Love is for fools~

Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Backseat

Not that I have taken a backseat, but Prince Al do have very nice backseats :)

A pity the sky was overcast; a fuck under the shining stars would have been really appealing :'(

But the lack of scenic setting did not slow Prince Al down - dived to the backseat, pulled down his bermudas, whipped out his thick, long shaft while my hands automatically went for the hard rod and my lips went for his.

He turned me around to doggy me, but because I needed more time to warm up, I climbed onto his lap, pushed aside my strings and shoved him into my soon-to-be slippery wet pussy.

"Oooo, aaawwwww, aaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!" Oh my, such rapid and strong rhythm that gradually picked up speed, fast and furious banging that led to the cumming of the climax... And me wanting more xx


  1. Back seats are nice. Try on top on the car on rainy day...... or just in open air on a rainy day.... superb

  2. Back Seats is the cosy place in art of public invasion can be defensive and offensive position sometimes ...well taken do post more invasive pictures

  3. sadly ive nv had such an experience! if only! :D loving tt ur enjoying urself dear aaliyah babe! :D