Love is for fools~

Saturday, 30 March 2013


Gotta stretch... Gotta be flexible... I have turned into an old bag of bones after my island getaway! How am I gonna do well in the showcase?!

*wriggle* *scratch* *wriggle*

Even the sun is against me... Sure, I have a decent tan, but it has brought tinkles to my skin... Or it could be the oil at the spa... Argh...

Sunday, 17 March 2013


Prince Al's balls were screaming for attention, so I took the slightly hairy pair into my mouth (one at any point in time; my dainty mouth ain't that big), sucking them hard while twirling my agile tongue round and round.

He pulled me to my feet, put his hands on my hips and spun me around. I knew I would have difficulties inserting himself into me if I rode him straight away, hence I leaned forward, giving him access to my lady bits. He took the cue and pushed his thick shaft into me from behind.

"I could feel your pussy spread aside by my cock." He groaned. I mirrored him because I felt that as well! His dick slowly entering me, filling me, withdrawing from me, and reentering me, pushing against the tight walls to get reacquainted with the deepest part of me, again and again.

When he felt I'm much more lubricated, he pulled us back and he rested his bottom on the outdoor furniture and I began moving myself slowly up and down him, controlling the speed and the depth of our contact. While I enjoyed his harden rod moving within me, he grabbed my (tiny) sensitive boobs and mmmmm that certainly propelled me to new heights.

Why waste the air-conditioning? He told me to go inside, which I happily obliged. He sat on the edge of the bed and I mounted onto him, stuffing him into me, wrapping my arms around his neck while he pushed into me. In order to reminisce our past, he had me laying flat on my stomach and he entered me straight away with my legs closed, just like how he entered me the very first time; I'd come a long way and grown accustomed to his thick dick quickly.

Given his circumference, I felt the bulk entering me and that brought out a few yelps from me... The momentum brought pleasure yet a little pain as well, but not as painful as what's in store!

I came to the doggy position, interestingly, his finger was quick to busy itself with my asshole while his curious dick was roaming between my aching pussy and shy ass...... It was a confusing sensation - the familiar friction where a dick rightfully belongs and the strange thrusts behind it... Anyway, true enough, his naughty rod tried to pry himself into my asshole!! Although he tried to be very gentle, I still felt strong resistance against his entry. While he slowly but surely penetrate me, the initial thrusts felt raw but manageable. However, after a certain point, the sensation tipped over and the amount of pain just skyrocketed; I was squealing not with delight but agony, because it kinda felt like my ass was torn opened. Sharp pain seized me, but he mistook my squeals as pleasure so he continued on... I had to slap his hand which was on my waist to get him to stop!

Cherry popped :'''(

Friday, 15 March 2013

... Pop?

It certainly sent a warm buzz through me when I laid eyes on Prince Al again; not all surprises are nasty, this is delicious!

Maybe sizzling was a better word, or maybe bangz was the right word! He was already naked and hard when I emerged from the toilet. I stripped to my newly tanned skin and crawled between his legs, wrapping my hands around the thick shaft and licked the tip of his dick, where precum and protein oozes out, with the tip of my tongue. It was just wonderful to get reacquainted with Prince Al (especially his manhood, who is always excited to see me) after so long. That was the catalyst that set off the bangz and the boomz thereafter!

He got to his feet and led me out to the balcony, where daylight was slowly fading. I knelt in front of him and continued with what I was doing - trying to devour his manhood!

Monday, 11 March 2013


Apparently not minx-y enough. Guess I just gotta know my place; of course the married men ain't going to make any changes to their lives for me.

Need to get my act together.

Saturday, 9 March 2013


Why would anyone think it is offensive for girls to wear Wicked Weasel bikinis?? This idiot was ranting about going to the beach and seeing a group of Asian girls wearing bikinis that barely covered their parts, even saying that they look like prostitutes prancing around.

I saw red after hearing that. So much that I feel like smacking him on the side of his head and put him on a plane to send him back from the village he came from. Fucker!!

And for those of you who think I am selling myself via this channel, go fuck yourself. If you can't spark my interest, you ain't worth my time and attention. If you are successful, you will float with ecstasy x

Thursday, 7 March 2013


The pressure, the resistance, the confusion, the whingeing, the dissatisfaction, the bleakness, the silence. Such is life, at least that is a snapshot of mine.

It didn't get any better; I look like a poodle now. F-U-C-K.

It all adds up and I would love to expel the negativity out of my body, in one way or the other. I need to. I'm near tipping point; I need to execute instead of being inflicted upon. At least I am certain that I won't be fired. But I certainly feel like throwing the letter every other moment :p Or I could shave away the hideous curls, like how I shave my pussy. Or I could just fly away to a deserted island and create my own kingdom woohoooo

I just need to get my head around things and stop having naughty thoughts about the possibly lonely married hunk in the office who's wife brought their baby back home for visiting, or the fact that I'll be running into the wife of the ang mo whom I fucked in the office a year ago for work purposes. Arghhhhh