Love is for fools~

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


"Change" is the only constant... All I can say is that I am fucked in the short run. There must be support and appreciation from the management, else.......

Lovely pints on the courtesy of the boss from far away, but no guarantees......

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Turned My Back on You

Glow-in-the-dark tan lines ;p

Police Raid

We held my friend's hen's night at a KTV that offers specials during the weeknights but is a clean place over the weekends. We were having a blast singing ourselves hoarse when a plainclothes police knocked on our door.

"This is a routine check. Please proceed to the centre stage." A police raid!!! My first ever!! Jeez do my group look like we prostitutes?!?

Thank goodness all was good after we handed over our ID for them to take down our details and we returned to our room to sing the night away~ x

Saturday, 26 May 2012


After a long week, a nice shower, a glass of wine and sensual touches are what it takes to unwind me.... Mmmmm x

Monday, 21 May 2012

Rendezvous 3 - B&D/D&S/S&M

B&D/D&S/S&M are interlinked. The guys in the office were talking about it earlier on and we were having fun conjuring safewords.

I like to be tired up, I am submissive, and I may have enjoyed pushing my limits a little hehe ;)

What's your inclination - B&D, D&S, S&M or all of the above? ;)

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Puurrrrfect Weather ;)

The weather is soooo good that my pussy decided to come out to get some sun as well hehehe x

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Strip Clubs

My sexed-up colleagues are back from their annual leaves and the sexed-up boss is passing through the Singapore office. They started talking about strip clubs and if a man's dick should have any reaction/erection at those places.

Guys, educate me on this please! Does your manhood come alive when you see half naked girls on the stage pole dancing and stripping? Does it make a difference that there's money changing hands at some stage in the evening?

Thursday, 17 May 2012

A Month on....

Since the inception of my blog a month ago, there's been quite a bit of traffic passing through (we are not far away from 50,000!). Thanks to some of you who recommended my blog, it has created a consistent flow of first-time visitors. Some of those moved on quickly, others stayed on longer browsing my older posts but most importantly, thank YOU to the pool of followers who keeps cumming back!!!

Watch this space for more updates, more (revealing) photos, more fantasies, more audience interaction and opportunities to participate in weaving of fantasies and perhaps even "live" action ;) Keep your inputs and encouragements cumming in and I'll keep my juices flowing for YOU...... x

Here's the Queen of Bunz~~~ ;D

Monday, 14 May 2012

Rendezvous 1- Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Who's the fairest of them all? Hmmm maybe not me, because I've got a nice tan!

I've discovered another Hotel 81 that has large mirrors in the room! Certainly enhances the bonking experience when I can have eye contact with my man while he fucks me left, right and center ;)

Here's me before my man relieves me of my clothes x

Sunday, 13 May 2012


I don't have big tits like the other female bloggers whom you guys follow, but I am still amazed that I do get food stuck in my clothes whenever there's a food fight! This time is a peanut shell, the last time was French fries! :( I had to do my belly dance moves to wriggle them out haha ;p Would have been nice to have someone reach into my top to help me out, and maybe give my boobs a squeeze too ;)

Saturday, 12 May 2012

White Bits ;)

A little peek at my white bits x


I used to love purple ALOT - think royalty, creativity, sensuality.....

But as I was having a drink with my girlfriend earlier on, she commented "Ah, lovely pink nails that go with you slutty shoes, and you have a pink bumper for your mobile phone too." I was wearing my pink strings as well...

Omg I've turned into a pink freak! Distinctly feminine, a tease, but thankfully still flirtatious ;)

Thursday, 10 May 2012

My American Toy Boy~ (Part 2)

Zouk was never my cup of tea but because American Toy Boy and his pals wanted to do something touristy, I'm gamed for it. We met at 11.30pm on Saturday outside the club and although the boy looked like he didn't mind taking a bite out of me, he was still quite decent. He gave a big wet kiss with a little tongue as he put his arm around my waist and gathered me into him. The night involved booze, dancing, kissing, touching, a little groping but still quite PG. We arranged to meet on Sunday afternoon because he will be leaving on Monday and he wanted to spend as much time with me as possible.

We had a late lunch at the bak kut teh stall at Clark Quay on Sunday because his hostel was around the corner. He looked so cute trying to learn to use chopsticks and Mandarin as well. We did more touristy things and the day flew by. We had so much fun together that we couldn't bear the thought that we probably would never see each other again. It was 11pm-ish when he asked if I want to be more intimate with him, but he qualified that because he lived in a hostel, there won't be any privacy there.

