Love is for fools~

Monday, 30 December 2013

Fallen off

I thought I could end the year with a bang (with Lord Crimson), but...

I seemed to have fallen off the wagon... I still swore loads in the office, but I seldom had the inspiration to pen my thoughts and feelings down these days. There were still inappropriate comments flying across the room full of men (I still enjoy being the only female in the office, so I will continue to bar any newcomer who is female!), but I guess the Ang Mohs were too much of a (gentle)men to discuss it further in front of me :(

So one of my New Year Resolution is: while I continue to seek The One worth straddling, I will get back onto the Horse and bring you my ernest thoughts and comments! 

Have a wonderful new year ahead!! Happy 2014 x



  1. wish i can kneel in front of you and lick that pussy...and slowly lick my way up to your nips then to your lips

  2. Happy new year! Just thought i'd say this; i wish i had a sexual lady like you in my office. Where I work, i'm pretty much the only guy. My manager and assistant are religious milfs and the executives are the typical gals next door, save one who's already married. Oh well. Maybe we have something in common? :)

  3. You know, I would really love to nibble on those nipples of yours. Of course, I won't miss the honey between your thighs.