Love is for fools~

Friday, 21 June 2013


Funny that Lord Crimson asked if he could use my bra as a mask... That the padding would suffice as filters :p And my scent would keep him "up" x

It would be interesting to see couples sharing a bra while walking through the hazy streets. Adding that to the already creative string of masks.

Stay indoors, people!

Monday, 10 June 2013


I planned to indulge in some fun time with Lord Crimson at the cinema (even though it was the afternoon show and it's a regular cinema!). But I didn't tell him in advance hence he couldn't comprehend why we were seated at the very last row and at the corner of the cinema. When I whispered into his ear that I actually wanted to be naughty with him, he immediately wrapped his arm around me and slipped his hands down my side, exploring my clothes and trying to find a zip or the hem of my clothes. He pulled my chiffon top up and cupped both my breasts while the movie continued to run on the screen. I moved my right hand up his thigh and rested my fingers over his crotch.

When he moved to pull my bra aside to expose my left nipple, my breath caught. He then cupped the side of my face and pulled me in for a kiss. The light twirling of our tongues (trust me, his tongue is agile!), sucking on each others' lips... Mmmmm worthwhile to miss a few scenes x

The laughter that erupted in the theatre caused me to broke the kiss, but he didn't stop with the fondling. He even unhooked my bra so that my boobs were freed from their restrain. I leaned into him and he resumed kneading my soft breasts. He even tried to slip his hand into my underwear, but I had to remind him that the area was out of bounds; my mensus just started so unless I want the seats to look like a murder scene, we had to behave ourselves. So his fingers stayed at my clit and that was a major distraction - the alternating pace, the occasional shift to my nipples, the wet and gentle kisses... x

Thursday, 6 June 2013


It was incredibly hot, waaayyyy to hot... So much that I turned red and burnt a little rather than tan well.

So I sat at the pool bar most of the time, sipping beer and cocktail, squinting at passersby and the company at the pool ;) Would you still approach me if you see me dehydrated and red, like an unglamorous lobster? x