"Yes, I would love to. Why don't we get a room elsewhere?" I said, with twinkling eyes and a smile. "Really?? Ok, let me quickly get some cash back at the hostel!" The boy responded with excitement. In order not the waste a single nano-second, we jumped onto a cab and that brought us to Hotel 81 at Chinatown.

I have not been to that outlet before and the ones I'd been to never asked for my ID, so I was surprised when I needed to produce my ID. We had a laugh over my photo but that sure didn't dampen his eagerness. The room we had was the best I've been to - although there wasn't much circulation space, a large mirror from wall-to-wall made up for it. After setting down our belongings and accessories, he took off his singlet to reveal a sculptured body with a six-pack! Yummy!

He pulled me in to kiss me while he undressed me while we were still standing by the foot of the bed. His eyes travelling from my breasts to my curvy hip and down to my shaved pussy. His gaze shifted to the mirror and after admiring my firm butt cheeks, he gave them a slap and groped them with both his hands!

I sat down on the edge of the bed and started to undo his belt and jeans. The sight that greeted me next was spectacular! He was already hard and his dick was by far the longest and thickest among those I had my hands on. I was a little taken aback, but what the hell! As his jeans fell at his ankles, I wrapped both my hands around his manhood and put my lips around the tip to taste it. He moaned with pleasure as I started licking the base of his dick up to its tip while I held his gaze. I took it into my mouth hungrily and used my naughty tongue to tease him while I continue stroking his balls. My tongue swirled around and it gave him a sensation so good that he rolled back his eyes and let out another moan.

He pulled me up and pushed me onto the bed. He wasted no time pushing my knees apart and he dived straight towards my pussy. Now it's his turn to tease me with his tongue! His tongue flicked around my petals while he fondled my boobs and played with my nipples, which had perked up when he went down on me. What he was doing down there sent a tinkling sensation up my spine and I let out a sigh as I smiled at him. He brought himself up and kissed my lips with plenty of tongue. Then he went for my left nip while he cupped and massaged my right boob, and he inserted a finger into my already-wet pussy. Awwww here's a man who can multi-tak and that felt sooooo GOOD~

He couldn't bear anymore so he reached for a condom and put it on. I was a little concerned because he is big... I had other experiences where I felt my insides being rearranged even when the men weren't this big. But my worries were unjustified!

He pushed himself in slowly missionary-style in order to warm me up. He felt that I was still very tight so he caressed the side of my face and told me to relax. He entered me all the way till his penis hit my cervix wall but I still wasn't able to take his whole length! He gradually picked up speed and since I was quite wet, I didn't experience any unpleasantness. My legs were resting on his strong shoulders and he reached for my left tit to fondle. It added to my pleasure because I enjoyed what I saw in the mirror to my left.

Before he climaxed, he pulled himself out and told me he wanted to do me doggy-style. As I got into position, he caressed both my butt cheeks while pushing his dick into me once again. I looked into the mirror and saw his face - he looked as if he was high with estasy and that totally turned me on to see my man enjoying himself so much. He met my eyes and started pounding me harder and faster. He cummed shortly after. He withdrew himself and I pulled off the condom and licked him clean :)

It was past 1am after we finished getting dressed and checked out. We hopped onto a taxi and I dropped him off at his hostel. Throughout the short journey he had his arm around me and I was resting my head at the base of his neck. He kissed me before he alighted from the cab and we said our farewells. The exercise earlier on gave me a good few hours of sleep and I stayed perked up for the rest of the first working day of the year.

I thought that was the last I'd seen of American Toy Boy, but it turned out differently. More body fluids exchanged cumming up~ x

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

What's for lunch? x

Or rather, in what form is desserts gonna come in - lollipop, creampie or? ;)

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Office Fantasies (I)

I came to the office looking extra dreamy. You attributed it to Monday Bluez. "Maybe she had a crazy Sunday night", you thought.

I sighed softly from time to time, twirling my hair and pushing them behind my ear and letting my fingers rest at my ear lobe. I was crossing and uncrossing my legs as well, and I started adjusting my shirt. You noticed the colour of my bra through the thin material and also that the third button of my shirt was undone. You caught a glimpse of the valley that will lead to a set of perky tips that you would love to play with by licking and sucking on them to distract you from the piling work... You stopped yourself from letting your imaginations run wild but maybe you would have felt a stir at your centre.

