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Friday, 5 April 2013

Iron Dick

The stage was set when the stroll at a park accompanied by a bottle of white wine sipped using plastic cups developed into a mutual licking session with me propped up over a bench by his arms. So there I was - arms stretched across the edge of the bench, body planked parallel to the ground and Lord Crimson's large hands supporting my buttocks. He was between my wide-opened legs of course. Such an exhilarating feeling, staring at the trees and stars above me while I tiptoed on the bench, enjoying his slurps of my dripping pussy. He was very sweet to shield my exposed breasts when he heard people walking past behind us. I only had the opportunity to unzip his jeans and return the favour by savouring his thick iron dick briefly.

Finally, we managed to meet again and I was happy that not-so-mini him was eager to see me; look at those veins popping up on the sides! And he was waxed... Nice ;)

Happy belated birthday x


  1. Damn this is good. I wish I was there to do a 3some.

  2. my birthday was just over too! fancy another romp in the park?

  3. haha I bet it was good!

  4. Talking about birthdays, when's yours?