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Friday, 9 November 2012


*cough* *sniff* *argh*

It isn't a fun combination, coughing like my lungs were about to fly out of my chest with a blocked and occasional-drippy nose and the cloud passing over the moon...

But while I endure the untimely and periodic sufferings, my libido kept up. I continue to conduct stringent reviews on men to identify those who deserves a title on my blog and no exceptions are made for The Baron, despite the identity of his current employer. Sure, his employer scrutinizes all men to ensure they are mentally and physically fit for their roles, but nothing is foolproof; he could turn out to be a serial killer for all I know! Things look quite positive - the impression I have of him, the chemistry between us and the sexual draw that is boiling just beneath the surface...

I was reading erotic stories yesterday and the tingling and ache between my legs became overbearing... It actually kept me up while I imagined how things will be like if he cuffs me and takes me roughly. Or how he will react if I cuff him up while he focused on smooching me and I milk his white soldiers dry xx

Sigh... I may just about combust if this continues.. Or I may just be coming down with fever? Haiz...

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