Lunch hour came and you went off to get some take-out. Upon your return, the sight that greeted you made your jaw dropped - my white shirt and grey skirt were discarded in a pile in between our workstations, and I was admiring my own reflection in the full length mirror.

"Hi, I just bought this set of lingerie and I don't know if I should have gone with red or maybe another design." All these while I turned from one pose to the next just to make sure I can see myself from every angle possible. I wanted to make sure this bra offers me good support and I looked perfect in it. Not to mention the lacy thong, that it complements my bubble butt. I was running my fingers down the side of my body, and returning them to where my nips are and circled those areas while I turned around to admired my butt. I'd leaned forward so that my butt cheeks were arched upwards and I could see the lace clearly in the mirror. You were just standing there gawking.

"What do you think?" I asked. x

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Masseuse... A Naughty One?

I was watching a tv series where an ex-beauty pageant winner-turned-homemaker had to take up a job as a masseuse to support her young family. She had to go the "extra" mile to give her customers a happy ending ;p

The men I used to hang out with are usually guaranteed a very happy ending ;) But my most current man is quite experienced, so I'm gonna have to outdo myself the next time I massage him.

In the meantime, I need the knots in my shoulders loosened and... my butt cheeks needs some attention too hehe x

Friday, 4 May 2012


Kudos to the 5% of the guys out there who prefers ass, I love mine a lot too ;)

To the 28% of my readers, you just can't wait to see me do the full money right? ;p

As requested by 66% of the voters, my nips says: HELLO!!! x

Men & Boobs

The sexed-up Colleague has been on leave for the past week hence there wasn't any explicit content within the conversation in the office. But it's a different thing at the bar. Alcohol loosen the tongues of the males I was drinking with and they started talking about colleagues with C-cup tits, clients in tight-fitting dress with a hole in front and their breasts spilling out from it, themselves ogling at the pair of flesh and their fantasies about them....

How many pairs of boobs do you see here? Hehe x

Thursday, 3 May 2012

My American Toy Boy~ (Part 1)

I met a girl friend for lunch today at the bah kut teh stall at Clark Quay after my meeting at The Central. That place brought back memories that made me smiled as I drank the peppery soup. I met this cute American boy on the last day of 2010, no, actually it was the wee hours of the first day of 2011...

My girl friend and I had a taxing but adventurous trip to KK in Dec 2010 and we finally made it back to Singapore in one piece on 31 Dec. We were relatively tired on the plane hence we didn't make any plans to hit any countdown parties happening around town. However, as the cab we shared drew near to her place, I couldn't help but asked her: "Should we really stay home and do nothing on the eve of the last day of the year?" Upon seeing the desire in my eyes to go out, she said: "That would be pathetic, let's just go out." Needless to say, I flew home and got ready in record time and we hit Clark Quay.

We'd always enjoyed listening to the band at The Highlander, so we went there without checking out any of the other bars or clubs. It was fast approaching midnight when we got there, so we quickly downed a drink and hit the dance floor. Everyone there were so high and friendly so we followed suit. We've had an eventful year so we couldn't wait a single second more for the year to come to an end and for the new one to begin with a bang! As the clock striked twelve, we cheered and many blew their whistles and pulled their little confetti cannons (jeez someone threw his in my direction and it nearly hit my eye) to celebrate the arrival of a better year!! The atmosphere at Highlander was even more lively and the band continued singing~

We continued to dance for a bit before heading to the bar to pick up a drink. We brought the drinks to one of the tables at the front near the stage in order to be closer to the heart of action. Then I felt someone set his drink at our table but I didn't mind sharing. A few other youngsters (male and female) of various nationalities joined this Brit boy and even brought a bucket of beer along. I thought this Brit boy was only alright-looking, but I still flashed him a sweet smile since I was in a charitable mood. His girlfriend (an African girl perhaps who's rather big-boned and had a head full of braids) came up from behind him and put her arm around his neck. Fine by me, I wasn't that charmed, sista.

