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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Rendezvous at the Office

All the candid talk in the office earlier today got me all warm and fuzzy down south. That reminded me of the encounter I had some moons ago, defnitely sweet memories of a boy from UK x
We weren't close initially, I thought he was arrogant and god knows what he thought of me. However, I still thought he's good looking, charming, pretty even. He started teasing me and the late nights and frequent client meetings certainly created chemistry and sexual tension between us. His blue eyes sparkled with gold bits in the center and his broken Mandarin was hilarious. I have always wanted to gaze into his beautiful eyes and draw in for a kiss.
And it did happen one day. It was past 10pm and we were having supper near the office. He left something in the office so we went back to pick it up. As the lift ascended, so did my heart rate. My initial concerns were practical ones, but gradually they were laced with lust. He's returning back to the UK soon, so I dont have many opportunities left to bare myself (emotionally and physically ;p). As I beeped open the glass doors, our eyes met, he held my hand and pulled me towards our department. He flung himself onto our 2nd boss's chair and I sat on him, facing him, with my legs wrapped around him. Bearing in mind that I was wearing the same tight skirt I wore today, it wasn't easy to hitch it up. But I wanted to feel him with the centre of my being, so I unglamorously pulled my skirt up and wrapped my legs around him while he pulled me in for a deep kiss. He liked my firm bums so he was caressing them while I ruffled his hair.
I felt my panties became wet while his manhood began to stir. He used one arm to support my back while he reach between my legs and touched me through my wet panties. His intense look made me want him so bad. His fingers pushed away my panties and touched my petals while he cupped my bum. The feeling of him rubbing my clitoris sent a tinkling sensation throughout me so I couldn't help but sighed with pleasure.
He picked me up and laid me on the carpet. He leaned forward and we kissed passionately, both of us using our tongues to tease each other. We stood up and he unzipped my skirt gently, revealing my bum and my seamless panties. We didnt draw the curtains so we could see our reflections clearly. I could tell he liked my butt a lot because while he continued to finger me, he was cupping and caressing my bums. Then he finally shifted his focus to my boobs, where he reached inside my blouse and massaged my errected nipples.
I was leaning against him so I could feel his tool hard against my butt cheeks. I reached behind and stroked his dick through his trousers. He let out a barely audible sigh while my fingers travelled downwards towards his balls.
Although we were enjoying each others' touches, it is fast approaching 11pm so in order to reduce the risk of getting trapped or having to walk down the stairs, we had to pause. But it certainly laid a good foundation of what is about to happen, doggy style ;D

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  1. Reminded me of some good olè times i use to have at the office..nice account of the whole affair you pussy cat you ;)