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Monday, 13 August 2012

Beach Part 3 - Facial

It was a great start to a sunny day - sitting by the pool sipping light sparking wine, reading a book and admiring nice-looking bodies (admittedly my eyes were more or less on a certain someone lying by me). Prince Al used the tip of his fingers, or his feet if his fingers weren't within range, to gently caress my arm, waist or hip from time to time. I couldn't help but sneaked peeks at his tanned and defined torso, lickable nips and noticed a bulge underneath his blue-and-white stripped berms. "What is that bulge?" I asked as innocently as I could and all he did was laughed.

Perhaps that bulge couldn't wait anymore and also because it became slightly overcast, we finished our drinks and snacks and headed towards the parking lot with him slinging his toned arm around my shoulders. Once we got to the room, Prince Al stripped to nothing and unleashed his cock from its hiding place. I was still in my skimpy red mesh bikini that leaves nothing to imaginations, but I walked to where he was sitting and kissed him. We've always enjoyed kissing each others' thick lips so of course our tongues said their hello and I knelt in front of his open legs.

Such a magnificent sight... I couldn't wait to get my hands on the magical tool that brought me to peaks of pleasure. I could hardly wrap my small hand around his thick shaft, haha omg actually his dick is thicker than my wrist! My lips were drawn naturally to the tip of the throbbing cock while my right hand continued to stroke the whole length and my left cupped his balls. While he helped to hold my hair and caressed my face, he let on how pleased he was by sighing audibly. I tried to take as much dick as I could but I couldn't because I didn't do deep throat, he didn't want me to do that too because it is just impossible haha. So I attacked his balls instead and I thought he quite enjoyed being tea-bagged. Though a few strands of pubic hair got in the way, but I like to see him immersing himself in the sensation.

Since he had ideas earlier the day about cumming on my face, he didn't turn me around to stuff his big cock in my lil pussy. He wanted me to increase my frequency of stroking his shaft. He did fuck me very hard every time so he didn't think my strokes were fast enough. He took over and went into a frenzy. I could almost imagine him banging me that hard and fast and I felt my girl parts stirred but before I got caught up in my own imaginations, he ordered me to "Open your mouth." I did as I was told and even positioned myself in an angle that I was sure will catch his load. I'm sure that must have turned him on even more than he already was, because I didn't have to wait long before the warm thick cum exploded from his crown jewel! It came in a few sprays, some of it went straight into my mouth, others landed on my face. While I used my fingers to wipe those on my face off and licked it off my fingers, I hungrily reached for Prince Al's cock and finished off whatever was left dripping from the mushroom tip. Lovely dessert xx


  1. Lush! :)

    Kisses from


  2. The more I read, the more I thought I would be presented with a picture of cum dripping from your mouth...

    On another note, are your hands big or was this picture taken after he climaxed?

    1. I haven't even started. What's your point?

  3. i reckon he's not complaining that u r the only one savoring the lovely dessert :)

  4. wahh u r to have fun?