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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

AM Controversy

I guess I have screwed it up with him, sigh...

And it stings to realise that I am actually my own worse nightmare. 

I would sign up with Ashley Madison, but I am wary of married or attached men... Seriously, all those talks about wanting the government to ban its launch or block it is a waste of efforts; there has been and will be a million and one ways to stray, should the individual wants to. 

So, will you be impressed if the supposedly-normal girl you meet through online dating website turns out to be as open and daring as I am...??


  1. Im impressed by you..
    I will like to understand how can i get to know you in reality too, may i? ;)

  2. If one's is going to stray, with or without AM is not going to make any difference. That is because it is already fairly easy to stray in our society.
    I do hope that I can meet open and daring kind of supposedly normal gal. Mind to mention which online dating website have the gathering of such fine ladies?

  3. The government is too conservative and naive. It is not in tune with the general public.
    You are a hot and sensual gal and you know that we support you in any ways.

  4. You don't have to be a member! You just need to message me! :-)

  5. haha.. All is good and fantastic.. live up to your dreams and fantasy! why not.. just live it up even higher?

  6. Every man dreams of having a tiger in bed. As long as your heart is with me, the wilder and more open the better.

  7. Excellent blog! I enjoying reading it. Keep it up!

  8. I would be pleasantly surprised.