Love is for fools~

Wednesday, 27 February 2013


... of the festive season - flubby thighs and thicker waist! Time to work out, harder!! (s)exercise is a must!!! Else I will do terribly in the upcoming showcase ;p

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Shopping Mall

Master had been busy with work but finally get to see him earlier on ;) I had been very icy initially (come spank me heheh!) but I was a puddle of happy mush by the end of the night x

We were cruising around for a place to bonk after picking up a few items when he thought of an outdoor place in the far east where it was rumoured to be a spot of like-minded adults. We were scouting around the locations (heh we spotted some stationary vehicles but some were tinted so no luck catching any actions) when I needed to answer the call of nature (I know, it's quite an anti-climax).

Thankfully Master was quite understanding hence we drove to a mall to use the ladies. After I was done straightening up (why I bothered I dont know ;p), he gave me a meaningful look. Both of us looked around at the same instance and we moved towards one end of the deserted mall, checking out the positions and number of security cameras.

I'd never look at a mall through such a perspective, but this was quite refreshing! We moved towards another part of the mall and I was impressed with the size of it; it didn't seem that big when I pass by it on the MRT. The other part of the mall overlooks the centre stage and there were many restaurants on the floor we were on. From time to time, there were some voices (the security guards) and light drilling (renovation works) going on from the other end of the mall, but once we were certain that they would not be moving towards where we were, we got down to business.

We picked a Japanese pasta restaurant and sneaked in through it's side entrance. Master began undoing his khakis and I pulled up my dress while leaning over the machine waiters used to key in orders, pulled aside my lacy panties and stuck out my butt. He rubbed the tip of his hardened dick around my lady bits before zeroed into the spot. When he pushed himself into me, I felt a slight sting as my petals parted forcefully, but my pussy gradually welcomed the thick rod that was seeking to be reacquainted with her. I pulled my panties through my legs while he was still thrusting into me, heh multitasking!

"Do you like this?" he asked. I arched back (I tried not to break the momentum of the thrusts) and grinned at him, "Mmmmm" was all I could managed x

The counter was a tad too high for me to lean on, so Master led me to the dining area, turned around a chair and asked me to kneel on that instead. That created a better angle and view for him to enter because now my ass was arched high up towards the air. It felt much more comfortable this time round when he pushed the hungry member into my gapping hole and he sped on, slamming into my cheeks while I moaned louder than before. He adjusted his grip around my (thicken, yes, the new year goodies got to me!) waist and I slipped my fingers through his and held on while he banged me harder, and faster, and harder, and even faster. That feeling was soooooo exhilarating! So much that I groaned loudly and that coincided with his eruption all over my tanned cheeks x

While he used his fingers to trace the trail of warm cum, I turned around and opened my mouth. He dipped his finger into my mouth and I sucked on it while gazing at him ;) He pointed his still-harden dick towards me and I licked him clean. He squeezed another droplet of cum and I devoured that too without hesitation. He helped me cleaned up his cum which had dripped all over the back of my legs and after we straightened our clothes (my panties were still in my bag), we left the restaurant, leaving the chair in the position which I had knelt on earlier on xx

Monday, 11 February 2013


That's the colour - Red! Have a prosperous Year of the Water Snake x

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Burnt out from work, low energy level, totally DO NOT feel like we are 3 days away from CNY, falling asleep as I type... zzzz