! I was still shivering in my lotus position, which gave him a good view of my Missy, when he came out of the shower. He leaned forward and rained kisses on my cheeks instead of his trademark breath-taking kiss (he was coughing after all) but that didn't dampen our mood, it kicked start a series of domino effect instead...

He laid back on the pillow and I propped myself up between his legs and my tongue danced on the tip of the mushroom-shaped head and beneath the cap while I wrapped my hand around the throbbing shaft. One might say my tongue swirled around his dick, others might think his erection swam around in my wet mouth ;) The gentle spiraling didn't last long because he stood up on the bed and I knelt in front of him, offering my mouth to him. He pushed his stiffy into my eager lips slowly while he held my hair away from my face so that it was not in our way. He gradually picked up speed and thrusted deeper and harder into my mouth. I knew he likes deep throat, so I tried my best to take as much as possible, as deep as possible, until I started to gag; I am not that used to deep throat after all. He didn't mind it but asked if I was alright, I nodded weakly.

He had been putting his fingers into my ears all the while and I couldn't quite get what he was trying to do. Then it hit me - he wanted to try something new with me, something that I knew he enjoyed but I had been resisting as well - anal rimming. I gave in this time and he motioned for me to perch myself on top of him, with my ass in the air on top of his face. I was still dizzy from the mouth-fucking so I felt that I was about the loose my balance when I shifted into position. It would have been disastrous if I stepped on or sat on his face, I don't think he would appreciate my manicured toes or peachy cheeks if I did land on him heh. I got into 69 perfectly fine and he started licking me. And sucking on my petals. And poking his tongue into my warm lady hole. And all these while, his finger was never far away from my ass hole... While I felt his presence in the hole that was relatively well acquainted with his rod, he was distracting me by rubbing his finger on the forbidden hole, and he finally pushed a finger into the shy hole... He could be licking the damn hole as well, I couldnt be sure. The force he exerted in order to go against the muscles brought me out of the pleasure zone, I was not used to this after all. But I was determined to go through it hence I tried embracing the sensation. It was a queer feeling, because by now, he had one finger in my pussy and another up my ass... He picked up speed once again and it started to be both pleasuring and sharp at the same time. I was sucking on his hard rod and massaging his balls hard while all these were going on but I stopped when he picked up speed and let out a moan... Numerous moans actually x

Friday, 12 October 2012


As I set down my handbag, he pulled me for a kiss, one that woke my senses... I wrapped my hands around him, our tongues fought inside each others' mouth, sucking on our lips hard. I no longer felt I am floating around in the vacuum but I am surrounded by the beach; I could even smell the sea... The vacuum I have been feeling was chased away instantaneously... Prince Al's way of saying "Hello".

I shed my clothes swiftly while he stepped into the washroom and flopped onto the bed, lying on my stomach. He would like the view of my ass, I thought. He was, in fact, impressed with how soon I became naked :p We kissed again and he pinned me underneath him to the bed; oh how I loved to be under his control... He shifted his focus to my earlobe and that draw a giggle from me, how ticklish and hilarious it was because his breathing sounded like a beast gnawing its victim. My neck was no spared and so were my breasts. His tongue flicked across my left nipple and that was sensational, certainly sent waves of desire to my petals... Then his lips claimed the whole nip and he sucked, hard, while he played with my right boob concurrently. "Ahhhh..." That propelled my back off the bed with pain-pleasure. He pulled back and moved upwards, positioning his dick in front of my face. I grabbed the attention-seeker and stuffed my face with his erected cock and my left hand went straight for his balls. I had to lift my head slightly off the bed in order to get better access to the rod.

He withdrew and pulled me upright so that I could be in a more comfortable position, i.e. kneeling in front of him. I went straight for the kill and continue assaulting his cock. His groan hinted that he enjoyed the warm and wet cave that his swollen member was in. I obeyed when he wanted me to suck his balls as well. I've always been delicate with his balls but no longer, I tilted his shaft to one side and took a big gulp of the set of jewels, sucking hard. I looked up from the corner of my eyes and caught his twinkling eyes.

