Love is for fools~

Monday, 6 October 2014

Poley Surprise

Trust my brain to be still wondering back to the scene that played out in the car of a guy whom I went out with recently; the office is on fire already because of the horrible results collectively, yet I am still daydreaming...

I remembered his mesmerising eyes... Although we Asian rarely have eyes that are as colourful as our Caucasian counterparts (unless you are a mix), his big round eyes are just as hypnotizing as mine... His black pupils shone bright whenever he is talking about things that he is interested in, or whenever he is looking at me, before he caresses my arm or pulls me in for a kiss... His lashes, thick and long, as if they are curtains to his soul...

His lips, his full pink soft lips... Never would I thought I would describe a man's lips this way. But from the kisses I have received gently and hungrily from him, and from the kisses that I have given voluntarily, to those that I have taken forcefully, I have to say I enjoy seeing those lips red, swollen and thoroughly sucked by me. 

Whenever he smiles, he seems so happy, so much like a young boy, so tender. He seems that way because he is fairer than me, despite for his love for diving and outdoor sports. He is quite slim too (his height makes him seem even slimmer), compared to my stout and bulky frame (because of pole dancing). 

"You are a good kisser." He told me after our first kiss. I also remembered the torn look on his face during the next time we met, just because he wasn't sure where we are going with this - the intimacy we have is electrifying; we test our boundaries every time we see each other and we ended up deeper in the water. 

We were at the back alley getting his car after settling the bill when he pulled me into an embrace. He released his arms that were wrapped around my upper body when I tried to wriggle out of his grasp but moved his hands to my waist, holding them in place to prevent me from slipping away. 

I eventually did, taking refuge in another vessel that he eventually locked me in; not that I was an unwilling party. He made a detour to the multi-storey car park and we began talking, but the only sound we made were grunts or gasps. He leaned over and claimed my lips, which I willingly presented to him as well, my hands running through his hair and pulling him to me, despite it being physically impossible for us to be any closer. He began undoing my belt and trousers and slipped his hand down the contour of my perky butt. I wondered how he would react should he see my WW tan lines...

He hands were busy fondling my fleshy butt while I slipped mine down his front and above his manhood. I was curious and thought to myself, "Am I fondling the right area? Is he excited to be touched by me??" That's when he pulled his trousers and briefs down to reveal his erection. He sure was excited to see me, just that I had been used to feeling up big cocks that I couldn't wrap my head around the package I had been feeling. So when he asked what do I like, I simply said, "I like shaven men."

He apologized for not being shaven, but I didn't mind it because his groin seems quite tidy anyway. He took my lips with his again and while our tongues entangle with each other up north, I slipped my fingers beneath his balls and began tea-bagging him. He broke our kiss with a groan and the look on his face was very encouraging. Our eyes locked momentarily before he threw his head back and moaned with estacy. I moved my left hand to his erection and stroked him, bringing my hand upward and in circular movements, taking him to the edge of earth, pushing him off it. 

He exploded quite violently, with the thick load landing on my hand, on his pubic hair and oozing down his shaft. He apologized again because he said he didn't usually cum so fast. I didn't mind it, he either enjoyed it so much that he lost control (he had never been tea-bagged before!) or he hadn't released for a while. He was quite cute, him being so apologetic. I should have given him more assurance while I could, because I didn't know when will I be seeing this mirror-image of mine again. We looked similar yet were very different; the mirror reveals our true selves but we are directly opposite of ourselves, just like how poles apart we are in terms of interests.