Love is for fools~

Sunday, 13 January 2013


The Baron has let me down so my spirits have been pretty low recently.

But texting Prince Al certainly helps lift my spirits (mobile sex reminds me of school days haha) - imagining him fucking my mouth while I was bound by the telephone cord. I so missed playing and sucking his thick and throbbing manhood... And the hard thrusting from the back fills me up completely and just sends me over the edge... Look at that thick rod with veins popping up at the sides... Such a delicious and pleasurable (and reactive) tool... And there's even talks that he'll claim my butt because he likes my shapely buns a lot ;)

It's like loosing my virginity (but for my ass this time) all over again heh

Damn menses.


  1. Hmm looks like you had some protein shake for breakfast!

    Please show us pictures if you do allow him to take your ass!

  2. he seems unsatisfied and wanting more!