Love is for fools~

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Sleeping Beauty

You guys were worried about me getting caught with my panties around my ankles posing in front of the full length mirror in the office.

I was caught...... But I wasn't naked!! I was asleep at my desk... I needed more sleep after spending almost 12-hours at work most days and some late nights out as well. But the guys laughed it off over a few pints ROFL

And I did have a good night's zzzzz last night, naked ;)


  1. sleeping naked? tts so sexy! i love the hard nipples and the tan lines. i think u need a gd massage both internal and external ;) after a gd nights sleep. or perhaps just a morning wake up call with breakfast in bed (plus a side of protein). let me know if that sounds enticing.

  2. How about I give you a good solid massage ..

  3. lovely nipples again....wanna nibble...;)