He could not stand it anymore so he told me to move to the dressing table. I tiptoed over and leaned forward, arching my back so that my inviting bubble butt is raised. He plunged in, bringing me some pain because my pussy needed to get used to his thick shaft. I inhaled sharply hence he slowly down his pace, carefully inserting and withdrawing himself, until I relaxed and held his gaze in the mirror. He pressed ahead and pumped me hard and furious, both of our bodies moving in unison, so much that when he wanted to move back to the bed, he didn't even remove himself from me but dragged me along with his dick still interacting with my pussy. She wouldn't complain of course, because she enjoys wrapping herself around him ;)

He sat down on the edge of the bed and I followed suit, wasting no time but started to ride him straight away. There were occasions where I got too excited and nearly lost my balance. He would steady me by holding me in place at the hip or his palms would rest on my tits, taking the opportunity to stimulate me further by massaging them. He pulled himself (along with me as well because we have not been detached since he inserted himself into me) further up the bed so he could lay down properly and I could ride him to my heart's content! By now I was already dripping-well so I could slide up and down his dick with ease and oh, the piak piak sound...

"Before this bed becomes a bloody murder scene, let's hit the showers." He turned on the shower and stepped into it, I did the same. While I was dousing myself, he playfully flicked water in my direction and to my horror some hit my face! I smacked his ass cheeks and water sprang in my direction, argh! He laughed and grabbed my hips and told me to put my hands on the wall, as if he was the police and he was petting me down. Of course this police had all ill intentions in mind and he sure is set on acting on them ;)

Since we were all lubricated, he slid into me fluidly and pumped into me with force, sending water droplets all over the place each time our bodies slammed into each other. With the beat and flow of the water on the outside and the motion and friction on the inside, it was phenomenal... But sadness continues to lurk at the edge of my consciousness...

Friday, 5 October 2012


*Cough cough*

Lying on my bed, dreaming of dicks...

*Cough cough*

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Camel Toe

While absorbing Vitamin Happiness, WW camel toe showed up x

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


A sense of dread washes over me
My scalp prickles as the news reaches my ear

My meagre efforts in holding the reality at bay fail miserably
I am not comforted by the accuracy of my intuition

I hear vacuum as if it is audible
I feel the void as if I am living in it

A semblance of a smile as a fa├žade to the world
A pool of dew on my face keeps me company at night

Like an angel who flew too close to the Sun
My wings wither as reality touches them 

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Cars and Girls

Congrats to Singapore for renewing the contract with Bernie for another 5 years of night racing! However, it takes girls with (big) boobs to be a girl associated with cars or tires. Although I failed to win the approval of the organisers/owners of tires some years ago, I know you guys don't mind less of the boobs but more of the butt xx Heh can you see the nips that are peeking through the white tank top that I used to wear for other roadshows? ;)

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


.... Against time! A girl hard at work multi-tasking - encouraging Prince Al to be harder than diamond with my wet and moist mouth while trying to rip the packet of condom apart! Thank goodness that I managed to unravel the plastic wrapping and get to the goods!

Prince Al usually roll on his own condom but this time round, I had the honour. I tore open the foil packet to reveal the rubber in it. Slippery it seems... Anyway, I proceeded to roll it over his erected tool while he watched on. Embarrassingly, I couldn't seem to get it to continue rolling over the remaining two-third of his dick no matter how hard (pun intended) I tried! I was wrapping my whole palms around his penis to guide the rubber down but it stayed up!! Grrrr

Prince Al had already leaned back to enjoy the sensation of my delicate fingers dancing on his manhood when I started fumbling with the damned rubber. He croaked his head and sat back up to see what the commotion at his groin was all about.

I blame it on the manufacturer!! In any case, we had to open another packet and this time round, he rolled it on himself while I watched... Well, it still didn't fit his whole length, so, what the hell!! Argh

Damn, should have bought the larger packet because we were down from 3 condoms to the final one. Annoying!!!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Discreet, Cheap Sex Toys and Condoms in Singapore

Need to ensure you have an exciting but safe sex life? Maybe you may not have a partner now but need some help to bring your climax to even greater heights after reading about my adventures? Or simply just a present to keep things spicy between yourself and your partner(s)?

