Love is for fools~

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Happy Anniversary!!

Lord Crimson made my lady bits blush with all the angles he pumped me in! We covered almost all corners and surfaces of the bed, by moving around together, literally! I was lying on the front of his body with my butt cheeks plastered to his pelvis while he fondled my breasts and stimulated my clit. His torso was quite long hence I could barely reach for his thick meat rod :s I did want him to enjoy this as much as I do, hence I stretched as far as possible to wrap my fingers around his manhood. My joystick was already erected and his audible sigh brought a smile to my face ;)

And off we go, rolling on top and over each other, switching positions and angles and taking turns to pump each other!

Happy 1-year anniversary! Many thanks guys for your support for the past year xxx


  1. Wow....nice way to end a night!

  2. Nice position too. You turn me on Aaliyah! I like your features.

  3. Could we meet up and fulfill my famtasy with you babe.

  4. I have loved and appreciated the year long following I've had of your lovely adventures. Stay sexy always, Aal!