Love is for fools~

Monday, 30 April 2012

Rainy Monday

As I power-walked to my office this rainy morning, sweat formed on my temples and some trickled down between my breasts, even though it isn't a warm day today. In order not leave stains on my top, I quickly used a tissue and reached inside my top to pat myself dry once I got to the office. As I did that, I started feeling a stir down south, so I reached inside my bra and cupped my left boob and massaged my nip... I pulled down my top and did the same to my right breast as well...

Mmmmm, feels good to have my tits fondled first thing in the morning before the start of a short working week ;) maybe even better if they are being grabbed from behind and subsequently licked and sucked on xx

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sources of Happiness

While I am absorbing the lovely Vitamin D (fights depression, keeps me happy haha), I am wishing I have some Protein (keeps me happy too, but in a different way) as well...

When is it going to cum?? x

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Birds and Peacocks

The weather early this morning has disrupted my plans of hitting the beach! But it doesn't stop me from wearing my favourite bikini at home x

If you are wondering why it is my favourite - it has birds and peaCOCKS as prints ;)

Friday, 27 April 2012


After the Internet connection in the office went down, I started pondering over what (or who) to do over the weekend... In my colour-coordinated strings and slut-shoes ;p

It's Beer-o'clock guys, cheers to a great weekend!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Strings ;)

I can't play any musical instruments, but I certainly love playing with the strings on my nicely sculptured ass x

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

X-rated Blunder!

Reflecting upon the day in my favorite position, I nearly died laughing when I remembered a blunder I made earlier the day - I actually said "separate the wheat from the shaft" to my colleague.... His eyes nearly popped out of his head!!

LOL I'm too sexed up it seems ;) but on hindsight, yummy...... Looking forward to playing with my man's shaft with my tongue and seeing how he enjoys my touches very soon hehehe x

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Intimate Wear x

I went shopping again, but this time round, there's damages, n serious ones T^T

A preview of what's to come ;)

Monday, 23 April 2012

Monday Bluez

Wearing a blue shirt to work may not be the best idea for me on a Monday! But hopefully the red bits made your day ;)

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday - First Day of the Week

I thought I'll start the week feeling good. I'm all for functionality, so I don't have that many g-strings. Time to shop for sensual undies ;)

I'm in the mood to feel sexy x

Who wants to say hello to my nips?

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Lazy Saturday Afternoon

I didn't get to have sex last night because of various reasons. So here I am in my room getting acquainted with my first ever vibrator, a lovely present from my sweet man x

Friday, 20 April 2012

Ping Pong Show

You must be wondering - why are we talking about such topics during working hours, but I must say I have wonderful colleagues who educates me quite a bit ;)

We were talking about stag night and the guys were debating the possible destinations. The usual culprits are Bangkok, Phuket, Bali, Taipei, Shanghai, even Cambodia for the setting of Hangover 3 haha. And they started talking about ping pong shows at Bangkok n Phuket.. I don't quite understand what is it, so here I am pondering and googling... Interesting discovery...

Any of you out there who's got more about ping pong shows to share? x

Retail Therapy~~

The one activity that most men would do ANYTHING to avoid - shopping!! But as I looked at myself in my undies in the mirror, I felt a stir down south... Mmmm

So gentlemen, please be more forgiving if your ladies take a tad bit longer in the fitting room, and don't be surprised if you hear their camera phones clicking inside ;)

I didn't buy any of the dresses I tried on, but I'm satisfied with the images I've gathered from the trip x

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Pussy and Dicks

In the wake of the recent underage callgirl scandal (4 clients in an afternoon, hmmmm not really a record actually?) and other bantering remarks, the guys and girls in the office were discussing about "the possibility of two dicks and one pussy".

Amateurish you might think? Threesomes of 2 men and 1 girl where 1 of the men fucks her at the pussy and she takes the other with her mouth - this happens all the time not?

But we are thinking of a different situation - is it physically possible for 2 dicks to enter the pussy at the same time? Won't the guys feel awkward in such close proximity to each other? Is the girl gonna be sandwiched between then men??

I'm loving this office, especially my colleague's comment that both men's nuts will hit each other when they get it going together. Just love the vivid picture that he paints LOL. Sent me to a secluded place to check my pussy out ;p

Red Lace

Red is deemed to be an auspicious colour. Hope it brings me luck tomorrow at work! Here's an older photo of me with a bob and my lucky panties!

