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Monday, 15 October 2012

Chasing Away the Blues (Part 1)

My Monday blues usually start on Sunday evening. It still started as usual, but it dissipated by Monday lunchtime because Prince Al tapped me up for a quickie. This is the first time he didn't drive but I didn't mind; he showed up in his running gear where its bright colour cheered me up, or maybe it was him who lifted my mood.

There was a slight disappointment though, because the room didn't come with the large mirror which I thought it would. But it certainly would not deter us from pushing each others' limits. Seconds were precious hence he popped into the shower while I shivered in my bare and smooth brown skin because it was chilly in the room! I was still shivering in my lotus position, which gave him a good view of my Missy, when he came out of the shower. He leaned forward and rained kisses on my cheeks instead of his trademark breath-taking kiss (he was coughing after all) but that didn't dampen our mood, it kicked start a series of domino effect instead...

He laid back on the pillow and I propped myself up between his legs and my tongue danced on the tip of the mushroom-shaped head and beneath the cap while I wrapped my hand around the throbbing shaft. One might say my tongue swirled around his dick, others might think his erection swam around in my wet mouth ;) The gentle spiraling didn't last long because he stood up on the bed and I knelt in front of him, offering my mouth to him. He pushed his stiffy into my eager lips slowly while he held my hair away from my face so that it was not in our way. He gradually picked up speed and thrusted deeper and harder into my mouth. I knew he likes deep throat, so I tried my best to take as much as possible, as deep as possible, until I started to gag; I am not that used to deep throat after all. He didn't mind it but asked if I was alright, I nodded weakly.

He had been putting his fingers into my ears all the while and I couldn't quite get what he was trying to do. Then it hit me - he wanted to try something new with me, something that I knew he enjoyed but I had been resisting as well - anal rimming. I gave in this time and he motioned for me to perch myself on top of him, with my ass in the air on top of his face. I was still dizzy from the mouth-fucking so I felt that I was about the loose my balance when I shifted into position. It would have been disastrous if I stepped on or sat on his face, I don't think he would appreciate my manicured toes or peachy cheeks if I did land on him heh. I got into 69 perfectly fine and he started licking me. And sucking on my petals. And poking his tongue into my warm lady hole. And all these while, his finger was never far away from my ass hole... While I felt his presence in the hole that was relatively well acquainted with his rod, he was distracting me by rubbing his finger on the forbidden hole, and he finally pushed a finger into the shy hole... He could be licking the damn hole as well, I couldnt be sure. The force he exerted in order to go against the muscles brought me out of the pleasure zone, I was not used to this after all. But I was determined to go through it hence I tried embracing the sensation. It was a queer feeling, because by now, he had one finger in my pussy and another up my ass... He picked up speed once again and it started to be both pleasuring and sharp at the same time. I was sucking on his hard rod and massaging his balls hard while all these were going on but I stopped when he picked up speed and let out a moan... Numerous moans actually x


  1. waiting for more anal adventures!

  2. hahah! did u enjoy the anal stimulation to the point tt u've become curious to see how anal sex (intro 101) feels like?