Love is for fools~

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Downward Arc

That refers to the WW tan I have on my butt cheeks, as well as the shape of my mouth. He is totally not as into me as I am into him; I have had an enjoyable date with him, however, there is simply no follow up on his end. I have pathetically comical images of me trying to thaw him in my head, but to no avail. He is really a dead horse that I should stop flogging. 

More changes loomed over my head at the workplace; we will be significantly altered very soon... A part of me died when we got wind of it, looks like more of me will wilt when those changes are implemented......


  1. A "dead" horse? I've heard of "dead fish" description on girls. So he basically did nothing much and lie down like a fallen dead log and let u do the riding? He's such a mummy's boy I guess... suspect it's only right that u've chosen to ditch him as FB & I'm pretty sure that new adventures are awaiting for you to embark on. Cheers and keep your fire burning!

    1. Can you find out the meaning of the idiom "flog a dead horse" please??

  2. Hmmm... Ok I get it now " so stop wasting ur time & effort on him as you can foresee in the end its gonna be futile" thats what u meant.
    Sorry early this morning...I've nothing but physical thingy images of u flogging him one way or another SM style but without much results...
    A thousand of apologies.

  3. Heh, whatever it is... Great Ass!

  4. Oh my! Look what I have stumbled upon while seeking the holy grail of recreational sex and/or materials for lighter fluid while barbecuing alone. That!, I must say is some Ass (with a capital A). This cave man sure wants to devour and ravish you now. Alright, how and where to do I apply to tap you up? Of course, I do realise I have to join the long queue!

  5. that's a fine looking goods , a further examination is needed :P

  6. Delicia de bunda bela,adoraria de lambe-la todinha e socar minha pica de 23 cm até o saco bela,nesse cu gostoso linda,que tesão,estou nu aqui e fiquei de pintão empinado de desejo.....muito gostosa.