Love is for fools~

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


.... Against time! A girl hard at work multi-tasking - encouraging Prince Al to be harder than diamond with my wet and moist mouth while trying to rip the packet of condom apart! Thank goodness that I managed to unravel the plastic wrapping and get to the goods!

Prince Al usually roll on his own condom but this time round, I had the honour. I tore open the foil packet to reveal the rubber in it. Slippery it seems... Anyway, I proceeded to roll it over his erected tool while he watched on. Embarrassingly, I couldn't seem to get it to continue rolling over the remaining two-third of his dick no matter how hard (pun intended) I tried! I was wrapping my whole palms around his penis to guide the rubber down but it stayed up!! Grrrr

Prince Al had already leaned back to enjoy the sensation of my delicate fingers dancing on his manhood when I started fumbling with the damned rubber. He croaked his head and sat back up to see what the commotion at his groin was all about.

I blame it on the manufacturer!! In any case, we had to open another packet and this time round, he rolled it on himself while I watched... Well, it still didn't fit his whole length, so, what the hell!! Argh

Damn, should have bought the larger packet because we were down from 3 condoms to the final one. Annoying!!!


  1. Guess ur prince will not be complaining on your intentional or unintentional act of rolling the rubber.. Say, its really hard to find a lady who enjoys n feel sexy wearing strings like u do.. n well, do miss those pic in ur earlier blogs where u took in ur office.. ;)

  2. My, my, how can one keep up with you? *grins*

  3. Johnson: I'm not sure,I think he might prefer his manhood in somewhere warmer and wetter ;) Oh I did take a while to get used to just a piece of string in the middle of my behind and my cheeks swinging while I powerwalk around. I missed walking around naked in my office too, but it is hard to keep up with the boys' schedule to have a moment to myself in the office!
    Jack: Haha, just try HARDER x

  4. Oh.. wonders of the string not only swing ur cheeks but hearts of our little devils.. Trend of strings seem to be over.. Seamless-brief type of boring panties reign... But again, i still missed sights of little triangle n T's on street..

    "Be-evil" and hv a great wk ahead..

    urs faithfully devil burning off..