Love is for fools~

Saturday, 30 March 2013


Gotta stretch... Gotta be flexible... I have turned into an old bag of bones after my island getaway! How am I gonna do well in the showcase?!

*wriggle* *scratch* *wriggle*

Even the sun is against me... Sure, I have a decent tan, but it has brought tinkles to my skin... Or it could be the oil at the spa... Argh...


  1. Wow, Aal! You're amazingly flexible and that brings a whole lot of potential to bed! You practise yoga or something, if I recall correctly, right? Amazing tan! It had me taking two, three, four looks at the pic! I love the outline of your twin peaks the most! Beautiful! Holler back!

  2. Gahhhh yummilicious

  3. to lick your nips while you are in that position

  4. Belas coxas e peitos linda,delicia,adoraria de chupa-la todinha e socar minha pica de 23 cm até o saco bela,que tesão,estou nu aqui e fiquei de pintão empinado de desejo.....deliciosa.