Love is for fools~

Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Wolf - Part 1

The night started as per usual, just that I had not seen Lord Crimson for a long time so we needed more time to warm up to each other. The movie started the ball rolling so he put his right arm around my shoulder and let it travel along my arm, waist and hip. I shifted onto my left buttock and inched closer to him in order to make room in the couple seat for his hand. He fondled and squeezed my springy cheek before moving on to my crotch. He lifted the hem of my flowing dress and found what he was looking for, and there it was - my slightly stubbled pussy. But he was bewildered at first, then it occurred to him; he got to the sweet spot pretty quickly, all because I wasn't wearing any panties ;)

"Hmmmm? No panties??" "Yeah." I replied with a sweet smile. 

He cut to the chase and continued to stimulating my clit while the movie rolled on. There were swearwords flying around (not unlike my own office), a number sex scenes (does not happen in my office) and loads of naked/topless women with nicely shaped tits... Ooooo yummy breasts spilling over corsets, boobies with stickers on them and the free-hanging ones with light brown nips... 

I must have been so turned on by the tities that The Lord commented that I became very hot (between my legs); he hadn't stop rubbing my clit all these while (almost throughout the entire movie! I applaud his dedication x) and his left hand had started searching for my breasts. The collar of my dress wasn't low enough hence he had difficulty accessing my boobs. But there was no problem finger-fucking me in the back of the cinema; I was so inspired by the fucking onscreen and between my legs that I couldn't wait to release his cock and let him meet my hungry pussy. He would either stimulate my clit from the front, rubbing his finger over the sensitive spot in circular motions before inserting his fingers (yes, 2 fingers) into my wet lady bit, or shift his hand underneath my butt cheek, cupping my buns before entering me from the back. The latter would turn my body towards him and I could sneak a kiss with him in between scenes while enjoying the sensation. I was probably too immersed in it so he had to place my left hand onto his crotch, but damn his jeans, where the zippers obstructed my touch!! Obstacles or not, our fingers were dancing on each others' palms from time to time while being partially intertwined, which I understood to have meant "I want you to have sex with me", so that was pretty sweet x

I wondered if the couple to our left knew what was going on while there was all this action over here... Heh x

Monday, 13 January 2014


"You waddle like a duck when you walk." I teased.

"But I fuck like a stallion!!" He claimed. I actually agreed :)

However, I think I have been flogging a dead horse. I do not mean anything inauspicious, with the year of the Horse around the corner, just pointing out that I have been wasting time doing silly things. I should stop it.

Time waits for no one. 

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Double Dicks

Woah! Is this some kind of sorcery...? A man with two functioning dicks and in a relationship with both a man and a woman... Another twist - the man and the woman used to date! While women has varying reactions to his double crown jewels, straight men became curious about his packages!

Credit: Photo by DDD

I wonder what my reaction would be if I am presented with such an... opportunity? Hmmm

Friday, 3 January 2014


How open are you in admitting to strangers or acquaintances that you are a swinger? Someone did just that, as well as drag his wife into the scenario! The boys in the office were buzzing over the update but no one volunteered how experienced they were in this particular area :p 

Could it be true that none of them are active in this area?? Hmmmmm... 

Not that I am anyway, so I couldn't judge ;p