But the next person who came up to this Brit Boy was gorgeous... Haha perfect white teeth, smooth skin, lean but definitely had a very defined body and a diamond stud in BOTH his ears). Although it was noisy in the pub, I was definitely mesmerized by his voice and his million-watt smile. He asked if he could get a drink of my friend and I, and we moved to the bar area near the entrance. It was quieter so at least we could chat a bit. As the hour went by, he seemed more and more into me, so he asked me to write my contact number and email address o a napkin. Old-school and tacky, but I was enjoying myself too much to care. We took turns buying each other drinks (by then he had already ditched his friends and my girl friend was dancing with someone else) and we hit the dance floor again after several rounds. Of course there were wet kisses and hugs and gropping (fun, rough and gentle ones). I was wearing 4-inch heels but I was only able to rest my head on his toned chest when he pulled me close and rested his hands on my firm ass. Soon it was nearly dawn so he walked my friend and I to the MRT to catch the first train and even bought me a rose as a first gift of the year.

I went to sleep with a smile on my face, because this seemed to be promising start to the new year and I thought he was a god-sent gift ;) Little did I know the extent of our little rendezvous ;p He really contacted me several hours later and asked if I was free to join him and his friend at Zouk. I was game for it of course, so I joined the same group of friends whom I saw hours ago to Zouk and partied the night away~

Juicier parts coming up in Part Two x

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Greek Goddess

As I relived my experience last night, I felt excited all over again ;)

I met with my man last evening to hang out (and to rendezvous of course) and I had a semi-translucent dress on that I usually wear with a skin colour bra (this time I was wearing one of the new lacy bras I bought last week that shows off a nice cleavage) n black leggings. I'm sure everyone here is having a major turnoff now (so did my man), so he suggested I remove those.

Not that I hadn't anticipated that request, because it was something that he had been gently coaxing me to do. Since I knew it will please him, I began to unbutton my dress n removed my bra and leggings and threw them onto the backseat. He gave me a once over and smiled with delight (probably saw my erected nips through the dress).

By then we have already arrived at the car park infamous for being a gay pick up joint. We cruised around and saw many tour buses scattered across the lot and a number of cars idled at various spots. Though it was dark in those cars, it didn't take a genius to guess what could be going on inside ;p

We picked a centralised spot and parked. We started kissing while touching each others' intimate spots. He touched my pussy through my black string and found that I was wet already. As I lose myself in the teasing kiss, he rubbed my clit and inserted his finger into my wet pussy rhythmically. I was stroking his growing dick and scratching his balls concurrently. He then asked for the vibrator that he gave me earlier on and started using it to play with me. He turned on the vibrator and brought it to my clit and it sent pleasant shivers up my body. As I moaned, he leaned over his seat and put his arm around me to pull me close.

As I became higher than high, he asked if I want to play with his dick. Of course I would love to! I looked into his eyes as I started licking the tip of his shaft. Then I closed my lips around the glans and he sighed with pleasure. When he became rock-hard, he gave me to heads up to climb over to his seat. As I eased myself onto his lap, I sat on the horn and that brought a chuckle from my man.

While I was trying to find a comfortable position, he was already pushing apart my dress and my g-string to find my pussy. He placed his hard member at my petals and I lowered myself down so that he can enter me. He started to thrust into me slowly at first, but gradually pick up speed. The first few buttons of my dress was already undone, so the dress slipped off my left shoulder to expose my left boob with all the action going on. He was enjoying the view and commented that I looked like a Greek goddess ;p so he reached out to fondle my exposed nipple while he pulled down the other side to reveal my right breast as well. I continued riding him topless on his seat and he alternate between fondling my boobs and grabbing my ass.

Just before he cum, he suggested doing it outside the car. Good thing I was wearing my 4-inch heels because he is very tall. I buttoned up my dress and we got out of the car. He held my hand and led me to the back of the bus. I bended over while arching my ass to invite him in. He lifted up my dress to admire my firm round ass and the g-string I had on. Because my string is in the way, he got a little impatient and pulled down my string in order to push his dick into me. He reached around and cupped both of my tits while he started banging me. He was sweet enough to remind me that the back of the bus was too dusty so I should hold on to him to avoid getting my hands dirtied. We were about to climax when he decided we should save the best part for later when we get to the room ;)

It was exhilarating to be fucked from behind and have my boobs cupped out in public! Though there wasn't any audience (there was a guy who probably saw us bonking but he didn't hang around to watch), it felt liberating and exotic. Certainly looking forward to do it again hehe x