Mainstream Singapore is still relatively conservative; getting sex toys and condoms can be an uncomfortable experience for some. You have to be careful no one sees you entering and exiting the shop. And once you are inside, you are being scrutinized closely by the shopkeepers as if you are a shoplifter, or worse still, gasp at you while you pay up at the cashier. And where do you hide the shopping bag if you don’t carry tote bag?!

Also, you think you have to be rich to afford those sex toys in Singapore :(

There might be another avenue to get around all those problems -, where you can find sex toys and condoms in Singapore at discount. They have a wide range of selection of sex toys and condoms. Popular sex toy brands include Ann Summers, Durex, Wevibe, Lelo, Ohmibod and Nomi Tang. Unlike sex shops in Far East, Lucky Plaza, Orchard Towers, or Bukit Timah, they do not have a physical shop. Therefore they can keep operating costs low because they do not have to pay rent and employees’ salaries. And that is why prices are low, free of GST and there's even free shipping for orders above S$29.

There is a same-day delivery option as well so you can address your horniness asap ;) If you pay before 9am, you will get it at your door step on the day itself. Otherwise, the torture of not being able to deal with your building needs will have to spill over to the next day :( But fret not! They even do shipment on Sundays or Public Holidays so you can prepare a naughty present for the hot stuff you picked up on Friday/Saturday!

If privacy is a concern in your house, e.g. your sister/girlfriend finding out about your purchase, you can choose to self-collect it at Taqbin centers in Takashimaya, Ang Mo Kio, Pasir Panjang, Anson or Ubi. This option is also popular with tourists visiting Singapore.
Also, they ship to other countries as well. Malaysia? Boleh. Indonesia? Bisa juga. They can accept Maybank and BCA bank transfers in Ringgit or in Rupiah. For other countries, such as USA, UK, Australia and Thailand, customers can use credit card via Paypal.

Here is how to order:

1. You place an order, check-out and make payment.

2. Your order is then sent to you via Singapore Post (2a), Taqbin (2b) or for tourists, left with the hotel front desk (2c).

3. You will be informed of the tracking code for your order by email.

4. Singapore Post makes delivery (4a), Taqbin makes delivery (4b), you self-collect at Taqbin service centres (4c) or you pick it up from your hotel front desk (4d). DONE!

Cheers to multiple orgasms! And have loads of cum and squirting coming along~~ xx

Thursday, 13 September 2012

After Office Hours

Life has been rather uninspiring for a bit, hence the lack in the flow of words and bodily fluids. Up until last evening that is. Prince had a little time to spare so we arranged for him to pop by my office for me to admire his crown jewels. Although it was the time of the month, we were not going to let it get in the way! After a loooong day of not knowing what I was doing at work, I sat back to enjoy reading 50 Shades of Grey. As I started to feel my blood pooling at my clitoris while I read the things Grey did to Steele, I heard the glass door swung open and caught.

Bewilderment filled me; impossible that Prince Al would be able to buzz himself in... Then my blood left my clit immediately and started to run cold... It is the seventh month after all and I had been hearing creaks and groans from time to time while I was in the office alone, not forgetting what we heard the last time while Prince Al was doing me in the conference room!

I was slouched at my seat so I didn't dare to move at all, the only sound that I could hear was my own heartbeat that was increasing by the second, my mind was just a mess...

The wooden door swung open but the loudness of my heartbeat drowned it out... And I thought I saw the outline of my boss who has a round shiny head with extra padding around his middle, through the transparent partition.

What the fuck?!?!? I thought he left for the day an hour ago!!! My brain and hands just turned to jelly, my mind was whirling with thoughts along the line of how embarrassing it would be if he walked in on us where Prince Al has his pants pooled around his ankles and me kneeling in front of him at my desk!! Holy motherfucker!!

Then my brain returned to Earth - I had to stop Prince Al from coming up! So I quickly typed a message with my shaky hands to warn him of the situation while carrying on a casual conversation with my boss but thank god he's just at the ground floor.

So far so good; we weren't caught in any state of undress by my boss, he wasn't seen by him so I didn't have to explain his existence, so we just need to find somewhere else to enjoy the company of each other.