Spank me? ;D

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Shoes... Slutty Shoes

We women love shoes, because they great accessories to dress up our outfits and help us to push our boobs out and stick our asses out.

Men, admit that you like shoes too... Maybe not buying them, but you enjoy seeing us wearing nothing but a pair of killer heels. We will lean over, arch our backs n invite you over for a good fuck...

Me in my slutty shoes x

Sex in the Air - With Ribbons Involved

I have just completed Level 2 of Aerial Hoop, where women dangled themselves from the hoop suspended in the air and we performed stunts. Lovely exercise, where I can (and must) work on improving my splits ;)
This reminded me of Rihana's S & M, where she sang about "sex in the air". I wondered if it is physically possible to have sex in the air while I am doing the Gazelle move....

Alternatively, perhaps ribbons might work..... x

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Rendezvous at the Office

All the candid talk in the office earlier today got me all warm and fuzzy down south. That reminded me of the encounter I had some moons ago, defnitely sweet memories of a boy from UK x
We weren't close initially, I thought he was arrogant and god knows what he thought of me. However, I still thought he's good looking, charming, pretty even. He started teasing me and the late nights and frequent client meetings certainly created chemistry and sexual tension between us. His blue eyes sparkled with gold bits in the center and his broken Mandarin was hilarious. I have always wanted to gaze into his beautiful eyes and draw in for a kiss.
And it did happen one day. It was past 10pm and we were having supper near the office. He left something in the office so we went back to pick it up. As the lift ascended, so did my heart rate. My initial concerns were practical ones, but gradually they were laced with lust. He's returning back to the UK soon, so I dont have many opportunities left to bare myself (emotionally and physically ;p). As I beeped open the glass doors, our eyes met, he held my hand and pulled me towards our department. He flung himself onto our 2nd boss's chair and I sat on him, facing him, with my legs wrapped around him. Bearing in mind that I was wearing the same tight skirt I wore today, it wasn't easy to hitch it up. But I wanted to feel him with the centre of my being, so I unglamorously pulled my skirt up and wrapped my legs around him while he pulled me in for a deep kiss. He liked my firm bums so he was caressing them while I ruffled his hair.
I felt my panties became wet while his manhood began to stir. He used one arm to support my back while he reach between my legs and touched me through my wet panties. His intense look made me want him so bad. His fingers pushed away my panties and touched my petals while he cupped my bum. The feeling of him rubbing my clitoris sent a tinkling sensation throughout me so I couldn't help but sighed with pleasure.
He picked me up and laid me on the carpet. He leaned forward and we kissed passionately, both of us using our tongues to tease each other. We stood up and he unzipped my skirt gently, revealing my bum and my seamless panties. We didnt draw the curtains so we could see our reflections clearly. I could tell he liked my butt a lot because while he continued to finger me, he was cupping and caressing my bums. Then he finally shifted his focus to my boobs, where he reached inside my blouse and massaged my errected nipples.
I was leaning against him so I could feel his tool hard against my butt cheeks. I reached behind and stroked his dick through his trousers. He let out a barely audible sigh while my fingers travelled downwards towards his balls.
Although we were enjoying each others' touches, it is fast approaching 11pm so in order to reduce the risk of getting trapped or having to walk down the stairs, we had to pause. But it certainly laid a good foundation of what is about to happen, doggy style ;D

Monday, 16 April 2012

Wonderful Male-Dominated Office

There's a problem (a happy one actually) working in a male-dominated environment - we talk candidly and swear freely ^_^ Just before everyone stepped out for a meeting, we were talking about pussy, knocking each other up and going down. Sounds like it's a wonderful recipe for my imaginations to run wild tonight x Wait, I'm feeling some buzz n moisture down south already... Can't wait to be grabbed by my nice bum and be dumped onto the conference room table, where my lady part is being licked and fingered...
Coincidentally, I am wearing the same tight skirt which I wore the last time when I rolled around on the floor of my old company with a cute guy ;D I love this form fitting skirt that shows off my firm buns. I know not every guy likes the bum (many prefers boobs), so hopefully they turn on whoever who is standing behind me on the up-riding escalator ;)

To be continued tonight hehehe...

A Milestone Achieved

I've acheieved a milestone today, by creating a platform for me to share my senual thoughts and my sexual fantasies x
Stay tuned for more entries, not forgetting photos *wink*