Love is for fools~

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


A sense of dread washes over me
My scalp prickles as the news reaches my ear

My meagre efforts in holding the reality at bay fail miserably
I am not comforted by the accuracy of my intuition

I hear vacuum as if it is audible
I feel the void as if I am living in it

A semblance of a smile as a fa├žade to the world
A pool of dew on my face keeps me company at night

Like an angel who flew too close to the Sun
My wings wither as reality touches them 


  1. sombre poetic bt why? u sound depresed aal, ru ok?

  2. Hey, are you ok? Wait, stupid question. Obviously you are not ok. Drop me a note, will ya? You know my blog. :)

  3. Come what may, b refined with a new pair of wings..

  4. I should reassemble the million pieces and pick an alternative mode of flight.
    And next time, don't fly too close to the sun :p

  5. What's wrong , gorgeous? Feeling depressed because not being fed with protein lately?