The ladies toilet was a natural option, so we agreed on it and I started packing my stuff. As I exited my glass door and breezed through the door to the utilities area, a few people came out the office next to mine, and Prince Al walked out of the lift looking a little disheveled at the same time. But that doesn't change the fact that I longed for him to touch me, to tear me apart and put me back together by filling me with that delicious sausage of his. He looks cute actually x

Back to the situation - it couldn't get any worse (well actually, it did @_@) than to have so many people cramped on the tiny lift lobby and me trying to beckon him to where I was behind the door across the floor. Finally he came through the door and I motioned for him to be quiet because there's a guy in the male toilet. We quickly slipped into the ladies at the end of the hallway and closed the door of the larger cubicle.

Both of us gave a collectively sigh of relieve (actually more so from me because he's very experience in sneaking in moments of nautiness here and there in public areas) before embracing for some hot and heavy lip lock. Strangely I didn't mind his unshaven chin and I really wanted to run my fingers through his hair but I was still holding on to my bag and phone. I felt a stir between us and I know my darling had woken up and I shifted my body so that I can press against him harder. He broke the kiss and while he was undoing his belt, he offered to take my bag to put it away, sigh, such a gentleman x

I tugged at his belt and zipper while he continued to unzip his trousers and his erection sprang out to attention. Ahhhh, my growing hairy beast! I squatted in between his legs (very ladylike of course) and his dick disappeared in my mouth. Then I played with the tip of the shaft with my flicking tongue while my left hand cupped and massaged his balls. I alternate between the teasing the tip and trying to take the entire shaft in my mouth and I could tell he was enjoying it because he was either holding my head with both hands and guiding my head to go deeper or bending over to kiss the top of my head while I worshipped his erection.

We weren't even halfway through the session when my ears perked because I heard footsteps heading towards the ladies. It is fucking close to 8pm and there's still people coming and going?!? The ball had set to roll already and true enough, no matter how much I willed her to turn back, she came into the ladies.

So there we were, Prince Al and I, him seated on the closed toilet bowl with his trousers pooled at his ankle, me with his dick in my mouth and my hands messing around with his groin, and the lady outside the cubicle washing her cups at the sink. So I looked up at him with wide eyes - what the hell should I do in such an awkward situation?!

Either Prince Al has balls of steel (soon to be proven), simply unfazed by the situation or too horny to care, he motioned for me to continue. I admired his spirit, so I continued playing with his tool gleefully and quietly ;) I cannot imagine me being quiet if he's fucking me because he said I squeal haha

I was torn between wanting to make him squeal too or keeping him quiet because I didn't want the lady outside to get curious and ended up exposing us. I decided to let him stay quiet, so I sucked on his shaft slowly and silently, looking up at him from time to time. He seemed to be enjoying it because he put his hand around my head again and tried to get me to go deeper, with the lady in the next cubicle all these time.

The lady finally completed what she needed to do and left the toilet. I was visibly more relaxed and we so pressed ahead! We picked up speed and it was a total turn on when he said he really wanted to fuck me with that "bedroom-look". I would rather him be in my pussy rather than my mouth, but it would have to wait, given it would get messy now.

So I tried my very best to take all of him at once but of course gag reflex kicked in; he's too much of a mouthful! The tip of his dick rubbed against the roof of my mouth and I pursed my lips and sucked as hard as I could while my head bobbed up and down (he wanted me to squeeze his balls of steel too, hard), until he climaxed and unloaded his seeds in my mouth. I tried not to waste a single drop but some still flowed down his shaft as I pulled back. Pity. Anyway, he tasted salty this time round heh

So we cleaned up a bit and straightened our clothes. I motioned for him to stay while I took a peek outside. Once again, the coast was clear initially, and when I texted him to come out, a bunch of people came out of my neighbour's office!!! I looked pained when he appeared at the lift lobby and we hung back when the lift came. When we entered the next empty lift, I slumped into the corner of the lift and i was really exhausted. He held up alright though, what a man. All seemed well finally but the final straw was - even the security guard had an issue with me! Well, not really, he just wanted to give me the heads up that the catch of the glass door on the ground floor was already released for us. I stumbled out onto the main street trying to catch my breath and slow my heart rate while he looked collected as ever!

