Love is for fools~

Friday, 12 October 2012


As I set down my handbag, he pulled me for a kiss, one that woke my senses... I wrapped my hands around him, our tongues fought inside each others' mouth, sucking on our lips hard. I no longer felt I am floating around in the vacuum but I am surrounded by the beach; I could even smell the sea... The vacuum I have been feeling was chased away instantaneously... Prince Al's way of saying "Hello".

I shed my clothes swiftly while he stepped into the washroom and flopped onto the bed, lying on my stomach. He would like the view of my ass, I thought. He was, in fact, impressed with how soon I became naked :p We kissed again and he pinned me underneath him to the bed; oh how I loved to be under his control... He shifted his focus to my earlobe and that draw a giggle from me, how ticklish and hilarious it was because his breathing sounded like a beast gnawing its victim. My neck was no spared and so were my breasts. His tongue flicked across my left nipple and that was sensational, certainly sent waves of desire to my petals... Then his lips claimed the whole nip and he sucked, hard, while he played with my right boob concurrently. "Ahhhh..." That propelled my back off the bed with pain-pleasure. He pulled back and moved upwards, positioning his dick in front of my face. I grabbed the attention-seeker and stuffed my face with his erected cock and my left hand went straight for his balls. I had to lift my head slightly off the bed in order to get better access to the rod.

He withdrew and pulled me upright so that I could be in a more comfortable position, i.e. kneeling in front of him. I went straight for the kill and continue assaulting his cock. His groan hinted that he enjoyed the warm and wet cave that his swollen member was in. I obeyed when he wanted me to suck his balls as well. I've always been delicate with his balls but no longer, I tilted his shaft to one side and took a big gulp of the set of jewels, sucking hard. I looked up from the corner of my eyes and caught his twinkling eyes.

He could not stand it anymore so he told me to move to the dressing table. I tiptoed over and leaned forward, arching my back so that my inviting bubble butt is raised. He plunged in, bringing me some pain because my pussy needed to get used to his thick shaft. I inhaled sharply hence he slowly down his pace, carefully inserting and withdrawing himself, until I relaxed and held his gaze in the mirror. He pressed ahead and pumped me hard and furious, both of our bodies moving in unison, so much that when he wanted to move back to the bed, he didn't even remove himself from me but dragged me along with his dick still interacting with my pussy. She wouldn't complain of course, because she enjoys wrapping herself around him ;)

He sat down on the edge of the bed and I followed suit, wasting no time but started to ride him straight away. There were occasions where I got too excited and nearly lost my balance. He would steady me by holding me in place at the hip or his palms would rest on my tits, taking the opportunity to stimulate me further by massaging them. He pulled himself (along with me as well because we have not been detached since he inserted himself into me) further up the bed so he could lay down properly and I could ride him to my heart's content! By now I was already dripping-well so I could slide up and down his dick with ease and oh, the piak piak sound...

"Before this bed becomes a bloody murder scene, let's hit the showers." He turned on the shower and stepped into it, I did the same. While I was dousing myself, he playfully flicked water in my direction and to my horror some hit my face! I smacked his ass cheeks and water sprang in my direction, argh! He laughed and grabbed my hips and told me to put my hands on the wall, as if he was the police and he was petting me down. Of course this police had all ill intentions in mind and he sure is set on acting on them ;)

Since we were all lubricated, he slid into me fluidly and pumped into me with force, sending water droplets all over the place each time our bodies slammed into each other. With the beat and flow of the water on the outside and the motion and friction on the inside, it was phenomenal... But sadness continues to lurk at the edge of my consciousness...


  1. I love the picture! It's fun to know you're having fun, aal babe! :D

  2. I just love doing it in the shower, something about the water that just makes it mmmmmmmmmmm