Love is for fools~

Monday, 29 October 2012


It might have oozed, flowed, or even gushed... But it didn't change the fact that I've creamed, on my own... It's not even Sir Helmet's cum heh ;p Of course, it was with intense coaxing and stimulation from him - the lip-lock, the feast on his meat and the licking of my lady parts :$ Such care and attention he exercised when he explore my petals thoroughly with his tongue and taking the skin between his lips and teasing it with his tongue... I'm sure my labia minora fitted his closed lips just as snugly his sausage fitted my naughty lips...

Saturday, 27 October 2012


Bounded, blinded, at the mercy of Sir Helmet. As I have become more cannibalistic, I was fed a sausage, his sausage, made of 100% fresh meat with heated blood pumping in the veins. My sensitive ears, one of the senses I was left with, picked up his ecstatic moans. He explained that Sir Helmet relished being in my teasing mouth, especially when I sucked on the reddish-looking tip, hard.

Friday, 26 October 2012


My middle has become, and remain sensitive to touch, so much that I squirm and erupt with laughter ;p

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Fair Play

Work continues to be a bitch. If it was a real person, she better fucking watch it; I have a lot ideas that I'd like to execute on her that will definitely land me in jail.

And because I was trying to fuck work instead of letting it fuck me, I was late in meeting fair-skinned Sir Helmet. While he waited for me, he made good use of every second to think of ways to punish me. I couldn't quite take him seriously, because he seemed to be such a Nicey Nicey heh.

I headed to the toilet to freshen up and emerged in my undergarments. He could be admiring how my buns moved while I walked over to the dressing table, I wouldn't know because I'd already bent over leaving my ass in the air when I reached into my bag; he's an ass man too like the rest of you ;)

When I straightened up, I turned towards him to give him a kiss, the kind where we feast on each others' lips and tried to devour each other up. He backed me towards the bed and held on to my back while I fell back onto the bed. He withdrew from the lip lock and continued his assault southwards. When his face drew near to my left breast, I let out a giggle; I was unusually giggly, partly because he has facial hair the likes of a goatee and the thought of the hair brushing against my skin gave me shivers and giggles! I nearly coiled into ball and he tried to unroll me in puzzlement. I finally stifled my laughter and let him continue his quest towards my pubic area.

The licking began and it felt heavenly... His tongue dragged across the surface of my clit and rotated back to the starting point. While he circulated his tongue around my clit, his fingers pushed aside the petals and he continued to lick faster, and faster, and faster... My breath caught in my chest and I was no longer giggly. I could feel my petals flushing and my toes curling. I could bear no more hence he inserted a finger into my increasingly wet pussy to further stimulate me. I whimpered softly while he picked up speed as well as sucked on my clit. Such agonizing pleasure!

Good things doesn't last forever; it was my turn to please him! We switched positions and I laid between his widespread legs and took his manhood into my right hand, watching it grew to life. I wrapped my hand around it gently first, then slide along the shaft and subsequently held it by the stem, shaking it to encourage blood flow within the rod. It was fascinating watching the tip peeked shyly from the layer of skin, gradually gathering courage and emerged looking red and furious. I kissed him lightly while holding Sir Helmet's gaze, before claiming his manhood. He let out a moan tinged with ecstasy as I continued to alternate between sucking on his erected dick and the large pair of grapes connected to the rod.

He could not hold off the desire to put himself into me any longer so he ripped the package apart and rolled on the plastic. Despite having a pillow propping my bottom up while he pumped me missionary, he kept slipping out of me. Perhaps I was too wet? But he probably enjoyed it much more slamming into my curvy cheeks doggy-style, where he released his load eventually x

Now, who received the punishment? ;p

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Chasing Away the Blues (Part 2)

Prince Al's fingers were still sliding in and out my lovely holes, and I was still subjected to the mixed feelings it brought me - the friction in my pussy sent blood rushing to my intimate lips and my back arched backwards but the same motion caused my muscles to cringe around his finger and I couldn't help but want to ball myself up. Such contradictions!

He withdrew his magical fingers and wanted me to return the gestures but even when we switched position and I laid underneath his open butt cheeks (seeing his hairy butt was a first for me, in fact, any butt would be a first!), I still could not bring myself to lick his ass hole. So I only traced my finger around the entrance and giggled. Hopefully there will be a next time reciprocate. He might not have been pleased but time was ticking.