Such. A. Dramatic. Toilet. Experience. One of the many Firsts, more to come ;)

P.S. no photo was taken yesterday because my mind was just mash. So this was taken while we were showing off to the library-goers x

Friday, 7 September 2012

Soft Swinging Clarified

Appalling how incapable I am in getting things done correctly this week.
Let's get this right this time round - interested couples please send me an email clarifying the following:

The relationship between your partner and you? How old are you guys? How long have you been doing this (swinging and searching for swing partners)? Where do you usually do it? Where do you intend for this session to happen? What do you intend to achieve from such swinging sessions?

Hope I will like what I receive hence turning my week into a better one x

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Friday, 31 August 2012

In Conference

*unlock* *slide* *click*

"How's it going?"
"Is the coast clear enough?"
"Is your boss gone for the day?"

I put down my handheld mirror and got up from my seat, making my way to the glass door with a little spring in my steps.

A press on the exit button released the catch and I pulled the glass door back to welcome Prince Al. He looked unsure of where to go so I lapsed into the usual routine of showing visitors to the respective rooms. He picked the conference room (over my desk!) and we headed to last the room at the end of the corridor. Coincidentally, he chose to sit down at my usual seat at the end of the conference table and that certainly brought a smile to my lips. I leaned in for a kiss that resulted in us attacking each others' lips. He began removing his trousers and I knelt in front of his erected crown jewels, taking his swollen dick into my hand and mouth. While I eat his sausage, he moaned softly with pleasure.

"I am ready." We looked down at my attire - I was wearing pants! So I had to kick off my heels and pull off my trousers and pink lacy panties. He immediately reached for my already-wet pussy before I even removed my trousers completely. Sigh, that feels very good...

What's even better was him plunging his dick into my pussy from behind. I was still quite tight so although he was very keen to pump me hard, he took a few moments to thrust into me slowly and picked up speed gradually. That felt so shiok and I reached behind with my right hand because I wanted to massage his butt. But he held on to my wrists instead, but that felt quite kinky as well haha

He guided me forward and I leaned on the table top while he continued ramming himself into me. The speed picked up and so did my moans. Eventually he ejaculated, but I would have liked the session to be longer ;p

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Menu for Lunchtime Quickie

I didn't have any vegetable dishes yesterday; I was no vegan! Gone for all-meat courses that included a long, thick sausage and two meatballs ;D

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Lunchtime Quickie

Some midday romp ;)

More Giddyup

My stallion let me do most of the work - riding and bouncing off him while he enjoyed the view and the piak piak sound x

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


I want to be fucked like that... So first, I must master the art of doing splits! I was nearly torn in half just now during dance class... Gota start stretching everyday x

Sunday, 19 August 2012


Having battled the ridiculous long queue at the monorail and tram station, endured the fickle-minded weather, starred down the resident pervert at the beach and tolerated the wandering gaze of the foreign talent crowd, it's time to get down to business and get a tan :D

But I have forgotten my armour against stray frisbee discs and volley balls :'(

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Shit has hit the roof. Those who didn't need to leave the business has left a while ago. Those who needed to leave has recently been hinted nicely to do so. More changes to come but I am happy that the world continues to revolve and I can still suck cock. I've got to be an obedient slut to earn the hard fucking I so desired and deserved from Prince Al, and to keep Master happy x

Life couldn't be any better, assuming I don't get sacked too ;) Oooo the anticipation of hard, warm and throbbing dick filling my hungry and wet pussy up... The hard thrusting and the feeling of cock ramming against the wall of my cervix...

Monday, 13 August 2012

Beach Part 3 - Facial

It was a great start to a sunny day - sitting by the pool sipping light sparking wine, reading a book and admiring nice-looking bodies (admittedly my eyes were more or less on a certain someone lying by me). Prince Al used the tip of his fingers, or his feet if his fingers weren't within range, to gently caress my arm, waist or hip from time to time. I couldn't help but sneaked peeks at his tanned and defined torso, lickable nips and noticed a bulge underneath his blue-and-white stripped berms. "What is that bulge?" I asked as innocently as I could and all he did was laughed.

Perhaps that bulge couldn't wait anymore and also because it became slightly overcast, we finished our drinks and snacks and headed towards the parking lot with him slinging his toned arm around my shoulders. Once we got to the room, Prince Al stripped to nothing and unleashed his cock from its hiding place. I was still in my skimpy red mesh bikini that leaves nothing to imaginations, but I walked to where he was sitting and kissed him. We've always enjoyed kissing each others' thick lips so of course our tongues said their hello and I knelt in front of his open legs.

