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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Time Out

You won't know how delighted I was when you whipped out the condoms, and how much my hands were shaking while I tried to rip open the box (your fault, your inquisitive tongue was exploring my pussy inside out), nor how impressed I was when you tore open the pack and rolled the plastic on in one swift motion. Mini-you was all ready to get acquainted with my lovely lady part ;) Perhaps you held yourself together for too many days, perhaps of my nimble tongue dancing over and sucking on your erection, or maybe because of our passionate kiss as well as mouthful of my cheeky nips, you came apart and cum shortly in the car.

We were reluctant to get dressed, so I laid back on your stomach and gazed upon your face while I stroke the edge of your chin. Although you were enchanted by my large soulful eyes, you couldn't help but shift your attention to my body. You aimed to please, so you had your hands full of me - left hand massaging my boob and a finger of your right sending me over the edge with its experienced strokes. I was also stroking your still-hard dick, which was strategically next to my ear. "Aaahhhhghghaaaah" was an understatement.

Great time-out before we recharged and went for round two! x


  1. Wow nice narration

    You always make me hard on by the way u write and of course with ur tanned body

    Love it

  2. Great description! Love your POV and shaved pussy. I haven't had release in days and now I really feel like wanking...

  3. Beautiful shot. I can almost you moan.