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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Surprise - Part 2

How would you feel if a naked girl lay beneath you with her legs spread open, arms tucked behind her back and moaning? Bam! If you are a hot-blooded male you would be turned on of course. At least Lord Crimson was not insensitive. My arms were starting to loose their feeling, hence he turned me to my left side and released the bright orange strips. Phew now I could breathe easier! It was not easy being tied up :p

With my arms freed, I could lie on the bed properly, but it's improper to not have my dripping hole filled. With the Pink Monster up my pussy once again, my juices was flowing all over the place, so much so Lord Crimson was amazed by how wet the tool was when he inspected it after pulling it out. 

It's time for pleasing me proper and I wasn't disappointed. His huge cock tried to enter my supposedly lubricated hole, however, he was still stuck. I still need some warming up done despite having been drilled by the battery-powered tool. The Lord was gentle with me so he slowly continued to ease into me until the tip of his cock reached my cervix. He pulled out slowly and pushed himself into me, again and again, picking speed as he went, until he was slamming into me, hard. I held on to him and our lips found each other. It was the exact opposite of what was happening down south; we were exploring each other's lips softly, sucking on each lip lightly before engulfing each other. All these while he had been banging me hard and I had been moaning with pleasure whenever I wasn't busy kissing him. 

Now, it was my turn to shower the eager cock with undivided attention while he watched on. I liked giving him a blowjob because he did not smell and he was even neatly groomed on most occassions. The problem was, he's so thick so there's only so much I could eat before gagging. He encourage me to go deeper, but I gagged shortly after. I reckon other stimulants played a part hence I focused on sucking him hard and twirling my tongue around his shaft. 

My saliva was dripping off his angry-looking manhood while I wrapped my wet fingers around him and stimulating him while I tightened the grip of my lips around the mushroom tip. That brought out a series of moans from The Lord; he hadn't cum for a while hence his cock looked even thicker and angrier than usual. I continued sucking on him, with my head bobbing up and down and my left hand giving him a tea-bag. That must have felt really good because his moan suddenly got louder; I liked that response so I continued on and I was rewarded with an explosion of warm, sticky cum that flowed down his shaft. I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of strange smell and stinging taste, so I swallowed his soldiers gleefully and began licking off the rest of the substance from his still erected manhood. 

Yummy ;)


  1. Wow how long and thick is he that he hits your cervix?

    1. Any chance of a blowjob pic if I'm not pushing my luck? Btw, is there something wrong with blogger? I saw this post 6 days after it was supposedly posted and I only saw the pic now

    2. I'll see what I can do about the BJ pic; it'll go onto the Wishlist!
      And I've got to admit that I was too blur the first time round and I forgot to upload the photo heh x