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Thursday, 13 September 2012

After Office Hours

Life has been rather uninspiring for a bit, hence the lack in the flow of words and bodily fluids. Up until last evening that is. Prince had a little time to spare so we arranged for him to pop by my office for me to admire his crown jewels. Although it was the time of the month, we were not going to let it get in the way! After a loooong day of not knowing what I was doing at work, I sat back to enjoy reading 50 Shades of Grey. As I started to feel my blood pooling at my clitoris while I read the things Grey did to Steele, I heard the glass door swung open and caught.

Bewilderment filled me; impossible that Prince Al would be able to buzz himself in... Then my blood left my clit immediately and started to run cold... It is the seventh month after all and I had been hearing creaks and groans from time to time while I was in the office alone, not forgetting what we heard the last time while Prince Al was doing me in the conference room!

I was slouched at my seat so I didn't dare to move at all, the only sound that I could hear was my own heartbeat that was increasing by the second, my mind was just a mess...

The wooden door swung open but the loudness of my heartbeat drowned it out... And I thought I saw the outline of my boss who has a round shiny head with extra padding around his middle, through the transparent partition.

What the fuck?!?!? I thought he left for the day an hour ago!!! My brain and hands just turned to jelly, my mind was whirling with thoughts along the line of how embarrassing it would be if he walked in on us where Prince Al has his pants pooled around his ankles and me kneeling in front of him at my desk!! Holy motherfucker!!

Then my brain returned to Earth - I had to stop Prince Al from coming up! So I quickly typed a message with my shaky hands to warn him of the situation while carrying on a casual conversation with my boss but thank god he's just at the ground floor.

So far so good; we weren't caught in any state of undress by my boss, he wasn't seen by him so I didn't have to explain his existence, so we just need to find somewhere else to enjoy the company of each other.

The ladies toilet was a natural option, so we agreed on it and I started packing my stuff. As I exited my glass door and breezed through the door to the utilities area, a few people came out the office next to mine, and Prince Al walked out of the lift looking a little disheveled at the same time. But that doesn't change the fact that I longed for him to touch me, to tear me apart and put me back together by filling me with that delicious sausage of his. He looks cute actually x

Back to the situation - it couldn't get any worse (well actually, it did @_@) than to have so many people cramped on the tiny lift lobby and me trying to beckon him to where I was behind the door across the floor. Finally he came through the door and I motioned for him to be quiet because there's a guy in the male toilet. We quickly slipped into the ladies at the end of the hallway and closed the door of the larger cubicle.

Both of us gave a collectively sigh of relieve (actually more so from me because he's very experience in sneaking in moments of nautiness here and there in public areas) before embracing for some hot and heavy lip lock. Strangely I didn't mind his unshaven chin and I really wanted to run my fingers through his hair but I was still holding on to my bag and phone. I felt a stir between us and I know my darling had woken up and I shifted my body so that I can press against him harder. He broke the kiss and while he was undoing his belt, he offered to take my bag to put it away, sigh, such a gentleman x

I tugged at his belt and zipper while he continued to unzip his trousers and his erection sprang out to attention. Ahhhh, my growing hairy beast! I squatted in between his legs (very ladylike of course) and his dick disappeared in my mouth. Then I played with the tip of the shaft with my flicking tongue while my left hand cupped and massaged his balls. I alternate between the teasing the tip and trying to take the entire shaft in my mouth and I could tell he was enjoying it because he was either holding my head with both hands and guiding my head to go deeper or bending over to kiss the top of my head while I worshipped his erection.

We weren't even halfway through the session when my ears perked because I heard footsteps heading towards the ladies. It is fucking close to 8pm and there's still people coming and going?!? The ball had set to roll already and true enough, no matter how much I willed her to turn back, she came into the ladies.

So there we were, Prince Al and I, him seated on the closed toilet bowl with his trousers pooled at his ankle, me with his dick in my mouth and my hands messing around with his groin, and the lady outside the cubicle washing her cups at the sink. So I looked up at him with wide eyes - what the hell should I do in such an awkward situation?!

Either Prince Al has balls of steel (soon to be proven), simply unfazed by the situation or too horny to care, he motioned for me to continue. I admired his spirit, so I continued playing with his tool gleefully and quietly ;) I cannot imagine me being quiet if he's fucking me because he said I squeal haha

I was torn between wanting to make him squeal too or keeping him quiet because I didn't want the lady outside to get curious and ended up exposing us. I decided to let him stay quiet, so I sucked on his shaft slowly and silently, looking up at him from time to time. He seemed to be enjoying it because he put his hand around my head again and tried to get me to go deeper, with the lady in the next cubicle all these time.

The lady finally completed what she needed to do and left the toilet. I was visibly more relaxed and we so pressed ahead! We picked up speed and it was a total turn on when he said he really wanted to fuck me with that "bedroom-look". I would rather him be in my pussy rather than my mouth, but it would have to wait, given it would get messy now.

So I tried my very best to take all of him at once but of course gag reflex kicked in; he's too much of a mouthful! The tip of his dick rubbed against the roof of my mouth and I pursed my lips and sucked as hard as I could while my head bobbed up and down (he wanted me to squeeze his balls of steel too, hard), until he climaxed and unloaded his seeds in my mouth. I tried not to waste a single drop but some still flowed down his shaft as I pulled back. Pity. Anyway, he tasted salty this time round heh

So we cleaned up a bit and straightened our clothes. I motioned for him to stay while I took a peek outside. Once again, the coast was clear initially, and when I texted him to come out, a bunch of people came out of my neighbour's office!!! I looked pained when he appeared at the lift lobby and we hung back when the lift came. When we entered the next empty lift, I slumped into the corner of the lift and i was really exhausted. He held up alright though, what a man. All seemed well finally but the final straw was - even the security guard had an issue with me! Well, not really, he just wanted to give me the heads up that the catch of the glass door on the ground floor was already released for us. I stumbled out onto the main street trying to catch my breath and slow my heart rate while he looked collected as ever!

Such. A. Dramatic. Toilet. Experience. One of the many Firsts, more to come ;)

P.S. no photo was taken yesterday because my mind was just mash. So this was taken while we were showing off to the library-goers x


  1. tt sounded amazingly fun! ive had toilet experiences before and was caught! bt i did enjoy the thrill. lkg forward to yr next one ;)

  2. yup yup! exciting right?? I have the same experience back in my previous office…we can heard the people doing their stuff outside while we were getting thingy going, hot and sweaty in the handicap cubicle…such thrill knowing that we can get caught any time but damn hard to remain silent…fyi, she was my colleague..haha..that’s what happens when we all get too stressed out at work or bored…tried public yet? amazing feeling! But don’t ever get caught pls! Cheers...

  3. I believe this experience is just the first of many more to come. :)

  4. Haha..exciting isn't it? I once had access to a hotel building rooftop and did it there with my partner...beautiful Singapore skyline at night :P