Love is for fools~

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


I want to be fucked like that... So first, I must master the art of doing splits! I was nearly torn in half just now during dance class... Gota start stretching everyday x


  1. split sex? torn in half? those are just words u dont use on me dear! cos they drive my imagination wild! how do u master the art of doing splits again? practise and more practise? pics pls? hee! How abt starting with doggystyle and spreading as widely as possible first aal? loads of love dear!

  2. I had a very flexible partner once and we got into this position by accident actually. A rough doggy session on a high bed can lead to this..not bad. Quite pleasurable especially if you have flexibility and no lumbar issue ;)
    Happy trying!

  3. I dun mind helping you to split your ass. Should be VERY tight... ;)