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Monday, 16 April 2012

Wonderful Male-Dominated Office

There's a problem (a happy one actually) working in a male-dominated environment - we talk candidly and swear freely ^_^ Just before everyone stepped out for a meeting, we were talking about pussy, knocking each other up and going down. Sounds like it's a wonderful recipe for my imaginations to run wild tonight x Wait, I'm feeling some buzz n moisture down south already... Can't wait to be grabbed by my nice bum and be dumped onto the conference room table, where my lady part is being licked and fingered...
Coincidentally, I am wearing the same tight skirt which I wore the last time when I rolled around on the floor of my old company with a cute guy ;D I love this form fitting skirt that shows off my firm buns. I know not every guy likes the bum (many prefers boobs), so hopefully they turn on whoever who is standing behind me on the up-riding escalator ;)

To be continued tonight hehehe...

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