Such a magnificent sight... I couldn't wait to get my hands on the magical tool that brought me to peaks of pleasure. I could hardly wrap my small hand around his thick shaft, haha omg actually his dick is thicker than my wrist! My lips were drawn naturally to the tip of the throbbing cock while my right hand continued to stroke the whole length and my left cupped his balls. While he helped to hold my hair and caressed my face, he let on how pleased he was by sighing audibly. I tried to take as much dick as I could but I couldn't because I didn't do deep throat, he didn't want me to do that too because it is just impossible haha. So I attacked his balls instead and I thought he quite enjoyed being tea-bagged. Though a few strands of pubic hair got in the way, but I like to see him immersing himself in the sensation.

Since he had ideas earlier the day about cumming on my face, he didn't turn me around to stuff his big cock in my lil pussy. He wanted me to increase my frequency of stroking his shaft. He did fuck me very hard every time so he didn't think my strokes were fast enough. He took over and went into a frenzy. I could almost imagine him banging me that hard and fast and I felt my girl parts stirred but before I got caught up in my own imaginations, he ordered me to "Open your mouth." I did as I was told and even positioned myself in an angle that I was sure will catch his load. I'm sure that must have turned him on even more than he already was, because I didn't have to wait long before the warm thick cum exploded from his crown jewel! It came in a few sprays, some of it went straight into my mouth, others landed on my face. While I used my fingers to wipe those on my face off and licked it off my fingers, I hungrily reached for Prince Al's cock and finished off whatever was left dripping from the mushroom tip. Lovely dessert xx

Friday, 10 August 2012

Beach Part 2- the Prince and Aal

The Queen of Bunz has asked me for my thoughts of our trysts so far, and lying by the beach by her side this Friday afternoon, I have to admit its not too hard to turn my attentions to how shapely her ass is, as well as how much I'd like to pull that bikini bottom to one side and slide my thick hard rod in.

But first things first- perhaps i'll share how I'm going to fuck her in a few moments time..

Now, I've had the great pleasure of having my cock sucked by her, and I must admit its quite a pleasure- watching her worship my rod with her lips, tongue and hands is really quite an experience, and I'll expect her to do the same again in order to earn the hard fucking she wants from me later. In fact , I might even let myself cum on her face, given I'm sure looking at how that looks will get me quickly hard again..

I'll leave it to her to tell you more about how she rode my cock after that..

Pleasant reading, boys and girls
Prince Al

Beach Part 1 - Red Strings Bikini

At the beach... In my new strings bikini xx

Part 2 soon ;)

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Yin and yang
Indoor and outdoor
Cool processed air and humid breeze
Soft springy bed and hard tiled floor

I didn't think a certain hotel chain would boost an outdoor shower area, so I was pleasantly surprised. A pity its decorations were minimal and the concrete wall was too high, but Prince Al thoroughly enjoyed our reflections in the sliding glass door to the balcony. It would have been much more thrilling to be bonking over the balcony while there's still daylight and perhaps have the neighbors in the nearby building gawking ;)

Though there were no neighbors in sight, I do have my sights on Prince Al. He's already naked on the far end bed and his thick shaft already standing at attention when I emerged from the toilet in my black bra and black strings. I padded across the bed like a cat and I leaned into him, kissing his lips. While we attacked each others' lips, his sneaky hand went around my back and unclasped my bra, releasing my breasts from the cups. It feels so good to have him playing with my erected nips.

Time for the gentleman to stop being gentle... He pinned me underneath him and started ravaging my cheeks, ears neck, nips and doesn't mind slight shadow between my legs... While his magical tongue worked its magic, his hands continued to fondle my tits and nips. All I could do was to subject myself to such pleasurable tortures and my expression told it all... He was certainly incentivized enough to pull me upright and led me by my hand to the chair outdoors. Time for me to show my appreciation to his swollen dick xx

Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Backseat

Not that I have taken a backseat, but Prince Al do have very nice backseats :)

A pity the sky was overcast; a fuck under the shining stars would have been really appealing :'(

But the lack of scenic setting did not slow Prince Al down - dived to the backseat, pulled down his bermudas, whipped out his thick, long shaft while my hands automatically went for the hard rod and my lips went for his.

