Love is for fools~

Saturday, 26 January 2013


Dismount and push? I wouldn't follow the advice blindly!

That was the sign that greeted Batman and I after we zipped around in his limited edition Batmobile. Strolling in the relatively brightly-lit park (NEA did a great job of keeping the whole place illuminated like a Xmas tree) in the middle of the night is refreshing - the breeze, the splashes of the waves and the silence... I don't mind the occasional creaking crickets and the laughing lizards ;)

We were roaming around the park when we thought we came across a sacred bush; there were railings and lights built around the bunch of leaves so the area actually looks formidable :p

Turns out to be nonsense! It was just an area laid with stones and the railings were for poor folks to hold on to when they walk on the stones!! I did not enjoy the impromptu foot reflexology session and Batman only lent me morale support! :(

But he did pull me towards him and clamp me down when I finally finished the agonizing walk for a long wet kiss. He is very tall so my neck ached after a while! He probably anticipated it so he cupped the base of my neck while his right hand engaged in a tour of my body. He slid his palm down the contour of my back and u-turned at the bottom of my peachy cheek, groping it, squeezing it while he enjoyed my inquisitive tongue swirling around his mouth and me sucking on his lips, hard x

Why limit the pleasure using only one hand while he has two? Batman released my head and attacked my bum using both hands! Cupping them with his large palm and pushing them together.

He pulled back and led me to the stool behind the railings and I flopped down onto his lap. We continued kissing while he slipped his hand underneath my skirt and found my lady lips. He went for my clit and hmmmm that distracted me from eating his lips, but the real diversion was his finger slipping into my love hole. The rhythm of his finger rotating in circle at the petals and then entering was pleasurable, but I was confused by the aftermath when he returned his attention to my clit; my pussy started burning... I thought I was burning with desire, but that sensation is more than mild... Then it hit me - we had buffalo wings with beer, that could be the reason for the spiciness down south!

It was getting late hence we adjourned to the washroom to freshen up. While I was washing my hands, Batman appeared at the entrance of the ladies room.

"I'd never been in the women's room." He confessed in his deep yet bright voice.

Before I could come up with something intelligent, he took big strides towards me and pulled me into one of the stalls and started kissing me wildly again! Haha I gladly returned the kiss and my hands stopped at his groin and explored the rod within, which has started to harden. I wanted to pull his member out from the zip area but he shrugged out of his trousers and briefs and out pop his dick ;)

Just then, we heard people coming into the toilet, so we hurried to straighten our clothes. I had to reclasp my bra hence I unzipped my dress. Batman took the chance and dived towards my nip and sucked on it! Haha such an opportunist x