He picked himself up and extended a hand to me, pulling me up to my feet. I was told to face the mirror on the dressing table and reach for my toes. Well well, he's a PE teacher now?? I had no worries about not being able to reach my toes so I bent forward and pointed my ass to the ceiling, legs apart. Then I felt his protruding organ poking into my gaping lips and pushing into the narrow canal. She was still trying to get her bearings after the double-hole assault so she needed some warm up. He had no problem with being gentle initially because of the pot of honey that awaited him. It got increasingly easy with every thrust; the familiar feeling of him sliding in and out of me stimulated juices and it took us from gentle motions to intense bonking. I rocked forward sharply every time he slammed into me, so much so that I had to hang on tight to the sheets and dig my heels into the mattress to prevent myself from being pushed over the edge. Mind you, that wasn't easy because I had all my four limbs on the mattress, my ass was still in the air and it threw my balance off a little. It helped that he was still holding on to my hips with both hands, with his palms traveling across my bubble cheeks from time to time, but me pushing back into him when he thrusted forward probably propelled him even more heh. Blood started to leave my peachy cheeks and rushed to my head, which was very close to the surface of the bed because I am quite flexible. It would be difficult to walk the medic through what mischief we were up to that resulted in me collapsing hence he gave me a break and pulled himself out of me.

He sat at the edge of the bed and motioned for me sit on his lap, facing him but with my legs open. I was quite wobbly by then, so my motions were calculated and slow, just in case I fell off the bed or something along that line. He gave me a hand and I leeched onto him, not forgetting to guide his tool into my petals. His soft gasp suggested that his manhood enjoyed the moment it returned to the warm and narrow cave. My girl parts probably blushed upon contact, given the blood should have gone back to where it should be. Now it's my turn to rock, which I did with my hands around his neck. Back and forth, in and out, our pelvis meeting, our eyes catching and our breathing laboured.

I loved being bonked this way and he knew this of course, so he put his hands on my fleshy buns and pulled my bottom towards him while he forced himself all the way into me, repeatedly. Ooo that really got me trembling with pleasure and my moans ringing across the room ;) His earlobe was within reach hence I caught it between my lips, where I tucked, licked and sucked on it mercilessly. My own moans, the intense friction between my legs and his groans drowned out all other thoughts. All these while I dug into the muscles on his shoulder with the fleshy tips of my fingers because I was careful not to leave any marks; it was as if a beast was unleashed within us and we held nothing back.

Before we went sailing over the tipping point, he paused and that brought me back to earth. He instructed me to stand up once again and I was bewildered; I thought we were excellent in that position. Apparently he wanted to fuck me in one of his favourite position. He held my hips while I rearranged my feet to face the mirror once again and leaned slightly forward to give him better access to my throbbing pussy. Strangely, his tool started poking around my nether region and I wondered if it was that difficult to find my pussy. She could wait no longer so I tried to shift myself but he stopped me - his member just wanted to have a tour around the area ;) He finally hit bull's eye and slid into me with much ease and picked up speed right away. I liked looking at us rocking in unison and the look of ecstasy on his face, so much that I had to twist around to set my eyes at his sun-kissed face. He ran his fingers along my chin when he noticed me gazing at him and grabbed my left arm while he thrust forward, hard. That drew another loud moan and I turned my body to face the mirror once again in order to enjoy the pumping thoroughly. I felt even more alive when he cupped my right breast and pinched my nip while he kneaded the boob. His breathing became more intense and he pulled himself out, spraying his soldiers all over the linen, my back and perhaps my hair as well. I turned around and knelt in front of him, sucking on what's left on and in his rod. He reciprocated by taking a fierce bite out of my curvy butt. Such a cannibal xx

Happy 6th month anniversary guys and gals, thank you for all your support thus far ;D

Monday, 15 October 2012

Chasing Away the Blues (Part 1)

My Monday blues usually start on Sunday evening. It still started as usual, but it dissipated by Monday lunchtime because Prince Al tapped me up for a quickie. This is the first time he didn't drive but I didn't mind; he showed up in his running gear where its bright colour cheered me up, or maybe it was him who lifted my mood.

There was a slight disappointment though, because the room didn't come with the large mirror which I thought it would. But it certainly would not deter us from pushing each others' limits. Seconds were precious hence he popped into the shower while I shivered in my bare and smooth brown skin because it was chilly in the room! I was still shivering in my lotus position, which gave him a good view of my Missy, when he came out of the shower. He leaned forward and rained kisses on my cheeks instead of his trademark breath-taking kiss (he was coughing after all) but that didn't dampen our mood, it kicked start a series of domino effect instead...

He laid back on the pillow and I propped myself up between his legs and my tongue danced on the tip of the mushroom-shaped head and beneath the cap while I wrapped my hand around the throbbing shaft. One might say my tongue swirled around his dick, others might think his erection swam around in my wet mouth ;) The gentle spiraling didn't last long because he stood up on the bed and I knelt in front of him, offering my mouth to him. He pushed his stiffy into my eager lips slowly while he held my hair away from my face so that it was not in our way. He gradually picked up speed and thrusted deeper and harder into my mouth. I knew he likes deep throat, so I tried my best to take as much as possible, as deep as possible, until I started to gag; I am not that used to deep throat after all. He didn't mind it but asked if I was alright, I nodded weakly.

