Love is for fools~

Sunday, 18 November 2012


You walk into the living area of the suite we shared, wanting to go through some paperwork. You stop in mid sentence, noticing I am not at my usual spot on the couch. The door to my room is ajar and curiosity got the better of you. You step into my room, only to find files and paper scatter across the king size bed, which is slightly unmade, suggesting I have been snuggling under the thick covers at some stage. The sound of water catches your attention, so you tiptoe towards the bathroom and peeped inside.

The shower curtain is transparent therefore you can still see my silhouette amidst the steam and the water vapour clinging onto the curtain - my wet dark hair, curvy body and perky ass. You continue to observe while I work up the lather and rub it all over my body, the nape of my neck, the swell of my breasts, the small of my back down my firm butt cheeks and not forgetting the folds between my legs. I lean forward to reach my feet, hitching up my bottom and the move brings more blood towards your groin, not that it hasn't come to life within your pants.

Your mind drift off and you subconsciously unzip your trousers and whip out your growing member. While you continue to stroke yourself, I turn off the shower, wrap myself with a crisp towel and step out into the bedroom, only to come face to face with you - my cleansed skin glistening with moisture, wet hair still plastered to the edge of my face, cheeks still blushing from the heat in the shower, or maybe it is due to the fact that you are standing in my room with your tool in your right hand and the look on your face, as if you want to devour me there and then ;p

What will you do, lucky bastard? x


  1. what would I do? more like what would you do :P! But I would probably scoop you into my arms and toss you into the bed in the bedroom and pull your towel away. then, my clothes are next and the beast in my loins can't be stopped further!

  2. i dunno wat i will do..since this is just imaginative n i m not experiencing it real time..but i bet u will be extremely delighted when it really happen btw u n me..u will shiver..dats a promise! ;)

  3. I would say the next blogpost on my blog will be dedicated to you, and you know what would have to happen in order for me to get my inspiration for the story. *grins*

  4. It's gonna get messy, young lady.

  5. Surprise, and guess who... ;)
    You in a g-string and lap-dancing before me...mmmm....

  6. "I'm sorry to intrude but will you help me out here?"