He turned me around to doggy me, but because I needed more time to warm up, I climbed onto his lap, pushed aside my strings and shoved him into my soon-to-be slippery wet pussy.

"Oooo, aaawwwww, aaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!" Oh my, such rapid and strong rhythm that gradually picked up speed, fast and furious banging that led to the cumming of the climax... And me wanting more xx

Sunday, 29 July 2012


Ooo! 91 followers in 3 and a half months! My sincere thanks to all the guys and girls for your support xx

My cheeks are blushing from all the attention... So is my pussy ;) Well actually, they are red from Prince Al's intensive banging. But I think she still looks thirsty hehe x

Saturday, 28 July 2012

My Dark Knight

Broad shoulders.. Dark skin.. Wind-ruffled black hair.. Full of smirks.. A dick that is very enticing..
My Dark Knight - Prince Al, asked for my right hand and placed it on him crotch. That was my brief encounter with his manhood while he continues driving effortlessly. This certainly created a good setting for our next meeting x

I hopped onto Prince Al's tall car (I am petite so I like large cars, and big dicks too btw hehehe) after having a few pints the following evening and was feeling very friendly. And I really liked how he began licking and sucking my fingers when I fed him a mint. I like my man smelling and tasting fresh.

We alighted from the car and went condom hunting because the sex shops that he knew of had shut down. Reminded me of the time I had to do the same with my American stallion and realised nothing available in singapore fits :S

Finally the room was ready and while I moaned about the lack of large mirrors in the room (both of us love mirrors), he pulled me in for a deep kiss... The kind where our tongues fought gently and we sucked on each others' thick lips where he caressed my face and I ran my fingers through his hair. He was quick to drop his pants and popped to the toilet. So I flopped onto the bed, fully clothed ;p

He looked amused that I'm not naked yet by the time he was done, so he told me to strip. Well, I prefer not to use my own hands at all, but we reached common ground and I took off my skirt myself. And he wasted no time unhooking my bar, pulling it down, finding my left nipple and sucking, hard.   That WAS ecstasy...

We got right down to business after that. Black bra off, chiffon top thrown over the edge, action begins! He stood at the side of the bed and flexed his Big Tool and I licked his angry-looking, vein-bulging dick gleefully while running my hand up and down his shaft. I tried a new trick - use my mouth to suck his balls rather than use my hands, I think he loved it ;)

"Are you wet?" I didn't know if I was, so he gently pushed himself into my tensed pussy to warm me up. He started to pick up speed, but before either of us start hitting the high notes too soon, we changed positions. I took over the driving seat and rode him. "You are very wet now", he commented while he looked at me with those bedroom eyes... It has become relatively slippery moving my pussy up and down his rod. I leaned forward to kiss him again, since he said I had such kissable lips x

There were a few positions that I have not tried before, but some of the details became fuzzy because by then I'm fucked till my brains have turned into mash ;p What I did remember was him entering me from behind, but not like doggy with my ass up in the air; I was lying flat on the bed. Ooooo that brought some loud yelps of pain and pleasure... xxx

But we ended off with a doggy, and I think he enjoyed the view of my cheeks very much. Prince Al and Queen of Bunz, nice ring to it eh? ;)

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Dicks Dick Dicksss

Ooooo soooo many dicks! Makes my girl parts tinkle and increasingly wet xxx OMG how am i going to stay focus at work today?!

Courtesy of D. Lim ;)

Friday, 20 July 2012

Not-so TGIF

It's supposed to be a good day, but it's totally ruined by preparation of reports, answering to management and shitty comments from those above. Cannot stand him......

I would love to sit on his face and show him who's boss!! Fuck him! :(

I hope you guys had a good Friday ;p

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Rained Out

I'm starting to look too Chinese! But my sun-tanning session was rained out :(

I can't really tell if I'd soaked up enough rays because the lights were out in the showers, but I will show you my tan lines next time x

Too bad it's too awkward to tan topless in Singapore, because my girlfriend commented that my bikini top looks too big on me. Damn my flat chest!