Love is for fools~

Thursday, 3 April 2014


I was conscious of my nakedness initially, but I got over it eventually after he backed me against the bed and pinned me down. His right hand slid underneath my towel and his fingers danced across my stomach and cupped my left breast. His fingers began working on my nipple while he nudged open my legs and he helped himself to the sweet spot between my legs. He licked and sucked my petals and even poked his tongue into my vagina. The sensation was overwhelming because he didnt stop assaulting my boobs; I was gasping and arching my back the longer he continued. He used part of the towel to cover my eyes, but that would be something we have to revisit another time.  

He stopped eventually, not because he was done, but he wanted to be in me. So pushed my towel off me, propped my open legs against his crotch and inserted his erected beast into me. Very slowly, because I was very tight. He had to remind my body of his size so he had to take it easy, else he would rip me apart. He even teased me, "Virgin?" I grinned, "Yeah, April virgin." 

I started to warm up to him so he could pick up the pace. He leaned down to claim my lips and I was distracted from what was happening down south. Our tongues would tease each other and we would suck on each others' lips while he caressed my breasts. He wanted up enter me from behind so he broke the kiss and flipped me over. He held my legs closed and knelt over the back of my thighs. He parted my butt cheeks and inserted his thick shaft into my pussy. Although I was already warmed up, my closed legs ensured that my vagina was still quite tight. When he entered me, I could felt his thickness acutely. He slipped his hand underneath my body and continued fondling my breasts while he pumped my pussy. And I was rewarded with a load of warmth on the small of my back.