Love is for fools~

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Legs in Air

Although there wasn't much room at the back of the Baron's car, it didn't stop us from jumping each other. His swift hands pushed my legs apart and relieved me of my lacy panties and his tongue did what he promised me he would do - lick me crazy x

His tongue flicked across my clit and over the fat folds of my pussy, sending pleasurable shivers from my centre to the rest of me. He also inserted his tongue further up my pussy while his hands busied themselves with cupping and kneading my ass cheeks.

His finger found its way to my pussy and slipped in and out of my increasingly wet lady part while his tongue focused on teasing my clit. Eventually, I felt my pussy being stretched by two fingers because those two were flicking and rubbing against the inside wall, the feeling so intense that I trembled and moaned as the sensation ripping through me.


  1. I like how eager you are to get it on that you guys leave your panties rolled up at your leg!

  2. Hmmm...I'll bet your baron must love the taste of you so much eh? :)