Love is for fools~

Monday, 25 June 2012

Fishnet Stockings

Would these really make my legs beautiful? Hmmm but I won't want my legs to look better than my perky butt ;)

What if I wore these with my new short dress that I bought from BangCOCK with my slut shoes, and oops forgot to wear my strings?

Oooooo, I would have felt extra airy between my legs when I climb up the escalator, and perhaps a very nice view for the chap behind me xx


  1. It complements the whole repertoire i guess ;)

  2. That chap will be a very lucky fellow.

  3. haha..babe! surely u deserved a good fuck…u shd b my colleague... Cheers!

  4. i should be behind u!

  5. sounds fantastic! instant hard on for the chap behind! i bet he'd go to the gents n wank one off! i'd do it!