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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Cars and Girls

Congrats to Singapore for renewing the contract with Bernie for another 5 years of night racing! However, it takes girls with (big) boobs to be a girl associated with cars or tires. Although I failed to win the approval of the organisers/owners of tires some years ago, I know you guys don't mind less of the boobs but more of the butt xx Heh can you see the nips that are peeking through the white tank top that I used to wear for other roadshows? ;)


  1. Try this when swinging...

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  3. Heh, bro mike.. She will need her prince to take those posture u require or a gd cam tripod..

    Tastfully, u r right abt her gorgeous butty.. Keep the cam rolling my dear

  4. Been perking me up every day for the last 2 mths!

  5. Very,very hot! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Yeah, I see those yummy looking pokies peeking through your tight tank top... I don't mind the smaller boobs but I do wish the pictures were a lot larger. And this post is missing a second picture that should be a requirement with you wearing that sexy panty. The rear view with that sexy plump ass of display!!! The panty look like it might be a g-string that fit your full sexy ass perfectly. But how will I know it is a thong for sure?

    I for one cannot get enough of that ass. And the front view is sexy as hell too, gorgeous. Just thinking about licking and sucking on your perky boobs and nips is giving me a full hard on erection.