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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Greek Goddess

As I relived my experience last night, I felt excited all over again ;)

I met with my man last evening to hang out (and to rendezvous of course) and I had a semi-translucent dress on that I usually wear with a skin colour bra (this time I was wearing one of the new lacy bras I bought last week that shows off a nice cleavage) n black leggings. I'm sure everyone here is having a major turnoff now (so did my man), so he suggested I remove those.

Not that I hadn't anticipated that request, because it was something that he had been gently coaxing me to do. Since I knew it will please him, I began to unbutton my dress n removed my bra and leggings and threw them onto the backseat. He gave me a once over and smiled with delight (probably saw my erected nips through the dress).

By then we have already arrived at the car park infamous for being a gay pick up joint. We cruised around and saw many tour buses scattered across the lot and a number of cars idled at various spots. Though it was dark in those cars, it didn't take a genius to guess what could be going on inside ;p

We picked a centralised spot and parked. We started kissing while touching each others' intimate spots. He touched my pussy through my black string and found that I was wet already. As I lose myself in the teasing kiss, he rubbed my clit and inserted his finger into my wet pussy rhythmically. I was stroking his growing dick and scratching his balls concurrently. He then asked for the vibrator that he gave me earlier on and started using it to play with me. He turned on the vibrator and brought it to my clit and it sent pleasant shivers up my body. As I moaned, he leaned over his seat and put his arm around me to pull me close.

As I became higher than high, he asked if I want to play with his dick. Of course I would love to! I looked into his eyes as I started licking the tip of his shaft. Then I closed my lips around the glans and he sighed with pleasure. When he became rock-hard, he gave me to heads up to climb over to his seat. As I eased myself onto his lap, I sat on the horn and that brought a chuckle from my man.

While I was trying to find a comfortable position, he was already pushing apart my dress and my g-string to find my pussy. He placed his hard member at my petals and I lowered myself down so that he can enter me. He started to thrust into me slowly at first, but gradually pick up speed. The first few buttons of my dress was already undone, so the dress slipped off my left shoulder to expose my left boob with all the action going on. He was enjoying the view and commented that I looked like a Greek goddess ;p so he reached out to fondle my exposed nipple while he pulled down the other side to reveal my right breast as well. I continued riding him topless on his seat and he alternate between fondling my boobs and grabbing my ass.

Just before he cum, he suggested doing it outside the car. Good thing I was wearing my 4-inch heels because he is very tall. I buttoned up my dress and we got out of the car. He held my hand and led me to the back of the bus. I bended over while arching my ass to invite him in. He lifted up my dress to admire my firm round ass and the g-string I had on. Because my string is in the way, he got a little impatient and pulled down my string in order to push his dick into me. He reached around and cupped both of my tits while he started banging me. He was sweet enough to remind me that the back of the bus was too dusty so I should hold on to him to avoid getting my hands dirtied. We were about to climax when he decided we should save the best part for later when we get to the room ;)

It was exhilarating to be fucked from behind and have my boobs cupped out in public! Though there wasn't any audience (there was a guy who probably saw us bonking but he didn't hang around to watch), it felt liberating and exotic. Certainly looking forward to do it again hehe x


  1. Very sexy!! If the picture was clearer, would be perfect. :)

  2. Public bonks are always exhilirating and refreshing. My last rendezvous at the museum was pretty awesome too! ;D glad u kids had fun at the back of the bus ;)

  3. Huummm... a very sexy goddess indeed! How about some pics of the sessions in future? =)

  4. Lightning Speed and Kai: I will try to get clear photos the next time hehe ;)

    Vortex: The museum! Wohoo! Was that in Singapore?