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Monday, 4 August 2014


I haven't been writing because I cannot find the words anymore; most of the sentences do not flow and words become excessive. Taking photos become a hassle; there are only that many angles I can take photos from, and also because I have put on weight. Opinions and comments of strangers do not matter anymore and I simply do not have the time nor the will to put in extra effort to draft my adventures. 

However, in the light of recent tragedies (planes crashing, wars raging on and natural disasters), the urge to write tinkled at my fingertips. 

So I shall leave you with a little something - my 50 Shades of Grey tied me to the bed and oiled me up with yogurt... I was in a bit of a giggly mode that time, but if I wasn't, it would have been more serious and intense... Perhaps the look on my face would mimic AS's expression on the "50 Shades of Grey" trailer... Can't wait for the movie!!


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  3. May I ask whether I can use your photos for my blog post??I will link your blog in that post if you allow

  4. You still look as gorgeous as before!

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