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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Chasing Away the Blues (Part 2)

Prince Al's fingers were still sliding in and out my lovely holes, and I was still subjected to the mixed feelings it brought me - the friction in my pussy sent blood rushing to my intimate lips and my back arched backwards but the same motion caused my muscles to cringe around his finger and I couldn't help but want to ball myself up. Such contradictions!

He withdrew his magical fingers and wanted me to return the gestures but even when we switched position and I laid underneath his open butt cheeks (seeing his hairy butt was a first for me, in fact, any butt would be a first!), I still could not bring myself to lick his ass hole. So I only traced my finger around the entrance and giggled. Hopefully there will be a next time reciprocate. He might not have been pleased but time was ticking.

He picked himself up and extended a hand to me, pulling me up to my feet. I was told to face the mirror on the dressing table and reach for my toes. Well well, he's a PE teacher now?? I had no worries about not being able to reach my toes so I bent forward and pointed my ass to the ceiling, legs apart. Then I felt his protruding organ poking into my gaping lips and pushing into the narrow canal. She was still trying to get her bearings after the double-hole assault so she needed some warm up. He had no problem with being gentle initially because of the pot of honey that awaited him. It got increasingly easy with every thrust; the familiar feeling of him sliding in and out of me stimulated juices and it took us from gentle motions to intense bonking. I rocked forward sharply every time he slammed into me, so much so that I had to hang on tight to the sheets and dig my heels into the mattress to prevent myself from being pushed over the edge. Mind you, that wasn't easy because I had all my four limbs on the mattress, my ass was still in the air and it threw my balance off a little. It helped that he was still holding on to my hips with both hands, with his palms traveling across my bubble cheeks from time to time, but me pushing back into him when he thrusted forward probably propelled him even more heh. Blood started to leave my peachy cheeks and rushed to my head, which was very close to the surface of the bed because I am quite flexible. It would be difficult to walk the medic through what mischief we were up to that resulted in me collapsing hence he gave me a break and pulled himself out of me.

He sat at the edge of the bed and motioned for me sit on his lap, facing him but with my legs open. I was quite wobbly by then, so my motions were calculated and slow, just in case I fell off the bed or something along that line. He gave me a hand and I leeched onto him, not forgetting to guide his tool into my petals. His soft gasp suggested that his manhood enjoyed the moment it returned to the warm and narrow cave. My girl parts probably blushed upon contact, given the blood should have gone back to where it should be. Now it's my turn to rock, which I did with my hands around his neck. Back and forth, in and out, our pelvis meeting, our eyes catching and our breathing laboured.

I loved being bonked this way and he knew this of course, so he put his hands on my fleshy buns and pulled my bottom towards him while he forced himself all the way into me, repeatedly. Ooo that really got me trembling with pleasure and my moans ringing across the room ;) His earlobe was within reach hence I caught it between my lips, where I tucked, licked and sucked on it mercilessly. My own moans, the intense friction between my legs and his groans drowned out all other thoughts. All these while I dug into the muscles on his shoulder with the fleshy tips of my fingers because I was careful not to leave any marks; it was as if a beast was unleashed within us and we held nothing back.

Before we went sailing over the tipping point, he paused and that brought me back to earth. He instructed me to stand up once again and I was bewildered; I thought we were excellent in that position. Apparently he wanted to fuck me in one of his favourite position. He held my hips while I rearranged my feet to face the mirror once again and leaned slightly forward to give him better access to my throbbing pussy. Strangely, his tool started poking around my nether region and I wondered if it was that difficult to find my pussy. She could wait no longer so I tried to shift myself but he stopped me - his member just wanted to have a tour around the area ;) He finally hit bull's eye and slid into me with much ease and picked up speed right away. I liked looking at us rocking in unison and the look of ecstasy on his face, so much that I had to twist around to set my eyes at his sun-kissed face. He ran his fingers along my chin when he noticed me gazing at him and grabbed my left arm while he thrust forward, hard. That drew another loud moan and I turned my body to face the mirror once again in order to enjoy the pumping thoroughly. I felt even more alive when he cupped my right breast and pinched my nip while he kneaded the boob. His breathing became more intense and he pulled himself out, spraying his soldiers all over the linen, my back and perhaps my hair as well. I turned around and knelt in front of him, sucking on what's left on and in his rod. He reciprocated by taking a fierce bite out of my curvy butt. Such a cannibal xx

Happy 6th month anniversary guys and gals, thank you for all your support thus far ;D


  1. Hope that chased the blues away :)

    1. The session did chased away the blues, and offered a closure as well.

  2. Glad it all worked out for you two :)

  3. It has been fun reading your blog and it's my pleasure supporting it.