He had been putting his fingers into my ears all the while and I couldn't quite get what he was trying to do. Then it hit me - he wanted to try something new with me, something that I knew he enjoyed but I had been resisting as well - anal rimming. I gave in this time and he motioned for me to perch myself on top of him, with my ass in the air on top of his face. I was still dizzy from the mouth-fucking so I felt that I was about the loose my balance when I shifted into position. It would have been disastrous if I stepped on or sat on his face, I don't think he would appreciate my manicured toes or peachy cheeks if I did land on him heh. I got into 69 perfectly fine and he started licking me. And sucking on my petals. And poking his tongue into my warm lady hole. And all these while, his finger was never far away from my ass hole... While I felt his presence in the hole that was relatively well acquainted with his rod, he was distracting me by rubbing his finger on the forbidden hole, and he finally pushed a finger into the shy hole... He could be licking the damn hole as well, I couldnt be sure. The force he exerted in order to go against the muscles brought me out of the pleasure zone, I was not used to this after all. But I was determined to go through it hence I tried embracing the sensation. It was a queer feeling, because by now, he had one finger in my pussy and another up my ass... He picked up speed once again and it started to be both pleasuring and sharp at the same time. I was sucking on his hard rod and massaging his balls hard while all these were going on but I stopped when he picked up speed and let out a moan... Numerous moans actually x

Friday, 12 October 2012


As I set down my handbag, he pulled me for a kiss, one that woke my senses... I wrapped my hands around him, our tongues fought inside each others' mouth, sucking on our lips hard. I no longer felt I am floating around in the vacuum but I am surrounded by the beach; I could even smell the sea... The vacuum I have been feeling was chased away instantaneously... Prince Al's way of saying "Hello".

I shed my clothes swiftly while he stepped into the washroom and flopped onto the bed, lying on my stomach. He would like the view of my ass, I thought. He was, in fact, impressed with how soon I became naked :p We kissed again and he pinned me underneath him to the bed; oh how I loved to be under his control... He shifted his focus to my earlobe and that draw a giggle from me, how ticklish and hilarious it was because his breathing sounded like a beast gnawing its victim. My neck was no spared and so were my breasts. His tongue flicked across my left nipple and that was sensational, certainly sent waves of desire to my petals... Then his lips claimed the whole nip and he sucked, hard, while he played with my right boob concurrently. "Ahhhh..." That propelled my back off the bed with pain-pleasure. He pulled back and moved upwards, positioning his dick in front of my face. I grabbed the attention-seeker and stuffed my face with his erected cock and my left hand went straight for his balls. I had to lift my head slightly off the bed in order to get better access to the rod.

He withdrew and pulled me upright so that I could be in a more comfortable position, i.e. kneeling in front of him. I went straight for the kill and continue assaulting his cock. His groan hinted that he enjoyed the warm and wet cave that his swollen member was in. I obeyed when he wanted me to suck his balls as well. I've always been delicate with his balls but no longer, I tilted his shaft to one side and took a big gulp of the set of jewels, sucking hard. I looked up from the corner of my eyes and caught his twinkling eyes.

He could not stand it anymore so he told me to move to the dressing table. I tiptoed over and leaned forward, arching my back so that my inviting bubble butt is raised. He plunged in, bringing me some pain because my pussy needed to get used to his thick shaft. I inhaled sharply hence he slowly down his pace, carefully inserting and withdrawing himself, until I relaxed and held his gaze in the mirror. He pressed ahead and pumped me hard and furious, both of our bodies moving in unison, so much that when he wanted to move back to the bed, he didn't even remove himself from me but dragged me along with his dick still interacting with my pussy. She wouldn't complain of course, because she enjoys wrapping herself around him ;)

He sat down on the edge of the bed and I followed suit, wasting no time but started to ride him straight away. There were occasions where I got too excited and nearly lost my balance. He would steady me by holding me in place at the hip or his palms would rest on my tits, taking the opportunity to stimulate me further by massaging them. He pulled himself (along with me as well because we have not been detached since he inserted himself into me) further up the bed so he could lay down properly and I could ride him to my heart's content! By now I was already dripping-well so I could slide up and down his dick with ease and oh, the piak piak sound...

"Before this bed becomes a bloody murder scene, let's hit the showers." He turned on the shower and stepped into it, I did the same. While I was dousing myself, he playfully flicked water in my direction and to my horror some hit my face! I smacked his ass cheeks and water sprang in my direction, argh! He laughed and grabbed my hips and told me to put my hands on the wall, as if he was the police and he was petting me down. Of course this police had all ill intentions in mind and he sure is set on acting on them ;)

Since we were all lubricated, he slid into me fluidly and pumped into me with force, sending water droplets all over the place each time our bodies slammed into each other. With the beat and flow of the water on the outside and the motion and friction on the inside, it was phenomenal... But sadness continues to lurk at the edge of my consciousness...

Friday, 5 October 2012


*Cough cough*

Lying on my bed, dreaming of dicks...

*Cough cough*