Love is for fools~

Friday, 11 January 2013


First post of the year and it is to celebrate the arrival of the first Friday of 2013!! Yeahhh~~

Such motivation eh? That's the problem of not having enough sexercise & exercise... So much that my arms nearly fell off their sockets when I returned to dance class (oh yes, I fell off the hoop because my arms gave out and it took me two days for my arms to recover :S). One of you suggested wheelbarrow as an exercise to strengthen my arms. It suspiciously resembles doggie... Hmmm was he suggesting something? Heh ;p

Alright, enough of whinging. One of my New Year resolutions is to work out more. I better pick my creaking bag of bones off the floor and start... taking the lead in the bedroom! Else I'd look too fleshy in my new WW bikini. Or an easier alternative is to lie on the beach and let the sun do the job. Jeez my tan has faded!!

Have a wonderful Friday ;)


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  2. Oh my.. Your elongated nipples look delicious and ready to be suckled on.. ;)

  3. Take care baby...
    cannot wait to see u in ur WW bikini...

  4. have a good weekend baby. misssssss u~

  5. tan or no tan, i just lurve your nipples. ;)

  6. Yea, it really seems your tan has faded. Mine, too. Time to hit the beach! Or at least, the swimming pool.