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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Rod and Silk

I felt so used by a rode and a pair of silk... No, I'm not referring to a man's hardened manhood nor being tied up by silk... I just had 2 hours of back-to-back dance class (aerial silk and aerial hoop) and my hands are like jelly, certainly useless for a handjob... But I have managed to accomplish a move which I have not been able to do since the last module, so yeah!

I might pursue a career in performing aerial hoop if I retire from my current job! Hehe ;)


  1. hv u ever tried pole dancing? i would love to see your hips gyrating in rhythm and envisioning u on top of me as u dance vigorously in view. lovely! if hands are like jelly, theres always the mouth...and the warm wet tender loins nested between your beautiful legs. I love the view of your legs, dear! wish i could be caught in between them! yumz!

    1. Yup, I started with pole dancing, until I fell off the pole after going to class after a few pints, hence developing a fear of inverting, and hurt my back on a separate occassion... But now I'm ok with inverting again, so I might go back to pole dancing ;)
      Haha, thanks for the compliments xx

    2. i hear sex while inverted rocks too ;) ever tried tt? hey hw abt pix of u pole dancing? im betting its going to be hot! thanks for the reply! xxx!